Can You Take Coat Hangers On A Plane?

Packing can be stressful, especially when packing certain clothing.

And when you get to your destination, make sure  you have a hanger. This will catch your clothes  and remove wrinkles.

This post describes the rules for using all kinds of  hangers on airplanes. Finally, there are also  special bonus chips.

Let’s start.

 TSA rules for flying on hangers

There are many types of  hangers. Examples: wire hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, thread-covered hangers, etc.


So  the question “Can I put a hanger on an airplane?” Depends on the type of hanger …


When I checked the TSA website, it only said “Coat hanger”. Therefore, you can be sure that “hangers” are allowed for carry-on and  checked baggage.


For the definitive answer to wire hangers, wooden hangers, and plastic hangers, I checked Twitter to see if anyone specifically asked the @AskTSA service  about this. It didn’t take  long to find the answer.

Pablo asked a question and the TSA answered.


“Don’t worry! Wire hangers can be in your baggage.”


And Joe, who wants to take a hanger, got  all sorts of answers:



TSA – “Most hangers. Wood, metal and plastic are allowed as carry-on baggage.”


The Transportation Security Administration seems to be quite laid back about  checked baggage and checked baggage hangers.

But the expression “most hangers” worried me. Were there any hangers that were not allowed on board?

I kept digging …


I realized that  metal hangers could raise my eyebrows even more, as happened to Sam.



We also confirmed that the plastic hangers may not be damaged when placed in  checked baggage. These TSA agents need to work quickly to inspect checked baggage and can damage plastic hangers.


However, the reason why @AskTSA said “most hangers” instead of “all hangers” is as follows.


The final decision on what will fit in the cabin is always left to the TSA officer when looking for a bag.

The only type of hanger that may not be allowed on an airplane is the one that can be used as a weapon.

For example, if the edges are sharp or very heavy.

For the sake of explanation: Regular frying pans can be carried in carry-on baggage, but  cast iron frying pans are prohibited as they can be used as Kazil.

A hanger  that can be used as a club to take someone out may not be able to pass through airport security.

In this case, TSA recommended that these towel racks be placed in checked baggage and not carried in baggage.

As the TSA says, “Items that can be used as clubs are not allowed through security.”


I must have these cast iron hangers  confiscated by  TSA:



If for some strange reason the hangers or hooks are so heavy that you can hit someone effectively, you may have a problem.

However, most other standard wire hangers, wooden hangers, and plastic hangers can be used for carry-on baggage.

So you don’t have to worry about meeting  Joan Crawford characters who work at  TSA checkpoints.

Wire hangers can be put in your baggage!


 How to pack a hanger in a suitcase

I noticed that hangers can be carried on airplanes, so I wanted to pay attention to so-called travel hangers.



Due to the limited space for carry-on baggage, some bright hearts invented a foldable hanger.

These are plastic  hangers designed to take up as little space as possible in your suitcase. They are lightweight and it is advisable to consider them if you plan to pack hangers in your suitcase.

 Another reason to bring a hanger to the plane

Here’s a bonus tip I’d like to mention as to why it’s a good reason to bring your hangers into the cabin.

As you may not know, if you fly in special clothes, you may be able to hang it  in the closet during the flight.

Ask the airline if there is a closet space at the time of boarding. This  really helps prevent wrinkles in wedding dresses and good suits. Pack the hangers so that you can  hang  special clothes.

Here are some of my favorite airlines that talk about “closets”.

American Airlines

American Airlines has a closet where you can  hang clothes  if you have the space.


  Delta Air Lines


Delta may also be able to wear hanging clothing during the flight. Again, it depends on whether you have free disk space.






There is no closet in the South West. Therefore, if you are flying southwest, you may not need a hanger.

 United Airlines


United has them, but  can be snappy when regular muggles use them. Jacket hanging may be a service exclusively for first class passengers.


  The verdict

That’s it!


Hangers can be used as carry-on baggage unless they are very heavy and look dangerous.

Standard wire, plastic, or wooden hangers can be placed in carry-on  and checked baggage.

It is recommended to fold the travel hanger to save luggage space. If you fly in special clothes, be sure to check if you can hang it  in the closet.

I am unaware of the world’s aviation authorities banning baggage hangers. Therefore, it is perfect for overseas travel!


Do you have any advice on how to pack the hangers into your carry-on baggage? Has anyone ever confiscated a hanger  by the TSA?

Let us know in the comments below!


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