How Many 3 oz Containers Or 3.4 oz Bottles Can You Bring On a Plane In Your Carry On Hand Luggage?

Liquids in hand baggage are prohibited by the TSA and other international airline security agencies.

However, it is unclear how many bottles or containers you are permitted to bring with you in your carry-on luggage.

This post seeks to provide some light on the issue.

How many plane-sized bottles can you bring?

It’s difficult to say how many bottles you can consume…

This is because there is no specific TSA limit on the amount of 3.4 oz bottles you may bring on a plane; nevertheless, all liquids must fit into one transparent toiletry bag.

In principle, that toiletry bag should be 1 gallon in size. You may bring as many containers as you can fit in the bag.

A quart is approximately 33 oz.

Many toiletry packs are larger than 1 quart in practise. For further information on the dimensions of quart-sized bags, see this post

To further complicate matters, people frequently use toiletry bags that are more like 1.5 quarts or around 50 oz. This is due to the fact that more durable toiletry bags include a gusset and some depth.

While technically they are big, TSA screening personnel will not blink unless you are carrying an exceptionally enormous toiletry bag.

If you try your luck and buy a toiletry bag with some depth, it will most likely pass through the TSA screening regardless. You might be able to utilise a bag that holds ten 3 oz travel containers.

But there is an issue with this question that you may not be aware of…

The Issue with 3.4 oz. containers or bottles and carry-on luggage

While 3.4 oz is the maximum capacity of any one bottle, it is not necessarily the optimum container to utilise.

Simply said, you don’t always need 100 mL or 3.4 oz of the substance you’re carrying on vacation.

Take, for example, eye cream. For most travels, 1 oz of eye cream is sufficient. You are wasting room in your toiletry bag if you bring 3.4 oz of eye cream. A 3.4 oz tube of eye cream might last you years.

Similarly, toothpaste. You don’t require 3.4 ounces for short excursions. It’s excessive.

3.4 oz of shampoo is enough for 10 washes of long hair or 20 washes of short hair.

If you’re simply going away for the weekend, 3.4 oz of shampoo is excessive.

I just created a piece with additional information about what 3.4 oz looks like and how much you need of various products on a daily basis.

Filling your own bottles with the quantity of product that you truly need is the ideal strategy for travel toiletry bottles and containers.

To do this, you will need to purchase a collection of various sized bottles and containers.

These will rapidly pay for themselves because refilling bottles is less expensive than purchasing pricy travel-size toiletries.

You’ll also be able to make the most of your one-quart liquids allowance.

This assortment of different-sized containers and bottles would make an excellent starting point:

In conclusion

The basic answer is that you can pack 6 or 7 3.4 ounce travel bottles in a quart size baggie.

You might be able to get away with 10 x 3 oz bottles in a 3-dimensional toiletry bag if you push the boundaries a little.

However, the most reasonable approach to carry toiletries is not to limit yourself to 3.4 oz bottles or containers. That’s a waste of room.

Purchase various sized containers and fill them with the exact amount of goods required.

It’s pointless to bring 20 days’ supply of shampoo if you’re only there for three nights!


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