Can You Bring Candy On A Plane?

Soon, you’ll be seated in an aluminium container with wings, travelling at close to the speed of sound, 6 or 7 miles above the ground, propelled forward by the power provided by the bursting remnants of dead marine animals that existed 100 million years ago.

I understand… It’ll most likely be quite dull.

You should bring some sweets with you on the aircraft to keep yourself engaged!

This article discusses the laws for bringing candy on an aircraft, where to pack it, and how to get it through airport security.

TSA Candy Regulations

Whether you want to bring candy to enjoy on the aircraft or pack some candy to take home in your carry-on, the TSA is very casual about allowing confectionery past airport security.

The TSA is primarily concerned with passenger safety. They seek to derail the bad guys’ machinations and schemes.

They don’t want you to be able to spoil your supper.

Here’s an example of the applicable rule:

So, is it legal to bring sweets on a plane? Yes, you are permitted to bring sweets past security in your carry-on luggage. All solid candy is permissible to bring through airport security.

You are permitted to bring confectionery in your hand baggage as long as it is not “liquid candy.”

What exactly is liquid candy, I hear you ask?

The gel candy seen above would need to be placed in your liquids bag and adhere to the 3-1-1 liquids guideline. Actually, the tubes appear to be somewhat bigger than the 3.4 ounce maximum, but you get the point.

Liquid candy is not permitted on flights. Fortunately, if you can read this line, you’re probably a little older and like solid sweets.

It is OK if your solid candy has a gel, liquid, or paste filling. Chocolate candy bars with mushy fillings are permitted on flights.

So, even if the caramel in the centre isn’t solid, you don’t need to include a Snickers in your toiletry bag.

While jars of peanut butter are considered liquids and must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule, gigantic chocolate cups full of peanut butter are not. It’s a strange world out there.

Gummy Bears and Other Candy Acceptable on Planes

Gummy bears are not allowed in hand baggage, according to speculations. This is a heinous, heinous falsehood.

Gummy bears are permitted on aircraft. I visited Twitter to see what the @AskTSA service had to say about this critical issue.

Just to verify it wasn’t a typo‚Ķ

Please keep in mind that I highly advise avoiding eating sugar-free gummy bears on an aircraft. Or everywhere except when sitting on the toilet. You have been forewarned.

But what else may you bring on a plane in your carry-on?

Melissa got a thumbs up for packing peanut M&M’s in her carry-on.

Lucy approved candy canes, Hershey bars, pop tarts, Toblerone, and peeps:

Kindra obtained permission from the TSA to bring her normal Snickers:

Danielle was overjoyed that she could bring her Starburst and Skittles on her flight.

Alex was overjoyed to be able to bring Twizzlers in his carry-on luggage:

It makes no difference whether the candy is opened or unopened; as long as it is solid, you may take it through airport security.

If you’re curious about lollipops, you can bring enormous Chupa Chups with you when you travel.

Size is irrelevant. Kevin was flying with a 3 pound gummy worm!

You may pack your sweets in any size.

And I’m sure some of you will be bringing chocolates home as a keepsake.

Like Sam, who brought back some Florida salt water taffy.

You can bring salt water taffy or toffee in your carry-on.

Michael packed cough drops in his carry-on:

Sergey wished to carry Altoids on an international flight:

And the TSA verified that he could bring mints on the plane.

I believe you’re getting the image by now. You may bring sweets on an aircraft, but there is one exception…

Who is going to stop you from bringing candy through airport security?

You might have been delighted with what you’ve read so far in this post. But be warned: there is one individual who may be able to prevent you from bringing confectionery onboard an aircraft.

Every TSA officer has the authority to deny any sweets that he does not like to allow through. Even though it is the general rule that sweets is permitted on aircraft, a peckish TSA officer can confiscate your candy at the checkpoint.

Also, keep in mind that drinks are prohibited. If your candy melts or becomes more liquid than it was when it was sold, you may have difficulties.

While the TSA allows confectionery on aircraft, it reserves the power to deny anything passing through the security checkpoint.

Is candy permitted in carry-on or checked luggage?

As previously stated, you may carry confectionery in your hand baggage. Candy is also permitted in checked baggage.

All you have to do is think…

How much sweets am I going to bring in my suitcase?

Do I really need these clothes?

Is a carry-on suitcase large enough to hold all of the chocolates I want to bring with me?

Also, would I be able to access my sweets throughout the flight if I have a candy emergency?

Prepare yourself.

Personally, I keep my in-flight chocolates in my personal item bag, which is stored under the seat rather than in the overhead bin.

My own sweets is packed in my personal bag… understand? It’s quite personal! Purchase your own sweets!

The Decision

You are allowed to bring chocolates on an aircraft. You may bring solid candy. Take basically solid sweets with squidgy centres. You are welcome to take fluffy sweets. Gummy bears, M&M’s, and most other popular candies are OK.

So that’s the sweets taken care of… Did you remember to download a Netflix movie to your phone to watch on the plane?

You’ll get through this tedious flight somehow!


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