​So you want to take your family out on a Vacation where they can all take a break from your stressful lives and enjoy their time. Well safe to say it is not as easy as it sounds, in fact planning the perfect family vacation can be very difficult.

Vacation house rentals can be much better than living out in hotels when staying with family. Here is how you can choose the perfect Family Vacation rental for your family.

Set Your Vacation Budget/rent first:

You can’t plan a vacation without having a proper budget, the first part of setting a budget is planning ahead. Setting a budget for a vacation is important to completely enjoy your vacations without having the fear of running out of cash. Besides, if you have your budget planned, you would know what places to explore & what places are like a forbidden fruit (too expensive/way out of budget) for you. This will manage your time as well as the expectations of your family. With the right budget, you can find the ideal location for yourself and your family whether it be a mountain view lodge or a beachside condo.

Maintenance is also an obvious must for every property whether it be your own primary residence or a vacation home that you decided to buy. However many people still underestimate just how much a budget can get strained just by getting the gutters cleaned out or getting those leaky faucets fixed in your new vacation residence every once in a while, and whether will you be able to make frequent trips to maintain the property yourself or will you hire someone to do it for you? All these factors need to be factored in when taking up the budgeting and financing responsibilities in vacation planning.

Pick a Location:

Let’s be honest, as a family, all of you would like to visit different places and would like to plan your respective vacation accordingly. But it’s important that you plan a trip where all of you can find activities to do and have fun together and de-stress from your daily life. Sitting down with the family and pooling all your ideas to find that perfect location that all of you are happy with is a great start and arguably a vital part of planning a family vacation.
Now that that is done and dusted, it’s time to decide if you should go for a pre-booking preemptively or book the resort at the time of your vacation. Pre-bookings usually are the best way to go if you want to reserve your resort without any sort of anxiety or hassle, however, it does become a pain if there can be last-minute changes to the plan.

Choosing the right amenities:

Amenities can be very important when it comes to deciding the perfect vacation resort. Do you want a place that has a sweet-smelling room for the kids or perhaps some hot tub relaxation for the adults, do you want a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for all your family barbeque needs or would you prefer to prioritize over other things and have a smaller indoor kitchen, it is very important to find the right vacation home that fits you and your family’s needs and wants so that you can make the most out of your little getaway!

Ask about entertainment:

If a vacation doesn’t have the right kind of entertainment, is it even a vacation? So ensure that you have the right channels or TV subscriptions. And all other recreational facilities are within reach and budget, this may include but is not limited to Cinemas, board games, restaurants, and museums as well as adequate and spacious parking space.

Do Your Homework:

To choose the perfect vacation home for the family, it is recommended to read online reviews and recommendations. Oftentimes people’s prior experience can help us choose better for ourselves. Moreover, reading reviews can help you to have an idea of places you want to spend your money. Reviews can help you discover underrated places and can help you identify the mainstream places. We would recommend you to especially read reviews if you have kids to be well-informed on safety, hygiene and how well the furniture is maintained.

Cancellation policies:

Look as much as we hate to say this, life is unpredictable. To be able to plan the perfect vacation and choose the perfect vacation home would be your utmost priority but you also need to realize that sometimes things can take a u-turn unexpectedly. In which case you need to consider cancellation policies when choosing the vacation home of your choice, do they require a security deposit? What is their return or cancellation policy? What’s their grace period and so on and so forth?

Take a step back:

Lastly and most importantly take a step back to breathe, planning a family vacation can be very fun and exciting, so make sure to enjoy it most importantly and don’t make impulsive and brash decisions going with a property you might love at first but later come to regret the purchase, it’s better to take time and do due diligence research on the Vacation home you and your family want to buy, and it’s better to pass on something that doesn’t feel right rather than regretting the decision at a later date.

Good luck house hunting, we wish you the very best of luck!

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