The Best Rain Poncho For Hiking, Backpacking Or Travel

In Summary: In 2019 I again explored lightweight waterproof rain guards and I pick the Charles River Pacific as the best waterproof rain guard to pack in your portable luggage.

While there are more successful rain coats available I found the Charles River was the best travel rain guard for portable folks like me.

It won on the grounds that:

  • It’s the perfect weight
  • It keeps you and your rucksack dry
  • It’s accessible in colors other than green!

A significant part of the rain guard market is overwhelmed by survivalists and military sorts which is a pity since they are an extraordinary thing to remember for your carryon pressing rundown. I wish more travel organizations made rain coats and there were more popular waterproof rain guard choices.

Flexibility is the way to extraordinary travel garments and a hooded downpour rain guard is an exceptionally valuable and flexible thing to have in your sack.Peruse on to figure out more about why rain coats are marvelous how to find the one you ought to purchase.

Presentation: What’s So Good About A Travel Poncho?

Brilliant voyagers are continuously attempting to shave weight off their pack and a waterproof downpour rain coat is one method for doing that.

A sweater + rainproof rain guard is more flexible than a cumbersome downpour coat since you can wear your sweater or your rain coat independently.

Flexibility and layers are the keys to decreasing the heaviness of your sack.

I like rain coats even contrasted with sleeved lightweight jackets (or cagoules as the British call them) on the grounds that a rain guard is not difficult to get on in a rush.

On the off chance that you get found out in a downpour shower it’s not difficult to whip a rain guard out of your day pack and be safeguarded from the downpour in not more than seconds.

In like manner, a woolen rain guard (like Clint could wear) is additionally an extremely flexible thing to pack.

In the event that you are a rain guard fan I’d suggest pressing both a woolen rain coat and a waterproof rain guard in your lightweight suitcase.

A decent downpour rain guard can offer an insurance to your lower half as well as keeping your top half dry…

Furthermore, the best downpour rain coats will try and cover a knapsack so your things don’t get wet.

A few Ponchos can descend underneath the knee so you might plunk down on a wet seat in the event that you need.

With everything taken into account… a downpour rain guard is a truly convenient thing for an explorer, climber or hiker to convey.

Huge waterproof downpour rain coats:


  • Won’t break like an umbrella
  • Can keep you dry underneath the abdomen as well
  • Can keep your knapsack dry

However, on the disadvantage:


  • You could turn out to be too blistering in sticky environments

At A Glance: Our Picks For The Best Rain Poncho

  • Land Hiker Rain Poncho
  • Charles River Pacifi c
  • Frogg Toggs Poncho
  • Snugpak Patrol Poncho
  • Mil-Tec
  • JTENG Poncho
  • Kasu Waterproof Ponchos

How To Choose A Rain Poncho?

It’s simpler to purchase a downpour rain coat online than a downpour coat since you needn’t bother with to be so exact with measuring. For the most part, rain guards have a “one size fits all” approach.

A rain guard is normally something you don’t wear for significant stretches of time. They don’t inhale well and can make you sweat. Remember this before you spend huge on something that you seldom wear for over 10 minutes all at once.

Downpour Poncho versus Umbrella

The rain coat truly contends more with the umbrella than the downpour coat. A downpour rain coat resembles an umbrella that you wear. It opens up your hands which is perfect in the event that you want them for another reason. What’s more, it won’t blow away in the breeze or get broken and quit opening.

They can frequently pack more modest than an umbrella as well and work better against the disturbing precipitation that will not fall straight down and comes at you sideways.

Then again, you have essentially a possibility keeping the downpour off your face with an umbrella however your face will in any case get wet with a rain coat, except if you get a major one and stow away under it!

Highlights To Look Out For

On the off chance that it’s breezy downpour rain coats can get found out in the breeze and fly up. This can doubly irritate. First in light of the fact that in spite of putting the rain guard on you are getting wet. Second since it can fly up and insult you. Your wet saturated, cantankerous face.

