How Late Can You Check Into A Hotel?

Travel planning often goes wrong. The flight is detoured, the train is canceled, the car ignites …

Therefore, it is not uncommon for  exhausted travelers to arrive late at the hotel.

But what’s the latest you can check in at your hotel? Can I check in at the hotel at any time? Can I check in  at midnight or after midnight?

This post is  about arriving late at the hotel, but when  does “late one night” become “early the next day”?

let’s start.

 Hotel  101 Check-in Check-out time

The standard check-in time is usually around 3 pm. The hotel will inform you of the check-in time at the time of booking.

However, the check-in time at 3 pm does not mean that you must be there  exactly by 3 pm. Or even near 3 pm.

Most hotels allow you to check in well after the advertised check-in time.


Employees at this hotel do not really consider it a late check-in situation, but they are happy to call to explain that guests are late-in.


Check-in time at 3 pm  means that you can check in from 3 pm.

This also means that you can’t check in before 3pm, but often you can check in if the room is available. They just don`t promise it.

The standard check-out time is 11 am. These four hours between 11 am and 3 pm allow the hotel time to clean and prepare a room for the next guest.

  What is considered late check in at a hotel?

Most hotels request that you notify them if you will be arriving to check in late. But when is it “late”?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer about the late check-in components. This depends on the size of the hotel  you are staying in and their policy.


 Late arrival at a small hotel


If you are staying in a small boutique hotel with a small number of rooms, consider late check-in after 7pm.

If the hotel has a small number of rooms, someone will have to hang out to meet you on arrival. It makes sense to communicate when you expect to get there.

Very small independent hotels may refuse to wake up late at night and check  in at 4am.

 Late arrival at a medium-sized hotel


Medium-sized hotels usually have people who can check  in after midnight.

However, you may not be sitting at the front desk all night.

The Night Manager may have other obligations during the night shift.

You may also need a key to get through the hotel  door at night. I haven’t checked in yet, so I need to use the intercom  to notify someone of my arrival.

Overall, it’s best  to call someone to let them know when they will arrive.

You can make sure they are in the ear of the intercom when they are expecting you and  check you in even if you arrive very late after midnight.

If you arrive after 9 pm or 10 pm, we will notify the medium-sized hotel.

 Big hotel chain


If you are staying in a large hotel chain, the front desk may be open 24 hours a day.

Theoretically, you can arrive at any time  after midnight without any problems.

Your concern in this case is not that there is no one around you to talk to.

Instead, you have to worry that  your room may be sold to others if you don’t let them know you’re arriving late.

A former hotel employee pointed out that rooms booked on third-party websites are  likely to be canceled if they arrive late and don’t tell the hotel what’s happening.


Sometimes guests just don’t come. If the hotel determines that the reservation is not displayed and no prepayment has been made, the room will be sold if the opportunity arises.

Therefore, if you arrive after 10 pm, especially if you booked from a third-party website, we will call the hotel and let you know the approximate  arrival time.

Please let your hotel know that you will be late, and they will reserve a room for you.

Therefore, late check-in policies will vary depending on the hotel you are staying at.

Yes, you can check in at the hotel late at night, but the late count depends on the size of the hotel.

You don’t need to notify a big hotel just because you’re not there  a few hours after 3pm.

You can also go to a large hotel after midnight and book and check in at the hotel on the spot. If they have a room available, they will be happy for the business.

The online booking system may not always be able to book  the previous day’s stay after the clock has passed midnight. But a good old phone can help you  in this situation.

However, keep in mind that even if you check in late one night, you will still need to wake up  at 11:00 the next morning for early check-out.

 Late check-in policy for major hotel brands

At Premier Inn, we recommend that you notify the hotel team  if you plan to arrive after 11:00 pm.

When Peter arrived at Travel Lodge in the UK, they said  the reception  was open 24 hours a day:

Private accommodation

Please be careful about something. Late check-in does not automatically mean that you can check out later.

Suppose you  booked a night in your hotel room on July 4th.

However, for some reason, I will not arrive until 3 am in the early morning of July 5.

You must check out at 11:00 am on July 5th.

If you arrive after midnight,  the date is clearly shifted to the next day. But as far as the hotel is concerned, it’s still a stay of the previous date.

You cannot check in at 1am on the 5th and stay for the 5th.Check-in on the 5th does not start until 3pm, and anyone who booked a room on the 4th may be sleeping in bed.


Therefore, check-in at 1 am on the 5th counts as late check-in on the  4th.

If you arrive one night late, you can request a late check-out. This may give you a few more hours of sleep. However, this is not guaranteed and  free late check-out is available only if the hotel can accommodate you.

Basically, courtesy, they arrange to clean your room  last and give you  a few  hours. Housekeeping staff will clean your hotel room between 11am and 3pm. If the  room is cleaned last, you may be able to check out later.

Not all hotels do this, and sometimes they  charge a fee.

 When will late check-in become early check-in?

There is no exact answer to this question, but it’s certainly less than a minute at midnight.

Also, it does not appear at 3 am.

The earliest I  heard about people who were allowed early check-in was at 7am.

As the sun rises and the next day’s shift begins, we can talk about early check-in.

Steph landed at 10am and probably went straight to her hotel.


Think of it this way.

The hotel wants to fill all the rooms to make a profit.

Theoretically, the  earliest time you can check in to a room is after the previous guest has checked out and the room has been cleaned.

Check-out time is 11:00 am so you can check in as soon as possible. Prior to that, it is considered a late check-in  the day before.

At certain hotels, you may be able to check in early and use the facilities on site without allowing access to your room.

There is no harm in asking.

Pools and fitness centres may be available while rooms are available.

If you arrive during the day, in most cases you will be able to stay in the lobby until check-in time.


You can  check in to the hotel very late only if someone is around to handle your arrival.

Please let us know your estimated time of arrival so that you can check in later.

The smaller the hotel, the more clearly and accurately the arrival time needs to be shown.

In large hotels, most of the time there is someone  around, but if you don’t call and let them know you’re arriving late, it’s marked as a no-show and the room could be sold to another guest.

If you book only  one night and  arrive very late, you may be shocked. Arriving overnight at 7am, we will depart in 4 hours!


Hopefully this will give you a better idea of ​​how late you can access your room to arrive at the hotel. Good trip!


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