Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane As A Minor Under 21? (TSA Rules)

So you are a minor and want to know if you will be arrested for smoking an e-cigarette on a plane.

This post specifically describes the rules for flying vapors under the age of 21.

Let’s get started.

  Will  TSA confiscate your arc pen?

The Transportation Security Administration is the team that manages airport security. They don’t mention  anywhere on their website whether minors can take an arc pen by plane.

So I checked Twitter to see if I had answered this question before.

Jonah  asked if a minor could smoke an arc by plane. TSA Answer:

vapes are permitted and must be packed in carry-on baggage. Travelers are advised to comply with local laws at both the departure and arrival airports.

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TSA agents enforce the law, but they are not regular police. They have a specific task of ensuring flight safety by keeping dangerous objects, weapons and explosives out of the plane.

If carry-on baggage or checked baggage is screened at the airport, TSA agents will not attempt normal police operations such as possession of illegal weeds or arc pens.

In fact, owning an arc pen is not even illegal in every state. For example, in Florida, it is illegal to sell products that contain liquid nicotine, but it is not illegal for minors to carry a nicotine-free arc pen.

Another Twitter user also asked if minors could carry the arc in their baggage.

The  TSA does not directly say  that minors may have an arc pen. It’s not their job. Federal and  state laws still apply at the airport, but TSA agents are not trying to catch minors with arc devices. As TSA agents are still civil servants, they do not instruct them to violate the law and advise them to check state law regarding age limits. However, they do not confiscate the arc device from their carry-on baggage. Security guards are not  the same as those who  check your age.

The TSA only wants to make sure that all arc pens are packed in carry-on baggage and should never be in checked baggage.

Same as VapeJuiceLiquids. The TSA needs to make sure that the arc juice is placed in a container less than 3.4 ounces and packed in a plastic-sized liquid pouch. But they don’t look for an age limit

The reason you can’t pack an arc pen in your checked baggage is because the arc pen contains a lithium battery.

lithium batteries and arc pens  pose a fire hazard. If a fire breaks out on board an aircraft, someone can put it out. Checked baggage fires are much more serious.

How to confiscate an arc pen  packed in checked baggage, regardless of passenger age.

Ark Pen passes airport security without agent batting, even  under the age of 21-21.

Nicotine products are illegal for minors, but TSA doesn’t care. They just tell Hussein that cigarettes can be packed in baggage without restrictions.


minors under the age of 21 can be packed with arcs and e-cigarettes and boarded. TSA does not pick out minors and look for arc pens. It’s not their job.

However, this does not mean that  possession of e-cigarettes at the airport is legal. There are health concerns about both vaping and nicotine, which is why there are laws aimed at discouraging minors from vaping.

If you are under the age of 21, you shouldn’t have a vape on the plane, probably because you need to stop the vaping, but you can pass the security of the airport  without any problems.

If you are sticking to the rules and want to know the legal status for carrying a vaporizer as a minor, check the local state law of your destination.

If your only horror has been arrested by airport guards, you can relax!


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