Assuming you really do go down the rain coat course and you expect to involve it in blustery circumstances make a point to get one with snap terminations under the arms. This will assist with keeping the rain guard from getting the breeze and beating you around the face.

Likewise search for one with a drawstring to fix the rain guard around your face. This will stop the water getting inside and running down your neck.

The right rain guard for you will rely on how you goal to utilize it:

Instances Of Good Rain Ponchos For Different Uses:


  • Best Poncho For Walking or Hiking – If you are climbing a rain coat can accomplish something other than stop you getting wet. It can frame a crisis tent sanctuary, or you can extend it on the ground like a ground-sheet. Attempt the Anyoo for strolling or climbing.
  • Best Poncho For Bicycling – When you are cycling in the downpour the turning wheels can cause you to get wet quick. This 4ucycling rain coat has an extra lengthy back to stop you getting sprinkled. On the other hand really take a look at the SudaTek in the event that you need a rain guard with relective strips for street wellbeing.
  • Best Poncho For Toddlers or Small Kids – Ponchos are a particularly extraordinary thought for little youngsters who don’t necessarily in every case collaborate when they need to get into a downpour coat. A genuine model would be the SaphiRose.
  • Best Poncho For Backpacking – This Globotrekker rain coat has been uncommonly intended to permit you to cover your body as well as your rucksack as well.
  • Best Poncho For Wheelchair Users – Wheelchair clients need an exceptional plan of rain guard that is sufficiently wide to cover both their body and the wheelchair. This Comfort Finds rain coat is uncommonly intended for that reason.
  • Best Poncho For Festivals – At a celebration you would rather not be moving or bopping alongside your downpour coat on, yet unexpected storms could mean you get drenched. Be ready with an expendable rain guard so you can keep the party shaking! Clear Harbor make a multi-hued pack.

We should investigate individual rain guard brands.

Land Hiker Rain Poncho Review

The Terra Hiker comes in four distinct tones: armed force green, blue, dull blue, and orange.

Be cautious with the dim blue assortment in light of the fact that the photograph plainly doesn’t look dull blue. Certain individuals have purchased this choice and not been content with the variety.

It weighs around 11 oz which implies it’s genuinely packable, it won’t take up a colossal measure of room in your knapsack or carryon.

The rain guard is a 86.6″ x 57″ square shape when it’s unfurled. It utilizes velcro lashes to close the sides.

Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho Review

The Charles River Pacifi c Poncho is an immensely well known waterproof rain guard and justifiably.

It comes in 14 distinct tones and with an extraordinary little stockpiling pocket. The pocket is approximately 12 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches, it weighs around 1 lb and the situation takes up under a liter of room in your sack.

It’s sufficiently long to cover your knees when situated regardless of whether you are tall. You could without much of a stretch stuff this rain coat into your tote in the event of crises.

If your have a knapsack and it’s not excessively large this rain guard will likewise cover your rucksack to safeguard your things and keep them dry.

It accompanies a hood with drawstrings for keeping your head dry.

The Charles River is lightweight yet not so lightweight it resembles those dispensable plastic rain coats. It’s intended to keep going for quite a while.

Frogg Toggs Outer Ware Poncho Review

The Frogg Toggs rain coat is a lighter choice than the Charles River however again being disposable is not implied.

The Frogg Toggs is unobtrusively evaluated however it’s a move forward from expendable rain coats.

For portable explorers, the way that it’s extremely lightweight is a special reward. It’s simply going to add 8.8 oz to your portable weight.

In the event that you are going to a gentle environment you can skirt taking a coat out and out however keep a lightweight rain guard helpful for good measure of any unexpected storms.



  • Just 8.8 oz so it’s actual light.



  • The material is slender and could be penetrated without any problem

Snugpak Patrol Poncho Review

The Snugpak Patrol Poncho is an extraordinary choice for bigger folks and even fits folks up to 300 lbs.

Truly however… this isn’t exactly a rain guard since it has sleeves. It’s more similar to a major cagoule yet that is no terrible thing.

The primary negative is that it’s somewhat overrated for what it is. The Charles River is better worth at a superior cost.

