Can You Bring Cologne On A Plane? Try This Genius TSA Hack

This post is all about taking Cologne by plane. Describes the amount of luggage and the location of luggage while traveling.

The same advice applies to aftershave, eau de toilette and other men’s fragrances.

There are also TSA hack ideas for Cologne. At the end of the post!

 Cologne TSA rules

It is the Transportation Security Administration’s job to oversee what can and cannot be carried on an aircraft. Let’s see what they say about Cologne.

Please note that the rules  for carry-on baggage and  checked baggage are different.

 Can I put Cologne in my carry-on baggage?

Yes, you can carry a small bottle of Cologne on board in your carry-on or carry-on baggage.

Since Cologne is a liquid, TSA’s liquid restrictions apply. The liquid used should be in a container or bottle less than 3.4 ounces (or 100 ml). And these items need to be packed in your quart-size toiletry bag. You cannot put a 4 ounce bottle in your carry-on baggage.

Therefore, if you want to carry Cologne in your carry-on baggage, you need to buy a travel-sized bottle. Alternatively, you can transfer the liquid from a large bottle to a small travel-size spray bottle.

You can bring Cologne only if you purchased it after security. If you have  a pharmacy or drugstore that sells Cologne that you can visit after security, you can bring these items on board.

You can also  buy Cologne on board.

Of course, this isn’t very useful for a return trip, but it may be useful information if you’re planning to fly to Cologne as a gift to someone at your destination.

 Is it possible to fly Cologne with checked baggage?

If Cologne is greater than 3.4 ounces, it must be in your checked baggage.

Cologne is flammable and the largest  bottle you can put in your checked baggage is 18 ounces or (500 ml). Checked baggage can also be packed with up to 70 ounces of flammable toiletries.

If you pack 20 or less regular size colognes, you don’t have to worry about these limits.

Also, keep in mind that bringing in checked baggage often involves paying an additional fee.

There are a few things to keep in mind about your checked baggage in Cologne.

Cologne can be expensive.  Cologne bottles can be damaged and leak into the check bag. This happened to Charles, and he wasn’t very happy about it:



Besides breaking the expensive  Cologne bottle, it may just disappear from your pocket, as it happened to Ryan:

And, of course, with checked baggage, the entire suitcase can always be lost.

These are your basic choices. There are restrictions on carry-on baggage, but checked baggage carries risks.

  Some more useful stories about airplane Cologne from Twitter

When you search for posted topics on Twitter, you often find particularly interesting information. Here are some tweets  I found while searching for Cologne by plane.

Tony flew with American Airlines. His tweet reminded me  of the compassion for other passengers. If you are using Cologne on an airplane, do not spray during flight. Other passengers may have health problems that can be frustrating with your Cologne:



Sheila uses Delta Air Lines and agrees that odorous Cologne should not be allowed on flights.



Jordan lost  Louis Vuitton on a trip to the Frontier:



Alistair wasn’t happy that United Airlines broke his bottle, but it’s unfair to blame them because baggage handlers aren’t hired directly by the airline.



  Verdict & this hack

Yes, Cologne is allowed by plane. TSA treats it like any other liquid. If you carry it in your carry-on baggage, pack a bottle less than 3.4 ounces and place it in a liter bag.

When packing your checked baggage in Cologne, you need to consider the risk of baggage damage, theft and even loss.

If  your carry-on baggage rules mean that your Cologne bottle  is too big, consider a scented deodorant stick. You can use a solid stick for carry-on baggage. Some Cologne brands offer fragrances in the form of sticks.

It may be a good alternative for considering short trips and  next trips. Wet wipes are not treated as liquids, so one possible hack is to create your own Cologne wipe.

Purchase an unscented baby wipe, split it with perfume, and then reseal the pack.

No need to put wet wipes in a quart bag, so you can fly to Cologne without having to buy a travel-sized bottle or occupy space in your toiletry bag.


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