Can You Take an Umbrella On a Plane: Carry On Baggage Rules & Regulations?

The TSA allows umbrellas in both checked and carry-on luggage.

With an umbrella, you should have no trouble going through airport security.

However, whether or not you may bring your umbrella on the plane depends on the carrier.

You will have no trouble taking a foldable umbrella into the cabin if you stow it inside your carry-on luggage allowance.

However, a foldable umbrella may not always provide adequate rain protection.

What if you need to transport something larger, such as a golf umbrella or a walking cane umbrella?

Umbrella Policies on US Airlines

Typically, airlines allow you to bring one carry-on suitcase and one personal item, such as a purse or a briefcase. In addition to the one bag and one personal item allowance, they may designate extra goods that are permitted on board.

Let’s see what the most popular airlines in the United States have to say about umbrellas:


  • Umbrellas “may be transported onboard without counting toward your carry-on limit,” according to Alaska Airlines. They must, however, be “compact in size, readily fitting into an overhead bin, beneath the seat, or in a luggage.”


  • American Airlines – No mention of umbrellas is made in any of their documents. American Airlines has been contacted for comment. They give no information on transporting umbrellas on board. AA CUSTOMER SERVICE UPDATE: “Umbrellas are permitted in carry-on luggage after being examined to ensure that no banned items are concealed.” It would be placed in the overhead bin and would not be considered an extra item, therefore there would be no fee. The same as having a cane. Customer Service AA Ref#1-28594064881′′


  • “The following items do not count as personal belongings (they are freebies): a jacket and/or umbrella,” according to Delta. So you can bring your umbrella on a Delta aircraft without having to put it inside your bag.


  • Frontier does not provide a particular allowance for an umbrella. It must be less than 18 inches in length to fit into your personal item bag, so carry a tiny umbrella that fits inside your purse.


  • JetBlue – According to their website, you are permitted to bring an umbrella in addition to your carry-on and personal item. There have been complaints on Twitter of umbrellas being denied boarding. To be on the safe side, I’d bring a little umbrella.


  • “Walking canes or umbrellas are not considered carry-on baggage or personal items and do not count towards the “one-bag plus one personal-type item” limit,” according to Southwest. So you may bring your cane or umbrella on Southwest. Also, Southwest has been all over Twitter suggesting that you may carry your umbrella if it fits within the overhead bin resting on top of other bags. Though, according to one Twitter response, your umbrella will count as a personal item if it cannot fit within your personal item bag.


  • Spirit Airlines charges for carry-on luggage. The base fares do not include them. They do, however, say. “You may carry one personal item as well as things such as an umbrella, camera, newborn diaper bag, assistive equipment, outer clothes (e.g., jackets, caps, and wraps), reading material, and food on the flight at no extra cost.” According to Twitter, some gate workers do not always respect these regulations. However, I would attempt to bring a little umbrella with these gentlemen. They are often stricter with carry-on luggage than other airlines.
  • “In addition to your one carry-on bag and personal item, you may bring… an umbrella,” says United Airlines. There is no umbrella fury on Twitter. You appear to be fine to fly on on United with your umbrella.

Umbrella Policies for International Airlines

There are just too many airlines in the globe to mention them all.

Carry-on umbrellas are generally permitted on pricey international flights.

Cheaper budget airlines are cramming more people into their flights while allowing less free baggage.

If your flight is inexpensive, you may not be able to bring a large umbrella.

Consult your airline.


I think you can see that we attempted to be as thorough as possible with our guidance about bringing umbrellas as carry-ons.

It’s generally preferable if you can bring a little umbrella. It will be more convenient for you if it fits within your bag.

If you must travel with a larger umbrella for any reason, try to select one that appears benign. Any airline would be correct to deny a golf umbrella with a dangerous-looking spike at the end.

If you’re flying with a huge umbrella for the first time, I recommend calling the airline and being prepared to check your luggage if necessary.

In the comments, tell our readers about your experiences using an umbrella in the cabin. Also, if you could pin us on Pinterest or share us elsewhere, that would be fantastic. Thank you very much.


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