Can You Take A Taser On A Plane?

Taser is an option if you want to protect yourself but don’t want to have a gun.

But is it allowed to use the taser on an airplane? What is the proper way to fly with a taser?

Let’s take a look at the regulation.

TSA Stun Gun Regulation

Transportation Security Administration states that the stun gun should be mounted on an


Carrying Taser in Carry-on Baggage

You may not carry a Taser gun or  stun gun  in your carry-on baggage under any circumstances.

I think the Taser is for self-defense, but TSA does not allow guns to be carried on board. Any item that can be used for self-defense can be used for attacks. For the safety of passengers, weapons are not allowed in the cabin.

Take the Taser to airport security and identify it at checkpoints. TSA does not pass the security provided by the taser.

It may be time to check your carry-on baggage. Alternatively, you can give the taser to someone who has seen you off at the airport.

If you do not have time to check your baggage, you will need to hand over the stun gun or stun gun to the TSA and you will not be able to retrieve them.

 Carrying a stun gun in checked baggage

You can carry a stun gun or stun gun into an aircraft in checked baggage if you follow  special instructions.

Taser guns, stun guns, and stun guns (conducting electric weapons) must be transported in such a way that accidental discharges can cause the device to stop working.

Many taser guns contain lithium batteries that can pose a  fire hazard.

Cali asked  on Twitter if he should bring a taser to TSA.

The  TSA correctly advised Cali to check local laws when traveling with a taser gun. Not all states have stun guns.

If you are flying an international flight, Taser is probably banned where you are flying.

They also recommend checking with the airline you are flying  about about Taser’s policies.

That’s good advice, Chris asked Delta if he should bring a taser to his checked baggage.

And Delta replied that stun guns were not allowed in the check bag.

The TSA permits stun guns that are properly packed in checked baggage, but not all airlines.

The Verdict

Shock guns, stun guns, or tasers cannot be stored in carry-on baggage. Therefore, when a passenger is frustrated and reclines his seat, he cannot be stunned.

You may be able to put the Taser in your  checked baggage, but you should carefully check  the laws of the country of travel. Also check with your airline.


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