17 Good Things About Malaysia And Why Would You Consider Immigrating to Malaysia  

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There are several reasons to consider immigrating to Malaysia or purchasing a second property here. There’s no order to the following list, but it covers some of the most popular reasons why Malaysia has become a second home for so many people, and they’ll surely convince you to join them in this tropical paradise! We will discuss the good things about Malaysia and why anyone would conside immigrating to Malaysia.

When determining whether or not to migrate to a new nation, there are several factors to take into account. Buying a second home in Malaysia or relocating here is not for everyone. It means saying goodbye to friends and family, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. For starters, the cost of living in the nation is far cheaper than in most wealthy countries. What is so special about Malaysia? Large cities in Malaysia offer all of the amenities you’d expect in more sophisticated countries because to Malaysia’s rapid economic expansion.

Here are the 17 reasons why everyone should consider immigrating to Malaysia

1. The Folks and the Language

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There’s no need to isolate oneself in an expat community when the people of Malaysia are kind and most of them know English. No matter where you go, you’ll always be able to make new acquaintances who are eager to share their cultural ‘know-how’ and insider information with you.

2. The Weather conditions

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Malaysia is not the hottest country in the world, but air-conditioning in most houses, automobiles, and shopping malls makes it simple to avoid the worst of the heat. Temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees, with humidity and sunshine most days, while thunder storms are not uncommon.

For the most part, expatriates think that having pleasant weather all year round is an important perk of living in this country. Temperatures can be sweltering at times, but they aren’t quite as bad as they are in other countries and it’s simple to avoid the warmest parts of the day thanks to air conditioning. The greatest time to go outside is in the evenings and early mornings, when the weather is cooler.

Another good thing about Malaysia is its weather is something to behold. Because of its location on the equator, the country experiences a unique type of tropical humidity, which is a combination of intense heat and rapid downpours. While this seemingly random pattern of weather may frighten some, it really adds to its allure. Discover Malaysia’s many climates, from the searing heat of the urban jungle to the ideal growth conditions for strawberries in the Cameron Highlands to the perfect weather for beach lazing.

3. Cultural diversity

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Over the course of centuries, Malaysia has been home to a diverse population of Asian nationalities, each with its own unique cultural blend. Imports from all around the world have contributed to the country’s increased globalisation. Another good thing about Malaysia is that a beautiful living atlas is created by expressing and celebrating the cultures of the world.

Malaysians are a kaleidoscope of Chinese, Indian, and indigenous Malay culture. People from Malay descent, who make up the country’s biggest ethnic group, prefer to follow a mix of Islamic and indigenous traditions and speak the Malay language.

4. The Cost of Living

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For retirees from rich countries who are looking for a higher quality of life, you’ll discover that Malaysia has lower expenses for facilities, food, and property than your home nation.

Malaysia’s low cost of goods, whether edible, wearable, or merely displayable, is one of the country’s attractions. Everyday life in Southeast Asia is revealed via the unique day and night markets, which are frequented by everyone regardless of money or status. Explore the world for a bargain-basement price, but beware of counterfeits.

5. Religious variety

Respect each other's beliefs, cultural practices

When cultures and ethnicities come together, they create a diverse religious environment that is reflected in the various temples in Malaysia. These stunning Batu Cave Temples are one of the most well-known pilgrimage destinations in the world, and are dedicated to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity.

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6. Constant development

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This varied environment is what Kuala Lumpur is known for, but many of the neighbouring districts are still largely traditional, presenting a fascinating contrast. Traditional Malay architecture continues to influence the designs of the city’s newer and more significant structures, creating monuments with an eclectic flare. Similarities between the Malaysian terrain and its transformation from ancient to contemporary may be found throughout the country.

The country’s infrastructure is good and becoming better all the time. A world-class airport, a cutting-edge capital city, and first-rate road systems connect the country’s major cities. Malaysia likewise has a great desire to become a regional leader in information technology.

