Full-time RV Regrets

10 Greatest Full-time RV Regrets to Avoid

Patience, planning, and discipline are required to avoid full-time RV regrets from your travel journey. Unfortunately, these regrets can make or break your time in the camper van, so you have to learn along the way and be open about it.

Full-time RV Regrets

Remember the things below before making any irrational decision while living in an RV with family or kids. Unfortunately, these are the most common regrets for full-time RVers.

Common Full-Time RV Regrets

10. Not the Right RV

Buying or owning an Rv is exactly like having your home. You have to live, travel, sleep, and spend time in it. Thus, buying the one, you love should be the first priority.

Most campers complain that they cannot get their hands on the desired van, which slightly ruins their adventure. One of the most common full-time RV regrets is buying a camper too small for your needs or too simple.

If you are having trouble finding the best recreational vehicle, I suggest making your own. Buy something cheap and flip it as well as you like, according to the needs and tastes of your family living in an RV.

9. Moving Fast

Time is never enough to care less about your struggles and more about yourself. Moving is one of the mistakes every seasonal or full-time Rver makes.

Most of the time, people go from one place to another without spending the whole day in the city or sinking the lights and heritage of the surrounding. Thus, it becomes hectic and less adventurous.

Full-time RV Regrets
Keep in mind that when you are moving too fast, you are missing out on the places and a lot of budget too.

8. Making less Interaction

One of the full-time RV regrets is making less or no friends at all. Life on a camper is perfect for introverts, but it can get a lot lonely too.

Full-time RV Regrets

Spending time alone, without communicating, may seem heavenly to some and hell to others. But you should always try to balance life and socialize together. Other families traveling alongside you in cities can give you exposure and knowledge and help with tasks too.

I have always loved making new friends who are facing the same struggles I do- it helps make me feel like a part of the community.

7. Decluttering Stuff

Minimalism is only for some- if you have decluttered your stuff while moving in Rv, it does not mean you don’t regret it. Making it the most common full-time RV regret because people do miss owning things.

Living in an RV with kids means that you cannot have everything you want, you have to make decisions according to space, urgency, and need of your situation.

6. Poor Planning

The list of full-time RV regrets is incomplete without adding poor planning. Unfortunately, most couples and teenagers living in an RV need to plan their stay ahead or find routes. Which, in this case, can turn to make your whole world twirl.

Planning can prevent you from taking long and rough routes. They can also increase the risk of parking in risky areas or bad weather.

Full-time RV Regrets

Before traveling to a new place, search for these things to plan your trip properly:

  • Reviews from other Rvers
  • Camper grounds and Rv parks
  • Screenshots of Maps
  • Weather reports
  • Day-to-day jobs
  • Places to visit

5. Using Only Camper grounds

Camper grounds sound safe and provide some luxuries or daily jobs too, but they sink you into a comfort zone. While living in an RV, you should get out of your comfort zone to experience new things and places.

Thus, on your next travel, ask fellow wheelers to give suggestions on a parking spot and see the difference. A new view can offer an exquisite taste in scenery and provides you with the best sight.

Living at whatever sight you want (as long as it is legal) is the best freedom that campervans get.

4. Skipping Insurance

Insurance of the RV is as important as one your home and health gets. However, full-time RV regrets do include a lack of Insurance that comes with a lot of costs later on.

The value of an Rv depreciates as it needs maintenance, too; thus, the Insurance acts as a backup. In addition, it lets you fall with a net to provide you with basic money to get another camper van if needed.

3. Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance of RV is as important as any other vehicle-if, not more. Most people living full-time RV regret their lack of attention on the camper van when the damage is out of their control.

You should make a chart of things and weekly checkups to keep your wheeler as good as you want. Check the fuel, oils, wheels, and engines as often as possible and spend some bucks on little maintenance too.

2. Careless with Budget

Although life in an RV does come with the benefits of spending less money-but- it doesn’t help if you throw extra on entertainment.

Most people does expensive tour than necessary, eats out all the time, or do fancy things. These things are important too, but your budget and saving should be a constant.

You should not let this opportunity waste by throwing money on games and entertainment. Instead, save as much as possible to secure the future or at least invest in a good place for income streams.

1. Time Management

Life on the camper van is far from the organized one you have at home. People who do full-time RV regret making a routine in their life. This life on the road requires discipline and control from your life.

Thus, time management to do your home task, chores, jobs, and traveling requires skills that are not present in everyone.

You can try to make schedules and bullet journals to keep the routines in check but what matters is the intensity of determination and need you.

Full-time RV Regrets

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