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10 Best Tips for Stationary RV Living | Bonus Tip

Full-time stationary RV living is not for everyone and not as easy too. It requires some patience and adaptability from you. But, in return, it does provide the experience and adventure to your life.

Nowadays, people are attracted more and more toward the life of RV. According to statistics, 9 million people in the USA own an RV. The number is not decreasing anytime soon.

Full-time Stationary RV Living Tips

if you’re considering stationary RV living in 2023, a few tips can help you make the most of this unique lifestyle. Here are the top 10 full time  stationary RV living tips in 2023:

10. Establish a Routine

This is one of the challenges of living in an RV with kids or family. Establishing a routine can help you maintain a sense of normalcy and structure in your daily life.

Set a regular schedule for things like

  • Meal times
  • Exercise
  • Work

and stick to it as much as possible. This schedule will help you to adapt to discipline in life.

Establishing a good and healthy routine will also help you with managing stress, anxiety, or other self-help skills. In addition, it’s a great way to adapt to the life of an RV and its surrounding.

9. Invest in Storage Solutions

Limited space is one of the biggest challenges of stationary RV living, so investing in storage solutions is essential. Look for creative ways to maximize storage space, such as installing shelves or using storage containers that can be stowed away when not used.

You can also look for furniture that contains storage options or beds and tables that pull out. These things will keep your environment minimal and provides more space for use.

If you are wondering how to prepare for full-time stationary RV living than, you have to invest in the storage furniture.

Some Tips:

  1. Label containers for each item to refrain from cluttering
  2. Instead of using big decorations, buy small that stick to the walls
  3. Hang your toiletries on the bathroom rod to save space

8. Make the Most of Outdoor Space

Even if your RV is small, you can still enjoy the outdoors. Make the most of your outdoor space by setting up a comfortable seating area or creating a small garden.

This can help you feel more connected to nature and create a sense of homey ambiance. You can also have frequent picnics and bar-be-cues with friends over at your home. Thus, you dont feel left out during stationary RV living.

7. Make Friends

Stationary RV living tends to make you a bit lonely. Thus, staying connected with friends and other stationary RV people is essential.

Make use of technology to stay in touch with loved ones, and consider joining

  • RV clubs
  • Online communities
  • Facebook groups

to connect with other stationary RV dwellers.

Fellow RVers can give you great advice to improve the experience. They can also help you with setting up a perfect camper van for your use.

6. Stay Flexible

Finally, staying flexible is essential for successful stationary RV living. Be open to new experiences, and embrace the unexpected challenges and opportunities that come with this unique lifestyle.

With a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt, stationary RV living can be an advantageous and fulfilling way of life. These things below might help with your transition:

  • A distracting and calming hobby
  • Writing and reading
  • Brainstorming ideas

5. Pick the Right Location

Location is vital when it comes to stationary RV living. Choose a safe, convenient location that offers the amenities you need. This can result in pros and cons of stationary RV living. As, location can affect your whole routinee

Look for RV parks or campgrounds with laundry facilities, grocery stores, and other nearby essential services. Primarily the rent of RV parks and camper grounds decreases when you make a deal with them for a long-time.

You can also ask a friend for a spare garage, a parking space, or other feasible locations to your working place. Again, the right location can help you in avoiding the hassle of cops, laws, and the general public.

4.Be Organized

Staying organized is vital to maintaining a clutter-free living space in a stationary RV living. Create a system for organizing clothes, food, and other essentials, and make sure to put things away after use.

Your RV will feel like a home if you are not organized. But, to make it home, you have to accept the challenges and tasks it comes up with.

Here are things you can do to make it work:

  • Buy things that take up less space with more features
  • Put things in place before going to bed.
  • Assign duties to every RV member.
  • Label compartments for each item.
  • Use to-do/checklists.

3. Learn to Cook in Small Spaces

Cooking in a small space can be challenging but essential for successful stationary RV living. Invest in compact kitchen tools and appliances, and learn to cook simple, healthy meals that require minimal prep and cleanup.

You can opt out of Al-fresco cooking during the summer and hot weather. It will avoid many heat and smoke traps inside the RV and give you breathing space.

Also, if you love to cook, then opt out for pull-out kitchens as they are easy to use, provide space, and give more cooking freedom.

2. Embrace Minimalism

Stationary RVers requires embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Learn to live with less and focus on what truly matters, such as experiences, relationships, and personal growth.

This life requires a lot more than minimalism, including patience, hard work, and passion for work and life.

Thus, to live a happy and healthy life in a stationary RV, you would have to adapt to things and buy a lot less than a usual household.

1. Choose the Right RV

The first step to successful full time RV life is choosing the right RV. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and living requirements when selecting an RV.

Make sure to choose an RV that is comfortable and spacious enough to meet your needs while also being easy to maintain and operate.

This RV will be your home for as long as you want. Thus, analyze everything before buying or renting an RV. There are also many camper van interior ideas for you to look into and customize the van accordingly.

Be mindful and make a checklist like this to buy RV of your dreams:

Bonus Tip:

Set up your Mail:
Getting mail in an RV is not an easy task. Thus, you can do the following things to keep your mail services intact:

  1. Give a friend’s address for receiving mail.
  2. Try mail services special for RV users.
  3. Write the address for your workplace.

To know more, read this: how to get mail when living in an RV

Quick Takeaway:

Stationary RV living is a way of life that is not easy for everyone, but it indeed provides a worthwhile experience. It gives you time to reflect on life, collect thoughts and develop a passion for life. It does come with challenges, but these tips will help you in the long run.

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