7. The Food

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This country’s cuisine is a big draw for many visitors because of its cultural mix of indigenous Malay and Chinese people as well as the large number of expatriates from across the world who bring their own cuisines with them. Malaysia is a foodie’s paradise, with a wide variety of cuisines to choose from.

One of, if not the, most memorable aspects of a journey to Malaysia is sampling the cuisine of the various ethnicities that have made Malaysia their home. As far back as prehistoric times, Malaysia was a regular stop on the global spice trade route. Thus, local dishes combine tastes from all over the world to produce a unique taste that can be found only in this region. You may have an Indian breakfast, a Malaysian lunch, and Korean dinner at this crossroads of the world, where cuisines from across the world mix and mingle.

8. The Natural Beauty

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Despite being a low-population country, Malaysia has a diverse landscape that’s perfect for a weekend trip to the forest, the mountains, or the tropics.

The rainforests of Malaysia are home to an array of strange and unusual fauna that isn’t found anyplace else in the world. Explore the rain forests of Borneo in search of species you’ve only ever seen on film, such as the tapir, binturong, and the elusive pangolin. Relive an evening spent watching nature documentaries set in Borneo. Alternatively, you may visit the National Zoo or one of the wildlife reserves to learn more about the local fauna and flora from the specialists and conservationists themselves.

The Kinabalu mountain in Sabah and the Quartz Ridge near Klang are two of the world’s most amazing natural creations. Hikers and mountain climbers from all over the world go to both destinations, so get ready to tick off some of the most breathtaking limestone crags on your bucket list.

9. Safety and Health

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With a lower crime rate than many Western countries and efficient health care services, Malaysia’s private hospitals are able to provide world-class care for a fraction of the expense of other countries.

Both the FMA and OSHA are laws that ensure the safety, health, and welfare of all Malaysian workers, as well as the protection of others from workplace hazards.

10. The Location

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Malaysia is a wonderful starting point for individuals who want to explore Asia, with direct non-stop flights to every Asian major city and low-cost carriers offering affordable rates throughout the country and the region.

There are several towns in Malaysia that bear the cultural relics of the many immigrants who have come to Malaysia in search of work and commerce since the 1800s. Many states in Malaysia, like Penang and Malacca, are well-known for their preservation of old city centres and have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

11. Festivals for every season

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The festivals are another good thing about Malaysia. With many years Malaysia has portrayed itself as being “Truly Asia”, and for good cause too. Malaysia is home to various ethnicities who still continue to practise the customs and faiths of their predecessors. And in the spirit of Malaysia’s multi-cultural character, many of these cultural and religious celebrations are welcomed by the society as a whole and celebrated countrywide, regardless of race or creed.

Celebrations for any significant occasion may be found in a variety of cultures and religions. Malaysia’s many ethnic groups gather together to celebrate their own festivals in perfect peace, as shown here. Representatives from several ethnic groups gather in the evenings during Ramadan to enjoy the many Malay Muslim specialties. Friends from Indian and Malay communities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia will be visiting their Chinese peers’ open houses to collect ang pau packages and participate in the festivities of the Chinese New Year. It is definitely a sight to see, so do not sweat about preparing to visit during the busiest holiday seasons.

12. Shopping

Shopping In Malaysia: Street Stores To Lavish Malls

Whether you’re looking for a bargain or a high-end brand, Malaysia offers it all. The number of shopping malls in the country has skyrocketed, especially in the capital, so that no matter where you live, there’s bound to be one nearby. You may even be able to locate some of your favourite meals from home in the newer supermarkets, which import a lot of international food goods.

When it comes to shopping in Malaysia, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have – from clothing to gadgets. Malaysia has something for everyone, whether you’re into street style or just like to show off your favourite premium labels. In Kuala Lumpur, the world’s most populous city, you’ll discover high-end shops and flea markets where you may get bargains. And Langkawi’s duty-free shopping makes any shopaholic happy. Other than this, there are a plethora of places where you may get your retail therapy fix.

