living in an RV with kids

5 Adventures of Living in an RV with Kids

A journey in a camper van, RV, or trailer park is always filled with adventure, but is it the same while living in an RV with kids? The journey is not as smooth as a pie but has some unexpected turns.
living in an RV with kids
These turns do sting your patience a bit, but the experience is worth it in the end. The journey as a whole will provide happy memories, laughter, and quality time to your family. Most ask questions are answered in the end.

Living in an RV with Kids

Kids have a whole life ahead of growth, development, and things to pick for personality and traits. Thus, living in a camper van with the family will surely affect them.

But, the most common things you shall experience are written below:

Water Usage

Living with kids at home and enjoying the water pressure, games, and household chores with warm water were taken for granted. But now, living in an RV with kids can make you feel grateful for many things.

Water pressure in RV is not much compared to a regular household. Thus, you have to be careful every time. You need filters or purified water to drink in a limited amount stored in the camper.

You also store water for daily usage for different tasks. Thus, the limited supply does make you mindful.

I know it does not provide the ideal comfort, but it does teach kids to be mindful of their resources and environment. Thus, I will give this experience a five-star rating.

Lack of Privacy

Privacy is next to non-existent while living in an RV with kids. You will barely get any free time with your partner. But living in a camper ground with other families also takes away privilege or privacy.

living in an RV with kids

RV or a camper van is not exactly built to conceal sounds. Thus, your kid’s breakdown or noises will easily reach neighboring families.

The good thing is they can help your family living in an RV by entertaining, making food, and giving you solutions.


kids need education and knowledge to strive, survive and decide to be better human beings. Thus, education comes with hands-on experience while living in a camper with kids.

living in an RV with kids

You get to see various cities and experience seasons, cultures, languages, and people. This adventure will make your kids ask questions about right, wrong, heritage, and social norms.

So, informal education in the environment and formal homeschooling make the experience perfect for kids. Collectively, it makes them more mature and insightful about the world.

Appreciating Time

The best and worst thing about living in an RV with kids is- you don’t know where you end up next. The next city can fill your heart and soul with love but can also teach you some life lessons.

So, before pulling out your camper van and heading to the next station, your heart admires the beauty around you and sees people with delight.

You develop the habit of gratitude, compassion, and appreciation for the environment.

living in an RV with kids

If you do feel overwhelmed by these thoughts, take some time with kids and meditate to let the worries go. Meditation also helps in grounding yourself when you are moving a lot in an RV.


Organizing with kids is challenging at home, but in a camper, van is next to impossible. But living in such a small space can provide you with patience, minimalism, and decluttering habits.

living in an RV with kids

As your kids have to be mindful of selecting the right things for adjusting in confined spaces. It also gives you a task to check their routines, make them clean the RV, and help them organize the whole interior van.

Thus, as a family living in Rv to save money I also get to teach my children some useful habits.


Can you live in an RV full-time with kids?

Living in an RV full-time with kids is possible and can be the best decision of your life. But it does have a fair share of adjustments to it.

What are the negatives of living in an RV with kids?

Fatigues, lack of privacy and space, and a proper routine are some of the top cons of living in an RV with kids.


1. Make sure you choose the right RV for your family size and needs. Consider factors like sleeping arrangements, storage space, and traveling distance.

2. Create a routine that works for your family’s lifestyle. RV living can be unpredictable, so having a plan will help you stay organized and reduce stress.

3. Find activities and experiences that the whole family can enjoy. RV living offers many opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.

4. Stay connected with family and friends. Keeping in touch with loved ones can help you feel grounded and supported, especially during times of stress.

5. Embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Living in an RV with kids means you have limited space, so it’s best to keep only what you need and value the most.

6. Be flexible and open-minded. RV living can come with unexpected challenges and changes in plans, so being adaptable is essential.

7. Finally, don’t forget to have fun! living in an RV with kids can offer a unique and exciting lifestyle for families, so make sure to enjoy the journey.

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