Standard Luggage Sizes? – A Guide To Typical Suitcase Dimensions & Average Measurements

Have you ever wondered why a reference to a package size usually gives only  one Adimension?

People talk about “30-inch suitcases” or “25-inch luggage,” but measurements alone do not tell you how big a suitcase is.


Recall that young children are unaware that tall, thin glasses do not always contain more juice than short, thick glasses.

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Jimmy is fooled because the tall container looks just big to him.  As adults, we know that the height alone does not tell us how much juice is in a glass.

However, in sufficient developmental psychology, it is important that the size of the luggage is  the same, and to know the capacity of the suitcase, we need to know the three dimensions of height, width and depth.


These measurements are also important for airline size limits.

If the manufacturer describes a suitcase as “checked baggage,” it does not necessarily fall under the airline’s checked baggage size limit. Travelers are always faced with oversized checked baggage charges.

The same applies to the “baggage” label. Many bags marked as carry-on baggage make little sense as they can land at the cost of being forced to check if they are an inch too large.

Therefore, do not trust the label. Also, don’t assume that you can store more clothes by packing a bag with a higher heading number.



 Average suitcase size chart by type (dimensions and capacity)

Luggage manufacturers  always count wheels and are not always based on specifications. The airline counts the wheels and the stowed handles! Therefore, this luggage size chart measures the luggage dimensions from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the folded handle.

Personal belongings & luggage under the seat


Personal belongings are usually handbags, handbags, briefcases, or laptop bags that are carried on board in addition to baggage.

However, low-cost carriers such as Spirit, Frontier, and United Basic Economy no longer allow free carry-on baggage, making personal belongings a place to pack  clothes to save money.



Personal belongings should be small enough to fit under the seat. Check with your airline for slot limits on personal belongings.

Weekend bags often fit under the seat and, as the name implies, are suitable for  a couple of nights.

However, if you follow the tips on moving lights, you can travel a longer vacation with just one personal item. Basically, you need to pack quick-drying clothes and be ready to wash your hands a little.

 International carry-on baggage size

When traveling abroad, carry-on baggage restrictions may vary significantly. The size of carry-on baggage suitable for overseas travel is 21x14x8 inches. These measurements are compliant with many airlines around the world. If you know the airline you are using, you can check the size limits for international carry-on baggage before traveling.

When traveling the world, make sure you have little carry-on baggage. Airlines around the world often have restrictions on the weight of carry-on baggage.

 Domestic carry-on baggage size


The most common domestic carry-on baggage size limit  is 22x14x9 inches. There is no  reason to buy large carry-on baggage for domestic travel unless you fly only in the southwest.

Carry-on baggage is ideal for business trips, short trips and weekend trips. Bringing your baggage into the cabin saves time by eliminating the need to wait in the baggage  carousel.

Locking the bag in the cabin also makes it easy to prevent the bag from being lost or damaged.

However, carry-on baggage can be a bit stressful due to the limited space in the overhead compartment. Priority boarding helps if you arrive at the overhead lockers before the crowds.

 Small check bag


Small checked baggage is always oversized carry-on baggage. Manufacturers often “forget” to count  wheels and protruding handles. That may mean that a strict airline will force you to check that bag.

Alternatively, you may prefer a baggage check-in experience. When you don’t have to worry about packing your suitcase in the overhead compartment, it’s easy to fly.

Medium check bag


The maximum size of checked baggage is often estimated at 62 linear inches. This means that the combined height + width + depth must not exceed 62.

I often wonder how a medium-sized check suitcase compares to a large check suitcase.

Seems like a reasonable question. How much space does a 25-inch suitcase have compared to a 32-inch suitcase?

But remember the story about juice. Dimensions do not help determine the size of the case. The higher it is, the larger it is not necessarily.

The suitcase with the largest checked baggage capacity is actually  a full 20.66 “x 20.66” x 20.66 “cube. This box is below the 62 linear inch limit and has a capacity of 144 liters.

This very large 32-inch hold luggage of IT luggage is exactly 62  inches and has a capacity of only 90 liters. This is much less than a perfect cube.


The capacity of the bag is not just the height. The width, depth and thick part of the bag all play a big role.

  Large Checked Bags

Given the rectangular nature of most suitcases, 32 inches is about as high as they come. The largest check bag ranges from 28 to 32 inches.

For large widths and depths, a 28-inch suitcase can hold a suitcase larger than 32 inches.

A 20-inch suitcase can hold a suitcase larger than 32 inches. See cube above.

For large check bags in this area, the 3D sum should not exceed 62 linear inches.

You are also more likely to reach your weight limit. It is always best to weigh your luggage, as this can result in high penalties.

 22-inch, 25-inch, & 30-inch Luggage Bag Sizes Visually Compared

all right. Online shopping can be a daunting task, and sometimes you just want to see it. There were four shared suitcases  next to them.

But if you really want to know  the size of your suitcase, you need to do some calculations.


 Suitcase size calculator

Don’t worry, I’ve done the calculations for you!

The model assumes a case thickness of 0.5 inches. We also assume that you need 10 liters for  toiletries,  shoes, laptops, etc.

The remaining capacity is used to calculate the number of days  of clothing that fits in each  bag size, depending on the season.


 How big is a large suitcase?

The standard size for large suitcases is 30 to 32 inches high. Add up the three dimensions to see if you are under 62 and certify as checked baggage.

What are the typical dimensions of a medium-sized suitcase?

Medium check suitcases are about 25-26 inches.

How many suitcases do you need?

The answer really depends on whether you are willing to do the laundry. If you don’t intend to do the laundry and will be away for days, you will need a large check suitcase. When you’re ready to wash your clothes, you can quickly wash the quick-drying fabric in the evening and  dry it in the morning. Even long trips can be done with  small baggage.

How many liters of carry-on baggage?

Carry-on baggage suitcases typically hold approximately 35-40 liters.

How big is a 25 inch suitcase?  

The size of the 25 inch suitcase depends on the other two dimensions. Use the suitcase capacity calculator on this page to find the capacity in liters.

How big is a 29-inch suitcase? 

Multiply by 3 dimensions to get the size in cubic inches. Then convert cubic inches to liters.

How big is a 28-inch suitcase?

A 28-inch suitcase is the same height as a side-by-side $ 4.5 bill. However, to know how much clothing you can pack, you need to know all three dimensions.

How big is a 62-inch suitcase?

A 62-inch suitcase is about the size of a teenager. The 62 LINEAR inch suitcase can be of various heights. The total of 3 dimensions should be 62 inches. For example, 32 x 20 x 10 inches.

How many cubic meters is a large suitcase?

28.3 liters per cubic foot. Large suitcases can be up to 4 cubic feet.

What size  suitcase do you need in 10 days? 

Well … is it hot or cold where you go? Do I need a different sweater every day or can I wear the same sweater twice? Do you just pack your clothes or do you need a laptop and 6 pairs of shoes? The size of the suitcase you need for 10 days depends on the weight and amount of clothes you wear each day. Divide the capacity of  your suitcase  by the liters you think are worth a day’s clothes.

What size  suitcase do you need in 2 weeks?

Are you  wearing shorts or jeans? Is it size XXL or small? To determine the size of your suitcase, you  need  to find out how big a bunch of clothes can be in a liter in a day.

Can you imagine a day’s worth of clothing wrapped in a 2 liter soda bottle? 14 days x 2 liters means that you need 28 liters for your clothes. Then add laptops, toiletries, and  shoes to fit the total capacity you need.


The Verdict

It is not possible to judge the size of a suitcase  only in one dimension.

To figure out the capacity off


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