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How Can we get from California to Hawaii By Plane And What Is The Flight Time?

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, often known as Honolulu International Airport, is Hawaii’s busiest airport. So we’ll focus on the flight schedules to Honolulu, Oahu. If your destination is another airport in the Hawaiian islands, your flight time will be quite similar.

The overall flight time from California to Hawaii varies based on where you depart from in California. A direct flight would obviously get you there faster, so if you are close to one of the California airports and don’t require a connecting flight, it will assist shorten your trip time.

The flight direction also matters; due to prevailing winds, it is faster to return from Hawaii than it is to go there.

Exact Flight Times from California to Hawaii

AirlineDeparting FromArriving AtTotal Flight Time
Hawaiian AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)Honolulu (HNL)6 hours 5 minutes
United AirlinesSan Francisco (SFO)Honolulu (HNL)5 hours 29 minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesOakland (OAK)Honolulu (HNL)5 hours 40 minutes
Alaska AirlinesSan Jose (SJC)Honolulu (HNL)6 hours
Hawaiian AirlinesSacramento (SMF)Honolulu (HNL)5 hours 50 minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesSan Diego (SAN)Kahului (OGG)6 hours 5 minutes

The travel time from California to Hawaii is between 5 and a half and 6 hours, with the actual time spent in the air dependent on the city in California you depart from.

Flight Times From Hawaii to California

Because of the wind direction, your plane’s average speed on the way back from Hawaii will be greater. That implies a flight from Hawaii to California takes around 30 minutes less time.

AirlineDeparting FromArriving AtTotal Flight Time
United AirlinesKahului (OGG)San Francisco (SFO)4 hours 55 minutes
DeltaHonolulu (HNL)Los Angeles (LAX)5 hours 30 minutes
Alaska AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)San Francisco (SFO)5 hours 9 minutes
Alaska AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)San Jose (SJC)5 hours 19 minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)Oakland (OAK)5 hours 25 minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)Sacramento (SMF)5 hours 15 minutes

The shortest distance between California and Hawaii is 2,286 miles, which runs between the island of Maui and Point Arena in San Francisco.

As a result, the quickest return route is from Maui’s Kahului Airport to San Francisco International Airport.

If you wish to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the large island, take United Airlines from San Francisco to Kailua-Kona. It will take 5 hours and 28 minutes to go there, and 5 hours and 7 minutes to get back.

The Decision

Hawaii is approximately 2500 miles from California. The trip across the Pacific Ocean is long, but it will fly by with a couple of decent movies.

It is critical to consider not just the flight time but also your entire trip time.

Plan on arriving at the airport 2.5 hours before your flight. If we add 1 hour to get to the airport and 1 hour to get from the airport in Hawaii to your hotel you are looking at a minimum total travel time of around 10 hours to go from California to Hawaii.

By going light and travelling with only carry-on luggage, you can really save some time off your entire journey time. You’ll also save money by not having to pay for checked luggage. Learn how to pack light by reading our packing light suggestions.

Enjoy your Hawaii vacation regardless of how you pack!

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