Can You Bring A Cigarette Lighter On A Plane? The TSA Rules Explained

This post is for smokers. Can I carry a lighter in my carry-on baggage or carry-on baggage? Can you get a writer by plane? Do lighters need to be in checked baggage? Where do you put the lighter when you fly? How many lighters can I carry on an airplane?

Oh … you’re suffering from a little mild anxiety, right? I remember  before I quit smoking 10 years ago. Flying is a  nightmare for smokers, I know, I remember.

The transaction is as follows:

Yes, you can put a regular  lighter like a clipper  in your airplane pocket. However, there are some rules to follow.

International airport security may differ from that in the United States. In most countries of the world, lighters are allowed in pockets or carry-on baggage, but not in  checked baggage. However, airplane writers are prohibited in the Philippines. If you know of  other countries where writers are banned by plane, let us know in the comments.

 TSA Lighters Rules

The TSA rules for cigarette lighters are pretty clear. Here is a screenshot of the TSA website:

Remember that security checkpoint TSA personnel always have the last word.

 Is there any kind of lighter I can bring?

This is where things start to get a little  more complicated. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) allows you to carry butane or Zippo lighters in your carry-on or carry-on baggage, but not elsewhere (except in certain circumstances, but we will discuss this). ..



Big-style disposable lighters are just as good for flying as clipper-style refill lighters.

Catherine has been confirmed by TSA on Twitter about her bigTwitter:

Blue frame lighters, jet lighters and cigar lighters are prohibited by TSA regulations.

In addition, lighters that imitate firearms and weapons are off the table. Doh!


Therefore, you can put one lighter in your baggage and you need to keep it in your baggage.

I can’t take it out of my pocket. Alternatively, you can keep a lighter in your pocket. Must be in your pocket. It cannot be in your pocket during flight.

My advice is not to even take the lighter out of your pocket during the flight.

  Are there any exceptions to the “one writer” rule?

Checked baggage can actually contain up to two additional lighters, but only under the right circumstances.

In other words, it must be secured with a DOT-approved airtight holdall.

However, some reputable manufacturers such as Colibri, Zippo, and Prometheus have obtained special permits from DOT for their own travel cases that can be easily found on Amazon and some specialty stores.

But that’s enough because we’re focused on traveling here


 Is there a lighter that can never be carried in carry-on baggage?

Well, I’m talking about the TSA here, so that’s right.



As a rule of thumb, kitchen burners, general purpose burners, micro burners, and their fuels completely violate the rules for carry-on or carry-on baggage.

Avoid  blue frame lighters.

As mentioned above, the only way to avoid this is to put it in checked baggage and a DOT-approved airtight holdall.

And don’t try to get this novelty writer on the plane!


 Well, what about refilling and fuel?

Now this is not a real hardliner. Even under the  above circumstances, it is not permitted to bring refueling or additional fuel for lighters.

The use of light gas and gasoline on airplanes is prohibited.


No, it’s not a flashy airtight holdall approved by DOT. You will have to  do with what you have when it comes to fuel. Therefore, it is best  to make sure that the only authorized lighter is fully replenished before traveling.

Can I at least send an email to myself in advance? 

That is also a really loud and clear “no”. If you have not completely emptied and cleaned the lighter, you are absolutely not allowed to ship the lighter before. Under no circumstances will the lighter be shipped. And the same applies to refills of light liquids or butanes, you can’t even mail them.

And an empty lighter? What happened to them?

Well, if you’re very thorough, in theory it is. Empty lighters are not classified as dangerous goods by  DOT and are not as strict as filled lighters.



The problem here is that DOT’s “empty” mindset and your mindset are probably quite different. When the light can no longer be turned off, it becomes “empty”. For  DOT,  it is “empty” if there is no fuel and no fuel residue.

Fortunately, more than 20% of the world’s population smokes, so one in five people who ask questions will  be able to brighten you.

And maybe remember that there are shops  you go to too;)


 How about Matches?

This is similar to answering the first question.

Yes, it’s a very small amount. You are allowed to carry one pack of  matches to your person or your baggage.

However, as with fuel, even approved holdalls are never allowed to carry  matches in  checked baggage.

  Any tips on how to survive a long flight without smoking?

Yes, quit smoking –  long flights are a good time to quit smoking and think about  staying alive to play with your grandchildren and more. Somehow somehow somehow)))


Okay okay … I think you didn’t come here for the lecture. If you’re not ready yet …


Uh … the nicotine patch works for many people and lasts on airplanes. Nicotine gum has been considered by many to be a good backup if these do not do it for you.

If both don’t work, the candy tends to do the trick  when the impulse really starts to  dig into you. In addition, many rely on discipline to help with these long flights.

And are there any tips  for getting ready for the trip? 


This is where you have much more control over  your flight and wrap-up. The first thing to check is to  plan your pre-flight time properly and make sure you drop your cigarettes, leaving a small window before boarding the plane.

In addition, smoking charges at non-smoking hotels are absolutely worthless no matter what your thirst says, so take the time to find a smoker-friendly hotel or other accommodation before you leave.

is needed.

In general, be aware of your needs and be prepared to take the time to manage yourself and your schedule before things get busy.

In Conclusion…

It is definitely permissible to carry a lighter in a person or baggage during the flight.


Fill the lighter before traveling. Take the time to smoke the last three cigarettes before entering the airport and sweat  during the flight.

When you finally arrive, do not pick up your checked baggage as you will have to wait for the frustrating conveyor belt while gasping for cigarettes.

As you continue to fly, you’ll rush to the exit of the airport, jump out into the fresh air of your destination, light up, and fill your blood with the poison you need.

Or instead … if you’ve just finished a long flight and  nicotine is already out of your body. Maybe it’s time to quit forever to save your health and  money. You are already on the way to quit … so remember it the next time you land 🙂


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