13. Wildlife

wonderful-wildlife-of-Malaysia |

Some of the most unusual and fascinating animals on earth may be found in the rainforests of Malaysia. Explore the rain forests of Borneo in search of species you’ve only ever seen on film, such as the tapir, binturong, and the elusive pangolin. Relive an evening spent watching nature documentaries set in Borneo. Alternatively, you may visit the National Zoo or one of the wildlife reserves to learn more about the local fauna and flora from the specialists and conservationists themselves.

Elephant, bearded pig, rhinoceros hornbill and mountain serpent-eagle are among the other animals found in Borneo.

In terms of biodiversity, Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The rainforest that blankets most of the country is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Malaysia is home to 361 mammal species, 694 bird species, 250 reptile species, and 150 frog species. The country’s coastal waters are part of the Coral Triangle, which is home to a wide variety of marine species.

14. Entertainment

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A variety of international sporting events are held in Malaysia. For those who enjoy the game, there are a slew of options. Tennis courts and swimming pools may be found in abundance in the area. If you want to live near the water, you won’t have to worry about learning how to sail.

There are more public holidays in Malaysia than in most other nations, which reflects the diversity of the country’s cultures.

It is easy to go online, and Astro, the local cable TV provider, has a wide selection of regional and international channels. Low-cost memberships to Netflix and Amazon Prime are also available.

Larger cities provide a plethora of cultural events, including performances by international artists.

In addition to the retail shops, there are several air-conditioned shopping complexes that offer a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment options.

15. Rain forest trekking

One Day Inner Jungle Trekking (ex-Kuala Tahan) – Taman Negara

Malaysia is home to some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, older than even the Amazon rainforests. Sabah and Sarawak, two states located on the magnificent island of Borneo, are also a part of Malaysia. There are still parts of the old natural environment in Peninsular Malaysia that may be hiked through if you’re interested in seeing more of the country.

Malaysia is a fantastic spot to go trekking because of the wide variety of locations available. National parks and forest reserves, which include rain, mangrove, and mountain forests, are the primary destinations for most hiking. Despite the differences in their qualities, all of these places are home to a wide range of plants and animals, including some that are both uncommon and endangered. While it is possible to go trekking on your own, it is recommended that you hire a guide or take an escorted excursion.

16. Islands

5 Stunning Islands Of East Malaysia Not To Be Missed | Seal Superyachts

Malaysia has its own islands that are worth a short trip up north to explore the gorgeous archipelago that covers lower Southeast Asia. On the west coast, the islands of Penang and Langkawi are renowned as must-see destinations in Southeast Asia, while on the east, the islands of Redang and Perhentian are well-liked by backpackers and snorkelers for their stunning beaches and reef-filled seas.

The Malaysian islands are nothing short of dazzling diamonds, and the variety of activities they offer makes them an excellent choice for a vacation of any kind. Indulge in some quality time with loved ones, spend quality time with the ones you care about, or just hang out with pals on these tropical islands. If you’re looking for a quick break from your everyday routine, these Malaysian islands are a great place to begin your holiday.

17. Property ownership and rental

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Over RM500,000, foreigners can purchase any number of residential properties, including freehold. Local lenders are available, as are organisations that provide short-term rentals and housekeeping services while you’re abroad.

It is common for foreigners to rent or buy a bungalow (a Malaysian term for “detached house”), which is available for rent or purchase and typically comes with a swimming pool. Many people, however, would rather live in an apartment, and in this case, you have a lot of options. Squash and tennis courts, swimming pools, children’s play spaces, meeting rooms, BBQ areas, gyms, and many more amenities are standard in most apartment buildings built in the previous two decades. In the event that you decide to vacation and leave your home unattended, they provide superb security.

A comprehensive list of the reasons why Malaysia is a great place to live is not meant to be comprehensive. Anyone considering applying for this programme would be well to pay a visit to the nation and take advantage of everything it has to offer before making a final decision. As in every nation, one can always find something to bemoan, but having lived in many various places throughout the world, it was not difficult for me to adapt to living here or find several reasons to support my choice of location. There are obviously better places to live if you’re a fan of snow and cold weather, but for the rest of us, who prefer a more pleasant climate, Malaysia is a lovely place to live.

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