Airbnb: Is It Cheap and Hassle-Free? Know It All

Traveling is not cheap, but do you want to make it? Do you want to take hassle-free vacations with more comfort and less money? The idea sounds a bit too good to be true. But, this is what Airbnb provides us with.

It is a platform that lets you stay in economical places with more comfort, coziness, and ease. You must wonder how the system works and how it is that cheap? In this article, I will tell you all about the pros, cons, and user experience of Airbnb. So don’t worry; sit back, relax, and read until the end to learn about a hassle-free vacation.

Is Airbnb cheaper than a hotel?

With the high inflation rate and economic crisis, everyone goes for the best but the cheapest option around the corner. Due to this, traveling has become so easy, affordable, and accessible.

Airbnb was formed in 2008, and since then, it has come a long way. It has made up a trend and whole new opportunities for travelers to roam around freely. In addition, it is undoubtedly cheaper if-not-all than most of the hotels out there.

From Airbnb nearby, you can get accommodation in a local host’s bedroom or apartment. The app also provides you options to share the place with the host or to live independently. Thus, this freedom offers you an experience similar to your desired hotels. Now that we know it is a cheaper option –let’s see how it is hassle-free?

Is Airbnb a hassle-free option?

Booking a hotel or your own rental apartment can take months. You first have to meet the broker and then the renter, and finally, you come to the negotiation part. In the case of hotels, you have to visit each personally and look for a specific checklist in your head. But, the real hassle in both these situations is the time, effort, and money you put in.

Thus, Airbnb cuts all this hassle and does the job for you. The platform is beneficial for you, but it also allows the locals to earn some pennies. With this app, you almost have every information regarding the house, its location, Airbnb nearby spots, and other incentives with accommodations.

So, you choose the perfect fit yourself and spend the days how you want them to be. All this information seems a bit too realistic, so let’s look at how the system of Airbnb works. It also explains the ease and benefits it causes for travelers and hosts.

How do Airbnb works?

Airbnb is an online platform that not only works for travelers but also for the ease of hosts. The whole business idea is based on a shared economy similar to Lyft, Uber, etc., that rents out inventories or things owned by other people.

Similarly, Airbnb provides a shared space for different people to pitch/sell their rental homes, apartment or bedroom to various travelers. On the other hand, for travelers, it provides options that are easily accessible, cheap, and reasonably comfortable for their price. The platform also cuts its commission from the host and guest as their own taxes or expenses.

Here are other advantages that this app provides.

Pros for hosts

  • Let’s the host and guest interact with each other
  • Provides an opportunity for more exposure and learning
  • A shared market that expands all around the world
  • The shared rental space is not limited to home only
  • You can offer rental space of tents, boathouse or even tree houses.
  • Airbnb cuts only 3% of the commission from the hosts.

Pros for guests

  • Gives unlimited options to travelers to choose from
  • Contains offers that include every budget
  • Offers more peace and coziness than a hotel room
  • Interaction with the locals can enhance your trip


  • Hosts can get uncomfortable in shared space as living with a stranger is a bit risky. Also, there are chances of furniture misuse or ruining other household items. Continuous maintenance of the house can be needed if your place is on Airbnb.
  • Some guests prefer peace and quietness; thus, it will be difficult to adjust. Also, Airbnb shared space is not similar to hotels, so you have to buy things and services on your own. The platform also cuts 6-12% of commission on your rented apartments.

The pros do outweigh the cons but shockingly, these are not the only things that people use this platform for. Some people also opt out of this option who wants to move to a specific location so they can know the environment beforehand. Others can rent out these places for lack of hosting space, small houses, etc. Thus, I have listed all the reasons that people use Airbnb nearby. Read below!

Why do people choose Airbnb nearby?

All sorts of people walk into the opportunity to use Airbnb. Some of them have families, and some love to travel around in a hassle-free environment. Thus, the space is inclusive, accommodating, and accepting to all the people.

Below are some of the statistics from their user experience and a sneak peek into the lives of travelers:

  • Nearly 61% of people choose Airbnb places because of the cheaper rental places that provide more comfort than asked for. In addition, the place is someone’s home. Thus, it does make you feel all cozy and warmed up. It can be a little confusing for the people at the start, but then the home slowly grows on you.
  • 70% of the users expand their trips while leaving with Airbnb space because it saves you money, time, and extra effort. They feel secure, free, and more independent in the house and love the experience.
  • 89% of people who use Airbnb nearby are satisfied with the service and suggest it to their friends and family. Isn’t these statistics are enough to make up your mind for the next tour? Well, I am ready for sure!
  • A small fraction of solo travelers who loves to explore the locals and their traditions stay with Airbnb nearby. The experience this app provides with shared accommodation is actually priceless. It gives you a seek to peek at the local citizens. It can help you learn new things from people around you or makes you a kind person.

Now that you know everything about the experience it provides, you should look at some of the tips to live and travel better with this platform.

Tips and Tricks for Airbnb

The platform does seem spotless-well most of the part is. But, here are some things you should keep in mind or tips to use before, after, and during the Airbnb travel. The list begins:

  • Make sure to always read the previous travelers’ comments, suggestions, or reviews on the same spot. As the host describes his own location for rent, there can be a probability of dishonesty. Some people use lavishing vocabulary to define things just for some extra bucks.
  • Whenever you enter a house, try to look for everything you need in the first two hours. This way, the host can provide you with the promised facility, or you can also find the flaws and problematic things in your room/home.
  • When leaving the rental space, take before and after photos. That way, you can prove that you left home with no damage to furniture or their other inventories. Photos can also help people other to choose the place for their trip.
  • If you live within a shared space, make sure to at least have a tea and breakfast with them. Ask them questions about the city and its neighborhood. You can gather as much interesting information as you and that- will be your priceless memory from the trip.
  • In case of separate residency from nearby Airbnb, you can try to keep things as neat as you want. Keep the furniture clean and close to its original function. These things can make the host’s life easier and give you an opportunity for kindness and humility.

Lastly, enjoy your stay in a shared or independent residence and live freely. The hassle-free vacation at Airbnb will open doors for you toward future traveling and much more. The app is actually responsible for making travel more accessible, trendy, and valuable to the youth and families.

Quick takeaway:

Airbnb provides the user with the most reasonable experience at maximum comfort. In addition to the rooms or houses the platform also provides with boathouses, tree houses or some luxury tents. Thus, they make the traveler increase their stay at a hassle-free vacation time, letting them save some bucks too.


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