Hacks to keep rv cool in summer

Top 9 Hacks to Keep RV Cool in Summer

These tips and hacks to keep Rv cool in summer are not only practical but easily accessible too. This list is cultivated to provide you with breezy, windy, and fresh air that ignites a spark in your RV-not literally.

Summer is the best time to live in an Rv, as it gives the pleasure of breathtaking sceneries and exquisite barbecue meals –but excessive heat can be an issue. Thus, help yourself with the hacks below and enjoy.

Hacks to keep RV cool in summer

These tips and tricks will make your summers a lot easier. Rving in summer gives you the best atmosphere and windy nights, but keeping it cool during the day is a task.

Thus, read the article below and spend your days in a cool camper.

9. Create a Shade

I know this is obvious-but an integral step. Always check the weather before parking your camper van. If it will be sunny throughout the day, park near a spot that provides shade and wind in the RV.

Hacks to keep rv cool in summer

These are some of the hacks to keep Rv cool in summer by shade:

  • First, park your camper near a tree with windows under the shade.
  • If you can’t find some trees, use window covers.
  • Or change the direction of the RV

Changing the direction of your RV should be good enough if there is no accommodated shade around. Keep your camper van in a way that no direct light enters the windows and windshield while parking.

8 Get some Airflow

The next best option is to trap in cool and natural air in your trailer park.

But most people need to know at which time to close and open their windows. So, here is a checklist for you.

Open your windows and doors a bit earlier than dawn. Once the airflow is optimal and you can see sunrays emerging from the East, shut them up. Cover your windows with shades- it will help you for quite some time.

The next time, open your windows in the afternoon when the sun sets. Let the airflow from your van. Be careful, and shut windows before letting some bugs enter the sweetest home.

7 Portable fan and AC

The air conditioner of the RV is not a viable option in the heat of Arizona. The heat takes up a lot of power and money too.

Portable AC and fan are your following best options for your travel.

  1. They help in cooling the temperature.
  2. They consume limited batteries.
  3. They are easy to move around.
  4. They will accommodate you.

The only con is that they will be expensive if you are not going to need them often.

6 Maintaining the AC system

On a hot summer day, all you need is chilled air and a lemonade. But this chilled air will only be available if you clear out your filters.

When the filters get dirty, they mainly trap hot air inside, and the air conditioner’s function becomes significantly less. Thus, clearing out the filters once a week would do the job.

If you don’t use your RV AC on a daily basis, then once a month should be enough. Keep a weekly routine of checking your Air conditioner, power supply, and filters to refrain from any damage.

5 Cook Al-Fresco

Sun is hot enough that you don’t need a burner, oven, or stove to produce more. Thus, I’ll recommend eating food that does not require any grilling from the oven or stove.

You can make salads for lunch or set up a barbecue outside the camper at night. So, cook in the open air to reduce the heat in your camper van.

Hacks to keep rv cool in summer

Believe me; you don’t want more heat than there already is.

4 Minimum Electronics

Tv, LCDs, and game console are the culprit in adding heat to your RV. Thus, this hack to keep your RV cool in summer is essential if you want a breezy atmosphere.

When you suspect a hot day, plug out all your RV’s electronics.

Watching TV or playing a game console is important but try to keep yourself busy with a cellphone, book, or a board game with your family.

Hacks to keep rv cool in summer

These electronics add as much warmth as a heater, so avoid them living a bit comfortably.

3 Reflective Insulation

insulations not only help in winter but also provides control in summer. Reflective insulation can be your best partner especially if you reflect the sunlight towards the west.

Put the insulation on your large windows to gain minimal and limited sunlight. These insulations are readily available in the market to help you divert the UV rays from the bus and make the heat tolerable.

2 Use LED lights

LED lights are the best when it comes to Hacks to keep RV cool in summer, as Led lights do not radiate much heat when they are on.

LED lights are perfect because

  • They consume less energy from the power generator
  • Resulting in less radiation of heat.
  • They are also pocket-friendly

Thus, they are not only recommended for camper vans but for permanent residences too.

Hacks to keep rv cool in summer

1 Roof Venting

Some Rvs have the option to push air out or pull air in through roof vents. If your RV is one of them, then cheers!

When the temperature outside is hot, keep the vents to push out air from your van. It will help and drop the temperature.

When the temperature is cooling outside, change the vents to pull air in to experience a breezy and windy camper.


Do hacks to keep Rv cool in summer really work?

Yes, hacks to keep Rv cool in summer work- all you need to know is about how cooling works. You can keep the temperature at bay by creating shade and using air conditioners and portable fans.

How can I keep my Rv cool without AC?

Instead of AC, you can also choose portable fans and coolers to keep the RV cool in summer. In addition, you can use minimal electric equipment and cook Al-fresco to help cool the camper van.

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