15 Tips for couples traveling together for the first time

Couples who travel together stay together, but there is a high chance that traveling can also ruin the relationship at the beginner’s stage. It requires patience, love, care, and a lot of effort. Having just returned from my honeymoon, I am here to share 15 tips for couples travelling together for the first time.

This blogpost is also for my readers who travel with their partners before marriage. While traveling with a boyfriend before marriage seems all gold and white but it requires attention and compromise.

The first trip with your boyfriend or husband will always be anxious. To reduce that overthinking, I have made a list of tips and tricks to help you. This list is crafted from my own experience, as when I traveled with my husband to Maldives and UAE.

Tips during planning

Before traveling, I was always excited about planning everything. It gives me a sense of control, excitement, and an adrenaline rush.

But, I always remember to put my partner through the process so he can decide on his interests, likes, and dislikes. So, let’s start with what you should do while traveling with boyfriends before marriage.

Find destination

A destination should be the one that excites both of you and provides you with dream goals, adventure, fun, and comfort. The perfect destination will make you form some picture-perfect memories and many laughing scenes too. To find the spot that you both want to visit, do the things below:

  • Make a list of 10 countries you want to visit
  • Make a list of 5 activities you want to do
  • Make a list of regions you want to see

When both of you are done with the lists, read them aloud and choose your favorite place and activities. There may be a chance that your activities don’t match, but it’s okay. Don’t sweat over it. Everybody enjoys their own thing, and individual difference makes them unique.

Search Activities

Now that you have a list of destinations make sure it offers both things that you want. The place should offer a thing that you are attracted to but also the activities that your partner likes.

For example, if your partner wants to dive deep into the sea but you want to spend time in nature and wildlife, then choose Yosemite, Sanibel Island, or San Diego to get everything.

The world is filled with full of options and opportunities. Thus, finding the right place with the optimum amount of activities is not impossible or hard enough.

Make a budget

Before traveling, you should be able to talk about money and financial problems. Make sure to set your own budgets individually and let your partner know what you want out of the trip.

Either you want something on a budget with moderate accommodation, or you want to spend nights and days in luxury and fancy hotels and restaurants.

Set a budget for the whole trip, and if one of the partners wants to spend an extra dime on a four-star hotel, then they should pay by themselves. But compromising and making mutual decisions should be your first priority during the whole trip.

Pro tip: You can use Airbnb for more comfort for less money.

Set a daily budget

Traveling with a boyfriend before marriage sounds fun and exciting. But, to keep that excitement on a rising level, you should avoid the topic of money. To do that, set a daily budget for your vacation.

This will let you spend money in moderation and lets you decide things with ease too. For example. With moderate money, you can decide whether you want to eat at home or go out. This will also give you a chance to be more understanding, loving, and caring toward each other.

Do not camp

A camping or road trip is adventurous, especially for traveling with a boyfriend before marriage. But, they have their own expiry date that can take both of you apart from each other.

At the same time, camping or driving, both of you lack space. It lets you be on the other’s mind 24/7, and new couples don’t really enjoy the feelings.

On the first trip together, opt out of a place that gives you personal space, freedom, and options. You should spend time with each other because you want to, not because you have to.

Weekend tour

If you are used to seeing each other on weekends, and limited dates, then opt for a trip for a maximum of 3 days. This way, you will not get exhausted, stressed, or anxious about and during the trip.

This trip can set a good example for upcoming travel trips as well. Take this tour more of an experimental one, where you get to know each other, explore a different place, spend time together, etc.


During packing, make sure to pack everything individually. Don’t leave your clothes on his bag pack or some things for unanimous use. Traveling is not always fun because it is unpredictable.

Your luggage can get lost, or you can get short of budget too. Thus, it is better to over-pack than pack and regrets it later. Try to take care of anxious things as soon as possible you won’t want to argue over a 3day trip, right?

Tips during vacation


Being together is not all about happiness and glory but sympathy and compromise. Take care of the thing your partner loves and engage yourself in his interests.

Compromise on petty little things that mean nothing in the long term. It brings both of you close to each other and increases respect and love too.

If your partner does not want to eat a certain thing or try out a specific activity, then don’t rush them. Either go by yourself or let it be for your next hunt.

Do not expect

Everyone is comfortable, cozy, and kind at home. The environment is familiar, safe, and secure. But when people are traveling, anxiety may kick in.

Moving from one place to another brings up a different side of you and your partner too. This site can be calm, peaceful, or more organized and obsessive too.Thus, expect the unseen side of your boyfriend/girlfriend and adapt accordingly.

Make friends

Exploring and truly knowing about a culture comes from making friends and spending time with them. Locals of the community are perfect if you need guidance, knowledge, or different stories.

Thus, try to find an organization or club that holds activities around the place. You will be in a win-win situation if these clubs organize competitions for couples too. Here are some of the ideas for finding friends:

  • Post on the Facebook group
  • Search the hashtag on Instagram and connect
  • Post on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Limit your drinks

A party all night with colorful drinks and a hangover in the morning is not the right way to spend your vacation. It can lead both of you to fights, arguments, and less positive memories.

A vacation should be more about how you treat each other. Or how both of you make the most out of every situation. Couples who travel together stay together because they are patient and kind to each other.

Eat Healthy

Healthy food not only keeps you in good shape but also gives you a dopamine rush. It provides you and your partner with an active lifestyle, happy hormones, and less trouble; during traveling and trying out various food, it’s possible to get a stomach ache or diarrhea.

Yummy pizza and pasta can upset your stomach on a vacation causing discomfort. Thus, you should eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts to keep yourself ready for the day and healthy.

Discuss things

Living together 24/7 can drain you out of words or table talk ideas. To overcome the silence, play games, ask questions and discuss controversial theories and opinions about life and emotions.

This discussion will keep your relationship alive and interesting. These small talks will lead to deep and meaningful conversations eventually.

Pack snacks

While this can sound obvious but most people forget that. Before leaving your room, you should always pack snacks for the whole day. Hunger can make you angry, disproportionate, and moody.
To avoid that, always have a biscuit, banana, or protein bar to save the day. By packing snacks, you will also save money from the little extra expenses and small stuff.

Take care of each other.

Not every weather is suitable for every person. There is a high chance your partner may get cold during this day or catch on fever.

Now, this is your duty to take care of them, let them rest, and make sure to put food in front of them. Taking care can be the most intimate thing your partner can remember throughout their life.

Traveling is a fun and interesting part of life. It gives you gratitude, a different perspective, and exposure to all walks of life. And traveling with your boyfriend before marriage gives such a different and exploratory mindset to you. It can make both of you strong or a bit on the edgy path too. But don’t worry because couples who travel together stay together. Happy traveling!

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