Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane? The TSA Rules Explained

Scissors are sharp and pointed, and they may be used as a weapon.

So it’s reasonable to wonder if you may bring scissors on a plane as carry-on or checked luggage.

This is a post on flying with scissors. Continue reading to find out if scissors are permitted on aircraft.

TSA Scissors Regulations

The following is a screenshot from the TSA website:

It appears to be rather simple…

Checked Luggage Scissors

You can bring whatever scissors you want in checked luggage as long as they are neatly wrapped and no baggage handlers are injured while scanning your suitcase.

On Twitter, for example, a traveller inquired about bringing veterinary scissors in checked luggage.

The TSA response is unequivocal: all types of scissors should be permitted in carry baggage.

It’s scissors in hand baggage that’s a bit trickier.

Carry-On Luggage Scissors

Hand luggage scissors must have blades that are longer than 4 inches. If the blades are less than 4 inches long when measured from the pivot point, you can bring scissors in your carry-on.

So it all comes down to blade length.

This implies Christina might use her little thread cutting scissors:

Christine was given permission to use her cuticle trimmers and brow tweezers:

Bernie observed that multitools with scissors are only permitted if the multitool itself does not have a blade:

Bran would have been overjoyed to learn he could use his medical scissors:

The following kid safety scissors have been approved:

Mellisa wanted to know whether she could bring haircutting scissors in her carry-on:

Those hair cutting scissors appear to be fairly large. Melissa, pull out your measuring tape!

The Decision

You get the picture.

There are no scissors that are officially TSA authorised. It all comes down to blade length.

Small scissors are acceptable in hand baggage, while scissors with large blades are not.

If you arrive at the security checkpoint with scissors that are too large, the TSA officer will seize them.

Sometimes all you need to do is measure your scissors before flying to determine whether they will be permitted through security.

It’s as simple as that! Have a pleasant flight!


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