Can You Bring Frozen Food On The Plane In Checked or Carry On Luggage? (TSA Rules)

You can fly in frozen food  in your carry-on and checked baggage.

Don’t worry about packing frozen food in your checked baggage.Allowed!

There are special instructions regarding carry-on baggage.

Please read so as not to break the rules.

 TSA Frozen Food Regulations

The Transportation Security Administration will sort your baggage when you fly to the United States.

Here’s what they say about traveling with frozen food:


The relevant rule when flying with frozen food is the liquid rule.

For example, if the soup is not completely frozen, it will start to flow. The liquid is limited to a small travel size of less than 3.4 ounces.

Special instructions apply when you carry frozen food in your baggage. If the frozen liquid  food is partially melted, it will not be safe.

Thawed solid food is not restricted to carry-on baggage.

You can pack your groceries in 5 pounds of dry ice, which helps keep your groceries frozen as you pass through airport security.

If you use an ice pack, that’s fine, but it should be completely frozen.

Checked baggage is …


Frozen food can be placed in  checked baggage without restrictions.

Please note that checked baggage may be lost or delayed. Also, the items in the check bag may be damaged or  stolen.



  Still not sure? Ask  TSA

If you have any questions about carrying certain items by plane, send a  message to the TSA on Twitter and the TSA will reply.


Molly asked the TSA if she could get frozen corn through security.

The TSA simply says, “Yes, you can! Frozen food can be carried in your carry-on baggage.”

Danae wanted to pack frozen butter in her carry-on baggage.

Normally, butter is limited to 3.4 ounces and should be packed  in a 1 quart bag with the liquid.

However, if the butter is safe and hard and frozen, you can pack as much as you like.

Jana wanted to get the curry on the plane.

Curry can be carried in carry-on baggage in containers of 3.4 ounces or less. Frozen curry can be carried in carry-on baggage, but  must be completely frozen when presented for inspection.


 The Bottom Line

You can bring an unlimited amount of frozen food into your checked baggage on domestic flights. For international flights, don’t forget to check the customs regulations of your destination country. Some foods are not permitted for international shipping.

You can put frozen food in your carry-on baggage if it is really frozen when passing through airport security.

Solid food, whether frozen or not, can be carried in carry-on baggage.


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