Can You Bring Dry Shampoo On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

You can fly with dry shampoo, but you need to make sure you have a TSA-approved bottle size.

There’s also cool carry-on baggage that every fat-haired traveler should know!


let’s start.

 TSA dry shampoo lure


The Transportation Security Administration has posted the rules for this  dry shampoo on its website.


  Can you put dry shampoo in my carry-on baggage?

In this case,  TSA refers to aerosol dry shampoo spray.

Aerosol dry shampoo sprays are considered  liquid by TSA and must follow the rules of liquids.

Dry shampoo can be carried in carry-on baggage, but must be placed in a quart-sized plastic bag and in a container less than 100 ml.


Standard size dry shampoo canisters are typically at least 5 ounces. This means that you cannot put it in your baggage. And unfortunately, it’s not a product  you can transfer to a smaller container.

So you need to buy a small can. These 1.6 ounces of travel-sized batiste cans are well below TSA’s carry-on baggage allowance.

The aerosol you pack has a lid to prevent accidental spraying into your luggage. If the spray  is too large or there is no cap, TSA personnel may confiscate the spray. TSA agents in the field always have the final say on what happens through security.

If you’re on a long vacation or have  greasy hair, you can pack multiple travel-sized cans into your makeup pouch.

You can bring a travel-sized liquid that fits in one zippered bag.


But it depends on what else you are eating. It’s not difficult to reach the  carry-on baggage limit.

If  space is needed, replace the liquid product with a solid version of the product. For example, bring soap  instead of shower gel.

  Can you put the dry shampoo in my checked baggage?

Many passengers are afraid that the aerosol in their checked baggage will explode. Don’t worry, it won’t happen.

Dry shampoo can be placed in your checked baggage.

Flammable aerosols are generally banned, with the exception of toiletries, where dry shampoos are  considered toiletries.

There is a limit to the size of dry shampoo cans that can be placed in checked baggage.

Kylie asked  TSA if she would bring dry shampoo on Twitter:



The TSA has informed her that  only  cans of dry shampoo less than 18 ounces can be carried as checked baggage.


The most popular size of dry shampoo is 5 ounces, so that’s the limit.

Dry shampoo alternative

It’s easy to see why passengers are a little confused about whether dry shampoo is liquid.

First, the name says “dry” and the liquid is wet!


Dry shampoo leaves the can as a gas and appears to land on the scalp as a powder.

Because it is a liquid in a pressurized aerosol canister, it is  treated as a liquid by  TSA.

But here it is …

Not all dry shampoos are aerosols.


There are also DIY dry shampoos and  products purchased from powder stores.

For example, this  dry shampoo powder from DropDead Gorgeous.


Since it is not in aerosol format, the liquid rules do not apply and you can pack as much  dry shampoo as you like in your carry-on baggage.

There are no restrictions on putting powder in your carry-on baggage. The only rule is that if a container weighs more than 12 ounces, it must be removed from  carry-on baggage and placed in another container for screening as it passes airport security. However, bottles of  dry shampoo powder are probably not 12 ounces, and DropDead Gorgeous products are just over 2 ounces.

So you can pack something like this for your vacation, and it doesn’t occupy any space in your liquid bag.

Or you can make your own natural  DIY powder dry shampoo, as Melanie did


If you like the sound of  natural powder products that don’t drain, check out Melissa’s two-component dry shampoo!


 Take it away

Aerosol dry shampoo can be packed in carry-on baggage in canisters less than 3.4 ounces.

Aerosol dry shampoo can be packaged in canister check bags less than 18 ounces.

Dry shampoo can be packed in carry-on baggage without restrictions, but if it is in a bottle larger than 12 ounces, remove it from the bag for X-ray inspection.

Dry shampoo powder can be stored in your checked baggage without any restrictions.

that’s it! I wish you a nice holiday without a safe trip or  too many bad hair days!


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