On The Plus Side:


  • It very well may be compacted minuscule
  • An extraordinary hefty size downpour rain guard choice
  • 33 oz

Be that as it may…


  • No abdomen string
  • Can’t be opened up and utilized as a sheet
  • Short in the arms for tall individuals

Mil-Tec Poncho Review

The Mil-Tec is made in Germany and made to a better quality than Chinese rain guards.

Mil-sleuth makes military=style rain guard downpour gear and to military-grade. I surmise Mil-Tec is short for Military Technology.

How this affects the relaxed portable voyager is that it’s not extremely sleek yet it truly takes care of business!

On the off chance that you travel with costly workstations or camera gear, this will slip over your rucksack and protect your stuff.

It ships from Ireland so it will require an investment to get to you yet it will likely merit the stand by.

The reasons this rain guard didn’t win my top pick was on the grounds that it just comes in military green and for a carry-on just voyager fixated on weight it’s 7.5 oz heavier than the Charles River Pacific.

However, in the event that that doesn’t annoy you this may be the one to get.

For “best rain guard” it’s the champ yet for “best travel rain coat” it runs second spot.

JTENG Poncho Review

The spooky looking JTENG Poncho is another tactical style rain coat accessible in disguise or green.

Tragically this is most likely too weighty to possibly be a helpful portable rain coat. It’s 1.8 lbs and for me that is getting to the stage where the fabulous advantages of a movement rain guard are out weighed by the adverse consequences of the weight.

The JTENG is an extraordinary rain coat and exceptionally evaluated yet for carry on explorers isn’t not the one to go for.

That and the way that their showcasing could give me bad dreams!

Ultralight Poncho – The Emergency Rain Poncho Or Festival Poncho

These Kasu Water Ponchos are a hooded downpour rain coat intended to assist with unexpected storms that you could experience where you would rather not be conveying a full coat.

While you could call this a dispensable rain guard they are really intended to be utilized at least a couple of times. They are made with thick premium polyethylene that won’t tear assuming you are cautious with it. Assuming it tears… well it was extremely modest and you get 5 of these reusable downpour rain guards in the pack.

It’s a full body rain coat however it’s incredibly light-weight so it suits those that like to pack and travel with as little luggage as possible. They are little so they are handily stuffed in a satchel or even a pocket and on the off chance that you experience an unforeseen deluge you’ll very much love to have it with you.

You can purchase the clear variant so that individuals can in any case anything that snappy outfit you are wearing under. So might these transparent downpour capes at any point be viewed as the most elegant downpour rain coat decision? I’ll pass on that to the style specialists to choose.

On the disadvantage, it’s anything but a thick downpour rain coat and it will do nothing to assist with keeping you warm like a wool lined downpour rain coat would.

If you have any desire to travel with as little luggage as possible maybe one of these as well as a sweater would supplant taking a weighty overcoat. Obviously, it relies upon where on earth you are going.



  • The lightest downpour rain coat choice
  • Extraordinary for ultralight pressing
  • Modest



  • Shaky material fundamentally like a plastic pack
  • You could accidently tear the material

Do You Agree That Ponchos Rock For Travelers?

That is all there is to it for our interpretation of the best downpour rain coats with our typical travel orientated curve.

Indeed, it’s valid, a snazzy downpour rain coat is more uncommon than a unicorn sitting on top of a flying pig. Nike fiddled with rain guards however they were not waterproof rain guards. Be that as it may, don’t be put off by the semi military styling, promoting, and survivalist vibe.

Rain coats are still truly great for explorers I commitment and there are a couple of cool rain guards out there.

Actually you presumably won’t have to wear these frequently and assuming you do you will be so happy to have it you won’t think often about style and what you look like!

I accept a downpour rain coat would one say one is of the best things a voyager can add to their pressing rundown, particularly in the event that you do a touch of climbing, yet what is your take? Tell me in the remarks )

Here is a little ASMR from ‘Rain guard Man’ in the event that you are into something like that!


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