Escape 9-5 job : Start Nomadic Life as a Couple.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to quit that 9-5 job  and just travel the world with your partner like nomads?

Many of us want to do it but are confused as to how and where to start.

You are probably one of them yourself, which is why you are here.

This article shall give couples the essential cheat code on how to quit their 9-5 job and live their dream nomadic life.

How so?

Here we have brought information from couples who are experienced themselves, from those who quit their 9-5 to live a nomadic life.

Making it much easier for you to decide.

Let’s cut to the chase

Keep in Mind

One thing to keep in mind is to first ask yourself whether you as a couple have mutually agreed to take the risk.

The reason is, that many couples find it hard to quit their 9-5 due to various reasons – valid according to them.

Some give reasons like: “I have not saved enough money to quit my 9-5 yet” or “I can’t afford to travel”.

Others find this a bold decision to make, with concerns as to how they will earn their income without a 9-5.

These doubts and questions can potentially end all the excitement and confidence to live a dream nomadic life.

This is the prime reason why at first, these doubts are needed to be mutually cleared before moving ahead.

Honestly, the best time to start is now, as the saying goes, “The best memories are built unplanned”.

Quitting your 9-5 job to live a dream nomadic lifestyle as a couple does not mean you have to be rich.

It does not mean jeopardizing your entire professional career and neither shall your income stop.

You require open-mindedness, the right guidance and enough confidence to start that majestic journey, which is why we are here.

This article is dived into three essential steps before embarking on this journey.

The first step discusses how you as a couple can develop a steady income after quitting your 9-5.

The second step discusses on how you as couples can plan your budget accordingly.

The last step shall discuss on what to look for when choosing the locations or destinations you would like to visit.

These steps can give you enough confidence and guidance to start ahead.

Let’s start.

Step One: Steady Income

This is probably the first question that pops into mind when making such a decision. What will be the alternate income?

For couples, this is a valid concern which can be hard in the beginning. We provide three options that potentially work.

A tip – It is better for couples to engage in this step together, as it doubles the income, giving a chance to travel more.

Remote Working

It can be that you don’t hate your job, but you love your 9-5 and are looking to build a professional career.

This is the best option for those who are career-oriented in a specific field.

In remote working, you don’t quit your 9-5, but rather do your office work in different locations – at home or anywhere else.

You can find a remote working job in the same industry you are in or shift to remote working within your current job.

This is possible, as covid-19 has taught us almost all the industry companies and corporations can work remotely and hire remotely.

As we know that working from home was a widely accepted concept that has been effective, productive and much more efficient.

The good thing about remote working is it not only gives a steady income but makes it easier to plan your trips.

How so?

For example: If you are hired as a remote worker for a company, with working hours from night 11pm till morning 6am.

This will allow the couples to plan all their trips in the morning, afternoon and evening and start work at night.

The couples can both divide the working hours together so there is no overburden of work or being too exhausted.


This option gives a bit more freedom as in remote working, you are time-bound, unlike freelancing.

Freelancing is when you provided services of skills that you already have in exchange for money without getting affiliated with any corporation and involve in a 9-5 job.

Whether you are good at taking photographs, writing content, editing videos, brokers or even paintings; you can provide these services online or offline for money.

Let’s say you are good at writing, then you can go to famous websites like Upwork, Fiverr or social media groups to find clients and get started.

It is also recommended to find people who are already working as freelancers and ask them whether they have any extra work.

This can help to build your client base and help figure out your niche, which is the key to freelancing.

Before quitting your 9-5, it is necessary to spend a few months developing and experiencing these freelancing skills.

Once you get the hang of it and have developed a steady income through freelancing, then quit your 9-5 job.

In freelancing is that you are not time-bound and can start working whenever you like, as per the deadlines given.

One notable factor to keep in mind is that never work for free as a freelancer in hopes to gain experience.

Always quote your price, even if it is little. This is because it is essential to develop a steady income from freelancing.

Online Entrepreneur

This is probably the ultimate achievement that almost all couples are looking for.

This is because as an online entrepreneur, you have complete freedom as to when to work and when to not work with minimal effort.

