The Best Travel Soap Case, Dish, Bag or Container

Nobody likes mushy, gunky soap staining their clothes.

However, while travelling, a bar of soap is generally the finest cleaner to bring.

A travel soap container or backpack is the solution. They’re great for travelling and may even be used to transport a bar of soap to the gym or sports club, but not all of them are made equal.

At, we examine a lot of travel goods and believe that the soap container is an underestimated travel item.

This post examines what’s available and selects what we believe to be the greatest product.

Packing a Soap Bar vs. Body Wash or Shower Gel

What you use at home is a matter of personal taste.

However, there is a compelling reason to bring soap in a soap holder rather than body wash or shower gel while travelling.

Because body wash is a liquid, it is subject to the TSA liquids restriction, which means you may only bring travel-size bottles in your carry-on luggage.

A bar of soap is solid and does not fall under the liquids rule. As a result, you do not need to include a solid soap bar in your quart-sized baggie when passing through the TSA security checkpoint.

You may bring as many soap bar cases as you like in your luggage, and shampoo bars function just as well as their liquid equivalents. And a bar of laundry soap allows you to wash your underwear at the hotel sink, reducing the number of garments you need to bring.

By substituting solids for liquids, you may make packing carry-on luggage much easier.

A bar of soap also lasts far longer than a bottle of body wash. A travel-size bottle of shower gel should last me two showers, while a bar of soap can last me weeks.

A bar of soap also lasts far longer than a bottle of body wash. A travel-size bottle of shower gel should last me two showers, while a bar of soap can last me weeks.

All of this implies that packing soap is a good idea while travelling, but you’ll need a portable soap dish or, at the absolute least, a ziplock bag to keep your clothing from becoming wet from the soap bar.

What Characteristics Characterize a Good Travel Soap Dish?

Although it may appear to be a basic product, there are few things that a travel soap bag must perform effectively.

A decent soap case for travel:


  • Safeguards Your Soap Bar – It is critical to allow soap to dry after usage. If a bar of soap is left wet for too long, it becomes squishy and mushy.
  • It does not leak! – You take a fast shower and then quickly pack to prepare to check into your lodging. Your soap bar will still be wet, and you’d best hope your travel soap case doesn’t leak or you’ll end up with muck all over your bag.
  • Is the Correct Dimension – Your soap container must be large enough to hold your soap bars. Make sure your soap holder is the proper size to contain the bar of soap you want to bring while not taking up too much room in your backpack.
  • Isn’t Too Heavy – We want to travel light, therefore we don’t want a soap case that adds unneeded weight to our bag.

If you don’t have a portable soap dish, you may always use a plastic ziplock bag as a soap bag. The difficulty with this is that the soap quickly turns mushy and dirty.

The following travel soap cases are all available on Amazon; if you buy, we gain a tiny fee, but it has no bearing on the price you pay.

Soap Bar Matador FlatPak Bag

Matador soap bags are constructed of water-repellent material. This implies that any splashes are not absorbed by the bag.

Because the fabric is permeable, if your soap bar is moist when you put it in the bag, it will be dry when you take it out the following time.

This portable soap container is popular among frequent travellers. It comes in handy when packing.


The bag’s shape prevents muck from getting on your clothes while allowing the soap bar to dry.


It was difficult to get the soap into and out of the bag. Because it is not a soap case, it cannot be used as a soap dish or soap holder in the shower.

The Carry-Dri makes a number of bold promises. A non-leaking plastic soap container with vents? That cannot be feasible.

Nonetheless, it appears that they have succeeded. Many people choose this soap dish for travel since it is vented, preventing their soap bar from becoming soggy while also preventing water from dripping into their clothes.

If you’ve just taken a shower, it’s a good idea to keep this in an exterior pocket of your luggage just in case. Any drips that did escape the container would evaporate fast as a result.


It is ventilated so that your bar of soap may dry.

Water will not get on your clothing.


It will still become filthy inside the case, and you will need to wash it from time to time.

The container is much larger than the soap bar it carries.

Box for Kiasona Travel Soap

The Kiasona is a hard plastic soap box that accommodates a standard-sized soap bar.

The supplied band provides additional assurance so the case will not open accidentally, however it might be difficult to put on and take off.

Inside the casing is a sponge designed to drain moisture away from the soap bar so that it keeps its form.


It is airtight and doesn’t leak.


Regardless of the sponge, the soap bar might decay and get a little mushy.

Using the Portable Soap Save

The Puting brand of soap dishes is a less expensive choice. You may acquire a set of four soap dishes for the same amount that other merchants charge for one.

This makes it an excellent choice if you intend to bring more than one bar of soap on your vacation, such as a shampoo bar or a laundry bar.

It’s also cost-effective if your travelling companion need a soap case as well.


Multipack at a discount


They do not shut completely (although some people might view this as a pro)

Last Thoughts

Personal choice determines the ideal travel soap case. There is some innovation, but the majority of the items are rather identical. The ones we’ve looked at in this piece provide a good picture of what’s available.


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