Can You Bring Nutella On A Plane? (TSA Chocolate Spread Rules)

Ah, Nutella is everyone’s most beloved chocolate(hazelnut) spread. But let’s see if we can take it with us while traveling.

Chocolate spread is usually a forbidden item in carry-on bags and checked luggage, but it might get through security if you know how to pack it.

When packing Nutella, as well as any other food that is not allowed to be taken on a plane, try to avoid taking more than three ounces per bag of liquids combined. This will prevent the need for having your items confiscated and disposed of at the checkpoint.

TSA Nutella Rules

Nutella is a hazelnut chocolate spread and is allowed in carry-on luggage so long as it doesn’t exceed 3 ounces of total liquid combined.

However, there are some restrictions on how you can pack this item. It must be packed in the original packaging and within 3 ounces of the actual spread itself. If you have a jar or tub of Nutella, please remember to store it inside other packaging such as an empty squeeze bottle or resealable bag.

Because Nutella is a liquid mixture that contains both solids and liquids (fluids), TSA will not allow any containers with more than three ounces of liquid combined in your carry-on baggage.

How To Take Nutella On A Plane

As stated above, Nutella should be placed inside a resealable bag to avoid spillage during travel.

If your Nutella in a jar or tub is new, it must be repackaged into a plastic bag to avoid leakage. If the food you have in your carry-on is leaking, TSA officers will need to confiscate and discard the item.

To add more protection for your Nutella when flying, you can get yourself a resealable plastic container that has a seal on the lid. This way, you won’t need to wrap it with tissue paper before packing it inside another plastic bag.

You can only bring a small amount of food with you on the plane, so make sure you repackage the Nutella properly to avoid any issues.

You Can Take Nutella On A Plane In The Following Ways:

TSA allows travelers to take as much sweet spread as they would like through security checkpoints, as long as it is within 3.4 ounces and in a resealable plastic bag. This means that you can carry an entire jar of Nutella with you on the plane instead of only being allowed to take a few tablespoons out at once.

TSA does not allow food of any type to be brought on an airplane. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Nutella because it is not considered a food by the TSA.

If you have a jar of Nutella with you, you can take it in your bag through security check without being told to remove it from your bag.

You Can’t Take Nutella On A Plane In The Following Ways:

Nutella is allowed in carry-on bags so long as it fits within TSA rules and is properly packaged inside a resealable plastic bag. You can also carry a container of Nutella with you as long as it’s in the original packaging from the store.

TSA rules state that food and liquids must be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag to avoid any spillage during travel. If your Nutella is in a jar or tub, it must be placed inside a plastic bag before walking through security.

TSA officers will not allow jars of Nutella to be in your carry-on bags and you’ll need to repackage it before going through security. This will help you avoid having your items taken away from you at the checkpoint.

The verdict:

TSA rules do not allow you to bring Nutella through security checkpoints or put it into your carry-on bag with any other food. Luckily, you can still carry a jar of Nutella in your pocket or use resealable plastic bags to safely transport the spread.

Packaging Nutella properly is extremely important if you plan on bringing it through security checks. Losing a little spread could mean the difference between having your item taken away and being allowed to pass through during your travel.

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