camper van interior ideas

10 Sexiest Camper Van Interior Ideas

camper van interior ideas

From bunk beds to convertibles, there are a lot of options for selecting camper van interior ideas. Thus, the choices can make you hazy and cloud your judgment.

I curated a list for you that includes everything from decoration to lighting and furniture- read below and selected things you want in your RV or the trailer park. Happy traveling!

Camper Van Interior Ideas

Camper van interiors are small spaces that you have to make a home. You have to accept the confined and crowded place and fill it with what you love and need for basic living and traveling.

The ideas below will give you a rough estimate of how you should design your camper.

10 Convertible Bed

Beds are the coziest thing on Earth that helps you sleep deeply and recover. But, they take up a lot of space, so if you are a person that is pretty active and leaves the bed in the morning for the whole day.

camper van interior ideas

Then convertible beds as a camper van interior ideas should suit you. Covert the bed in the morning for a pull-out table or free space and make your interior less messy and minimal.

9 Pull-Out Kitchen

Pull-out kitchens are made to declutter your entire RV. It makes the whole experience quite polished and less congested. These kitchen cabinets and things can easily be found on amazon.

camper van interior ideas

The pull-out kitchen will help you with

  1. A Comfortable space
  2. Less smoke
  3. Clean RV

8 Bunk Beds

When you are living in an Rv with kids, you should definitely get your hands on bunk beds. These beds are fun for kids and easily manageable for adults.

camper van interior ideas

Bunk beds are trendy among camper van interior ideas and in regular homes too. There is a weird thing about bunk beds that makes me comfortable and cozy- mainly because it reminds me of my happiest childhood memories.

7 Cabinets

Do you know what is vital for camper van interior ideas? Organizing and space. And cabinets are the perfect interior designs to offer you both at the same time.

Build a line of cabinets at the upper portion of your camper van and store everything in them. They can contain canned foods, clothes, blankets, and toys for families living in RV.

No matter which interior you choose, cabinets cannot be enough for an organized and clean space.

6 Cohesive Theme

Camper vans are quickly filled with stuff, but how would they look with colors everywhere? You should not suffocate with bright colors and things all around.

camper van interior ideas

Thus, to keep a decent and modernized-looking camper van decide on a color scheme and buy things accordingly. Believe me; cohesive colors make the inside look more spacious and calming to the eyes.

5 Furniture as Storage

You have ever seen couches that have secret storage compartments? Or beds with cabinets below them? Well, this furniture can be your best friend on this journey.

Furniture that provides storage lined with cushions and gives comfort comes straight from heaven to provide you with an exquisite experience. They come in handy while selecting from camper van interior ideas.

4 Decoration

With already limited space, people don’t usually decorate their RV, but you should. A camper is a home on wheels, so it should feel like it with cozy photos and minimal decoration.

camper van interior ideas

The best decorations for camper van interior ideas are photo frames that stick to the wall and different texture that soothes your mind. You can also stick a board on the wall to doodle and draw daily as a distraction.

3 Make Your Own

Choosing the right camper van interior ideas is challenging and hectic; thus, design your RV using canva or another website. Imagine everything in place and take ideas from different websites.

When you are sure what you want and the features your trailer park should have, then either hire workers or do it yourself.

camper van interior ideas

Most people flip old RVs, make them as practical as possible, and sell them. So you should definitely try those marketplaces as well.

2 RGB Lighting

From calmness to chaos, lightning can make or break your mood. RGB light with a controllable remote and various options can provide the cherry on top with settings.

RGB lights are my absolute favorite for comfort at home and while living in an RV. I mostly turn them to the blue setting while watching movies and to the off-white color when reading a book.

These lights complete the whole experience’s vibe and leave you with breathtaking detailing and comfort.

1 Patterned Curtains

Curtains can be used for varied purposes. Thus, use them wisely and buy a pattern and color that not only suits the interior of the campervan but also calms you down.

camper van interior ideas

Use lace curtains for a romantic and bohemian look or something with a world map to distract you for some days. Use them for partition so they can provide you space and makes the camper van organized.


What do I need inside my Camper van?

Shampoo, Soap, Cutlery, Blankets and pillows, food, stove, bed, couch, etc., are the things at the top of my head.

How to decorate a camper van?

Camper van interior ideas include hanging plants, and picture frames, adding texture and patterns through curtains or board, selecting a theme for furniture, or getting RGB lights to set the mood.

Camper vans can easily be decorated but all you have to do is keep some things in mind. Be mindful about the storage space, living area and needs of your living. These camper van interior ideas are perfect to craft a vehicle for your dream journey and travel around.

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