How Bad Is Spirit Airlines?

What’s the problem with Spirit Airlines? What’s the deal with Spirit? These are frequently asked questions on the internet.

But they’re loaded questions that assume Spirit Airlines is awful and it’s just a matter of how bad.

When flying first became popular, it was only for the wealthy. Prices fell throughout time, making flying more attainable, yet an astonishing degree of snobbery remained.

People love to talk about their fare class, the size of their seat, and how important they are. Paying extra for flights is also considered a status symbol by some.

I believe in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” So, in this piece, we put the low-cost airline to the test and askā€¦

Is Spirit Airlines truly that awful?

Why Does Spirit Airlines Have Such a Bad Reputation?

There you go again, judging…

First, should Spirit truly have a poor reputation? I attempted to discover some satisfied customers who had flown Spirit and had a good time.

Anthony travelled with Spirit recently and was pleasantly surprised:

Anthony did, however, pay a premium for the large front seats. Spirit’s equivalent of first class is large front seats.

Scott enjoyed the spacious front seats as well:

Nick believed Spirit wasn’t too bad:

Nikita also claims to have “never had a terrible experience”:

And this King was also chanting Spirit’s praises:

Some individuals get delighted when Spirit begins serving a new airport:

Tuan’s advise is to “know before you go” and to “do your homework” before booking a Spirit flight.

Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, irritates a lot of people…

The negative feedback appears to occur when someone attempts to take advantage of a low price but is unaware that there would be constraints.

Here are the main criticisms regarding Spirit in brief:


  • They charge for carry-on baggage (which aren’t as little as you believe).
  • They charge for checked baggage (Most airlines charge for checked bags)
  • They have no place for their legs (Spirit have increased the amount of legroom on many flights, you can also pay for extra space if you need ahread of time)
  • They impose an additional fee for seat selection.
  • They charge a fee for water (Bring your own water)
  • Customer service is subpar (Well maybe but the prices are cheap)

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored Spirit advertisement. We’ll now take a look at those irritated passengers.

Spirit is not for everyone.

“Spirit Airlines is not worth the money you save,” says Mariah:

Spirit, according to Pauly, is “as awful as it gets.”

I believe Jazz nailed it when she quipped, “They are the McDonalds of airlines”:

Jazz intended it as an insult, yet many people enjoy Mickey D’s. I believe it’s a great analogy.

Spirit is a low-cost airline. You wouldn’t expect a 5-star restaurant’s customer service and experience if you went to McDonald’s. You don’t lose the plot because your Big Mac doesn’t come with a ribeye steak and a red wine sauce.

You know it’ll be simple, but because your expectations are low, a cheap dinner at McDonald’s may be enjoyable and economical.

Similarly, if you accept the fact that Spirit is not a full-service airline, they don’t seem that awful.

You have a better knowledge of Spirit’s strategy and how to evade their charges. That’s all there is to it.

However, not everyone pays close attention to the regulations.

Liam felt he didn’t have enough leg room:

And the line about $55 for a change of clothes refers to the cost of bringing a carry-on size bag on Spirit.

“Know before you go,” Tuan said, and “do your research.”

Alejandro neglected to read the rules:

When flying Spirit, you are only permitted to bring one complimentary bag. These are the regulations, and they are stringent. They will charge you if a wheel protrudes!

And you must pack your purse inside your larger bag or you will be charged.

Is it a terrible thing? Yes, it’s unpleasant if you weren’t expecting it.

But, Alejandro, you should have expected it.

Personally, I believe it’s a good thing that other passengers aren’t stuffing their luggage into the overhead lockers. How many times have you travelled on other airlines just to be informed that the overhead bins are full?

They are overflowing because no one maintains the limitations.

If you prepare ahead, packing your handbag inside your personal item isn’t too bad.

The same thing happened to this guy…

Dr. Manhattan received a fantastic flight deal. To travel somewhere for $56 is wonderful.

But then it all went downhill since he didn’t know the regulations and wasn’t prepared.

Yes, Spirit charges $10 to print a boarding card at the counter, but this is easily avoided.

Simply print the ticket at home or have a copy of the boarding pass emailed to your phone. A digital ticket on your phone is OK.

You may also acquire your boarding pass using the Spirit smartphone app.

Second, costs for luggage larger than 18 x 14 x 8 are less expensive if paid for when you book the ticket. They are also cheaper if you add a carry-on bag when you check in online.

Yes, Spirit will hit you in the pocket if you arrive at the airport or boarding gate unprepared with an enormous suitcase. Is this what makes them a horrible airline?

Many individuals prepare ahead, follow the regulations, pack light, and avoid the most of the Spirit additional costs. These people are pleased with Spirit’s low-cost flights.

Unorganized travellers fall victim to Spirit’s price traps and become enraged. They’ll be yelling “never again” all over the place.

The Spirit’s tagline is “Less money. More Go,” but I think Ben came up with a better one:

To be honest, I’m still undecided about Spirit Airlines.

I believe the way they price things is a ruse. And deception is awful.

The combination of low-cost flights and exorbitant frills is a trap.

I wish they would simplify their price structure.

They’re not all that horrible if you grasp how Spirit works. They stunned everyone with their pricing model years ago. Many individuals were torched and ranted.

If you’re still getting burnt, it’s definitely your own fault.

Always plan your vacation carefully if you fly Spirit. You must bring your own meals. Pack light. Select which extras you require and which you do not.

Spirit, on the other hand, bills itself as an ultra-low-cost carrier. Airlines such as United and American are now selling Basic Economy tickets, but they want you to believe they are first-rate. Perhaps that is more dishonest.

Spirit provides relatively inexpensive airfares but then charges exorbitant prices for everything else. Spirit makes money on things like legroom, luggage, and food.

They are not the airline for you if you want complimentary peanuts.

But you do understand that peanuts were never free, don’t you? You compensated for them with your exorbitant fare.

So, how horrible is Spirit Airlines really? All airlines, after all, are horrible. Spirit are simply evil in their own right.




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