Does A Blanket Count As A Personal Item?

The airline provided passengers with free blankets to keep them warm and comfortable on their flights.

This is a declining practice. If you ask for a blanket during the flight, you may be given a blanket or the airline may try to sell it.

Next is the question of whether free airline blankets are hygienic.

More and more passengers are flying with their  blankets  just to make sure they have something clean.

This post explains if you need to pack a blanket during flight.

Is it possible to take a blanket by plane?

I always try to answer the question thoroughly. My first check was to ask the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) if there was anything I wanted to say on the cover page.

You can take the blanket by plane, no surprises.

It can be stored in carry-on baggage or  personal belongings, which is a bag that fits under the seat in front of you.

The real question is, do I have to pack the blanket in one of your bags, or can I bring it as an additional “gift” in addition to my carry-on baggage?

Is it blanket luggage or clothing?

All airlines allow airplanes to be jacketed and do not consume baggage allowance. This is because the jacket is considered  part of the clothes  you wear.

You can certainly fly in a scarf or cloak, and it doesn’t count as a personal item.

And I can argue that the scarf is just a blanket that you put on your shoulders.

The blanket you wear on your body when boarding an aircraft should be fine. After all, no one lets you review a sweater, so why do they let you review a blanket?

On the other hand, if you don’t wear a blanket and carry it in a plastic bag, in most cases this will count as your personal belongings.


If you already have a carry-on bag and a small personal belongings bag such as a laptop bag or handbag, the blanket in the plastic bag is theoretically the third bag and is banned on most economy tickets.

We expect full-service airlines not to hit the eyelids.

Low-cost carriers, on the other hand, have become a business model that imposes fines on passengers.

To lay the groundwork for the question, I set out to investigate the major airlines in the United States to find out what their policy was regarding carrying blankets.

 Is it possible to take a blanket by plane? Airline airline


Twitter often has some good answers to customer support questions.

 American Airlines


Jennifer asked American Airlines if she could take the blanket by plane.

For American Airlines, the blanket was a personal item on this occasion.

And Emily recently asked the Americans the same question  and received a similar response:


Therefore, if you want to carry a blanket on an airplane, it’s best to pack it in one of the bags.


Katie asked Delta if she could bring a throw blanket to the plane.


Delta replied that the blanket must be in your baggage, so the blanket counts as carry-on baggage on Delta.



Cabrina asked if she could bring a blanket to the frontier, and her response seems to indicate that she should not be charged an additional fee for it.

I would be surprised if this was true, as Frontier only allows one personal item and charges an additional fee for standard carry-on baggage. It is advisable to check with the frontier before putting the blanket in the bag and taking it to the  gate. It may be better to put a blanket on your shoulder and pretend to be a fashion statement.



Christine asked southwest if her blanket could be counted as a personal item:


Southwest Airlines has confirmed that blankets are counted as  carry-on baggage and  need to be packed in baggage or personal belongings.



Passengers asked Spirit Airlines if they could bring a blanket for free. This was the answer they got:


If you can convince the boarding agent that your blanket is clothing, you can wear it. If you put a blanket in a plastic bag and swing towards the gate, expect them to try to charge you  it.

 United Airlines


Thomas was at a loss as to why United had passengers pack her blankets and pillows in their suitcases before United passed through the gate.

Concerned about the United Airlines freeze, Amber  asked if he could bring a small blanket.


United said she could bring it as her personal belongings. This  effectively runs out of personal item assignments.

To make matters worse, the United Basic Economy only allows personal belongings, not carry-on baggage.


In other words, if you put a blanket in a small bag, you will not be able to carry other luggage with you.

Final result


Getting a definitive answer is a difficult question.

If the blanket looks like clothes, you can easily go through the boarding gate.

In fact, if you wear something like this, you may want to wear a scarf or wrap rather than a blanket.

Carrying a blanket in a bag, even in a plastic bag, is considered part of the baggage allowance by most airlines.

Only one personal item is allowed, so having carry-on baggage, a  briefcase or handbag, or a blanket in one bag can cause problems.

For your safety, try packing a blanket in one of your pockets.

If it doesn’t fit  in your bag, try wearing a blanket and pretending to be your own dress.

Keep in mind that if a blanket is packed in your carry-on baggage, you may be forced to check your suitcase at the gate.

In this case, you need to remove all blankets and valuables before boarding the aircraft.


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