Can You Bring Protein Powder On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

The TSA has several guidelines concerning what you may and cannot carry on aircraft. It’s difficult to stay up!

You don’t want to disrupt your protein powder habit simply because you’re on the road.

So, is it legal to bring protein powder on a plane, and if so, where should you pack it?

Let us have a look at the rules.

Protein Powder Regulations by the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration offers the following advice about flying with protein or energy drink powders.

Bringing Protein Powder in a Carry-On

Protein powder can be brought in carry-on luggage, however the TSA powders rule applies. If you have protein powder in containers larger than 12 oz, remove them from your bag before going through security.

When passing through the x-ray scanner, place your protein powder in a different tray. Just as you would with a laptop.

To examine your protein powder, TSA inspectors may need to open your container. Protein powders are permitted in hand baggage; the TSA only requests that you take it from your bag so that it does not slow down the line.

It could be a good idea to put your protein powder in a travel size bottle. You do not need to remove powder from your carry-on if it is less than 12 oz.

You are free to use whichever packaging you like. So, if you want to package your protein powder in individual packets, go ahead. Ziplock bags are a common option.

Just to be sure. You can bring as much protein powder as you like in your hand baggage. If any container weighs more than 12 ounces, remove it from your carry-on upon passing through the security checkpoint. You are permitted to carry numerous containers.

If you are concerned about security checkpoint delays or simply do not want the inconvenience, you may bring protein supplements in your hold luggage.

Bringing Protein Powder in TSA-Controlled Luggage

Packing whey protein in your checked luggage is not restricted.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that your checked bag will be delayed or, worse, misplaced.

It is also possible that your protein powder or vitamins will be taken from your carry-on luggage.

A huge quantity of protein powder isn’t inexpensive, and a shady security guard or baggage handler may get their hands on it.

In addition, there is normally a cost for bringing checked baggage. If you can only travel carry-on, you may be able to save some money.

Protein Powder Packing for International Flights

The TSA restrictions apply if you are leaving the United States.

If you are departing from another nation, the airport security rules of that country will apply.

Still not sure? Inquire with the TSA

You may use Twitter’s @AskTSA service to receive an answer on any protein supplement you’re considering travelling with.

Teena inquired about storing her whey protein.

Ashton planned to put enough protein shake powder  in a zip lock bag for only two days.

And if you were thinking of bringing a blender to mix  those protein shakes, note that because of the blade, you can only put the blender in a checked bag. ..

For short trips, some passengers choose to carry a protein bar instead of powder.

Interestingly,  peanut butter is treated as a liquid by  TSA, but peanut butter protein bars are not.

This passenger asked for hemp powder. It doesn’t matter if the container is already open. In fact,  TSA may want to open the container and check its contents.

 Final result


Protein powder can be picked up in both carry-on  and checked baggage. If you are packing in your carry-on baggage and the container weighs more than 12 ounces, remove it and place it in another X-ray inspection compartment.

Unidentified powdered substances may not be permitted by security. The TSA agent that inspects baggage always determines what items can and cannot be carried on an aircraft.

However,  TSA passengers should be  familiar with passengers traveling with protein powder, even if they are in a clear ziplock bag.

To save  time and hassle, it may be a good idea to move the powder from a large container to a small travel size of less than 12 ounces so that you don’t have to remove the protein from your carry-on baggage.


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