9 Sexy Ways to Spend the Perfect Summer Vacation in a Vacation Home

perfect summer vacation in a vacation home

There is no better time to bring the family closer than a perfect summer vacation in a vacation home. Whether you are spending your summer vacation in your city or outside your city or country, planning the ideal vacation isn’t an easy task. There is just a lot to plan for everyone in the family so planning a vacation that is doable and enjoyable for everyone can be back-breaking. To help, here are some ideas to plan the perfect summer vacation in a vacation home.


There is a reason why binge-watching is at the top of our lists. In this new age, nothing brings one closer than binge-watching movies or series. So whether you are going on a vacation alone for an escape or to find yourself, or you are going with your family or friends, binge-watching is the way to go.

Binge-watching each other’s favourite movies or series or even documentaries can tell so much about the person. Watching nostalgic movies/series in your pyjamas together or alone in a vacation home can be the perfect way to spend your summer vacation.


Is there anything better than taking the most relaxing bath ever?

To spend the perfect summer vacation in the vacation home of your dreams, all you need is to light up some scented candles, put a bath bomb or some rose petals or whatever you like that can give your senses a calming and relaxing experience.

You can read your favourite novel or listen to some relaxing music and let the water take away all the stress from your body and nerves. And if you are with a beloved, then there is nothing sexier than taking a relaxing bath together.

Arts and crafts

This might sound a little odd, but connecting to your artistic side is how you plan the perfect summer vacation in a vacation home. If you like arts and crafts then you know exactly what to do and how to do it. But even if you are someone who thinks they don’t have an artistic side, we suggest that you give painting a try.

Just splashing random colours on a cardboard or doodling absolute junk can be a great stress-buster and a very fun activity to do in your vacation home alone or with your family or friends.


You can still have a spa date with yourself or your beloved or friends in a vacation house. If you don’t want to leave your house, you can search for spa centres that provide service at home and you can have that luxurious and relaxing spa without having to leave your home.


If you are a reader, you know there is nothing more pleasing than delving into a great book. There is a misconception that people don’t read on vacations. In fact, the best time to connect with yourself can be on a vacation while delving into a great book alone or with someone. So pack your books and lighten up your lamps and delve into your TBR pile to spend the perfect summer vacation in a vacation home.

If you are not a reader, then this summer vacation can be the perfect opportunity for you to dive into books. You can explore the bookstores around the city and discover your favourite genre, it’s even more fun with a friend or loved one. You can discover each other tastes in books, and have great conversations around books and reading together can be the perfect plan for you to spend summer vacations without leaving your summer house.


There is no better activity if you want to go a little tech-free. Crocheting with friends or family can knit the bond of love greatly. All you have to do is to pack the yarn and all the essentials required. It can be really fun to crochet cute tops, hats or cardigans for each other.

You can do this alone too for a therapeutic experience and have the time of your life spending the perfect summer vacation in a summer home. Or as a family or a couple, you can crochet for each other some really cute or fun things. Let crocheting be the thing this summer that shows your loved ones that you care deeply and know them greatly.

Planning Outfits

This may sound like the most eccentric idea on this list and maybe it is. If you want to get a full vacation feeling without leaving your vacation home this summer, one fun thing you can do is experiment with your outfits. I know, this is not for everyone here but for those of you who like to dress up for fun and take cute pictures.

This can be a really fun activity whether you do it alone or with friends. You can surprise each other with the most bizarre outfit styling and have fun with it. Or you can all pack the most extra outfit for a fun photoshoot as a family. Not only will this elevate creativity and mood, but it can also help you make great memories.

perfect summer vacation in a vacation home


To plan the perfect summer vacation in a summer home, you can do nothing and go tech-free at least for a little while enjoying your stay in a vacation home. You can reconnect with your body, mind and soul by journaling or meditating. You can do this alone, as well as with your family or friends and can build a solid bond without having to leave your home on vacations.

Go Outside

This an odd suggestion on how to plan the perfect summer vacation in a vacation home, but going out of your vacation home doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have to spend money. You can go out on cute picnic dates with your partner or family or even alone.

You can spend time on reflecting things in your life and play outdoor games or go by the lake and just enjoy the glory of nature. You can also explore local bookstores or museums and art galleries and take pictures and makes memories there and have a fun time arranging all the polaroids in your vacation home.

As you can see, there are many ways to plan a perfect summer vacation in a vacation home. All you need to do is to have an open mind to try out some fun and weird things alone or with your loved ones and make a lot of good memories.

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