That is because you are the boss of yourself. Some good examples of online entrepreneurs are those who:

Buy and sell on Amazon, YouTubers or simply those who invest in real estate or other sources like stocks or cryptos to double their wealth.

But why online? This is because a huge chunk of potential customers is now present online as compared to offline.

Let’s say you are interested to buy and sell on Amazon, you can purchase cheap products from elsewhere and sell them on Amazon for profit.

To be a successful online entrepreneur, you don’t need to strive for a huge income. You just need enough for you and your partner to travel around.

When both the couples engage in this step the better as it is recommended, but not quite essential.

This step depends from individual to individual as there is no one size fits all standard.

There are people who feel comfortable having all the work given to them but like working from home, remote working is best in this matter.

Some people feel comfortable looking for and find work themselves whenever they want, where freelancing is best in this matter.

There is a category of people for whom creating work for themselves whenever they want is interesting, here online entrepreneurship is the best.

It depends on individuals and couples as to what can work out best for them.

It is necessary is to first spend at least a couple of months to experience and practice these options before quitting your 9-5 job.

Step Two: Planning Your Budget

Now when steady income is there, it is now time to setup your budget to live your dream nomadic lifestyle.

The basic spending to setup for budget are the air tickets, hotels and food.

Air Tickets

When purchasing air tickets, there are three main things to consider travelling affordably and comfortably.

First, make sure you purchase tickets from third-party sources rather than the direct airline’s website.

Second, it is recommended to travel in odd seasons when people likely travel less.

For example, during the Christmas season, many people tend to travel more. This is when the prices of air tickets increase and it gets too crowded.

It is better to travel during less peak season .They are not only affordable but the travelling is much more peaceful.

Third, it is also fun considering travelling by bus or train, as they provide a true nomadic experience for couples.


For a place to crash and spend the night, two main points are needed to consider.

First, to experience that true nomadic lifestyle, it is better to book a guest house instead of a luxury hotel.

Guesthouses are not only cheap but are also the perfect spot for couples to feel that they are truly nomads.

Second, if you want to live in a fancy place, then consider Airbnb as it is the most affordable with all the luxuries a couple needs.

It is highly recommended to book your guesthouses or airbnb a week before in advance to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.


If you have money to spare and enjoy eating out in fancy restaurants, then go for it.

For real experience of a nomadic lifestyle, it is recommended that the best food choices are those which are on the go.

What does that mean? That means more street food.

This is because the real taste and food that a country is recognized by, is from their street food.

It is fine to eat out in fancy restaurants but these street foods hit different. It all depends on your choice as a couple.

Step Three: Choosing Your Destination

Once your budget is all worked out, the last and final essential step is to choose your dream destinations.

Every couple probably has a bucket list for traveling to their dream destinations.

But there are few aspects to consider. Either travel to dream places or be more adventurous and travel places you never thought about.

Travelling Places You Never Thought About

Once again, to truly live that nomadic lifestyle, it is recommended to travel places you never knew about.

Before doing that, it is necessary to consider two things: famous destinations sites and check safety.

Currency valuation is another aspect to consider.

If you are a couple residing in the U.S.A or Europe, then travelling to South Asian countries can be a lot cheaper.

Instead of looking for tourism packages, it is better to develop your own itinerary to gain maximum experience.

Due to currency differentiation, it becomes easier to work and earn more from back home to spend more on travelling.

While it is better to travel to the couple’s dream destinations, this is worth the consideration and adventure.

Lastly, one aspect to consider is the visa. Some countries take a huge amount of time to issue visas while other countries issue a visa on arrival.

This can be considered by the couples accordingly as per their desires.

In A Nutshell

Follow these steps when you and your partner are willing to quit their 9-5 to live a nomadic lifestyle.

The most crucial step is the first one, to develop an alternate income stream to keep the travel going.

Once this step is cleared, all the rest becomes easy.

Another factor is the motivation and the confidence needed. This comes from the support of the couples themselves for each other.

Once all these steps are sorted out by you guys, then what is the wait for?  Just dump your 9-5 job. The world is calling you!

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