The Best Travel Toothbrush: Electric vs Manual

In Summary: We decided to pick out and review 10 of the best travel toothbrushes that keep your teeth clean when you are on the move, and we found that the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 was a step above the rest.


It was chosen because of the advanced technology it uses, the unparalleled cleaning ability it has, and its extra-long battery life.

Other products might be smaller and cost less but the Genius Pro 8000 uses technology to tell you how clean your teeth are.

It won because:


  • It has a convenient traveling case that keeps it clean and safe
  • It can charge while inside of the traveling case
  • This electric toothbrush be charged with any USB cord
  • It has an ergonomic design that`s lightweight, comfortable, and convenient to use
  • It gives your teeth a damn good clean!


The Genius Pro 8000 is a technologically advanced electric toothbrush with every extra option you can imagine. It works well for me because I am lazy to I like to get powered assistance ūüôā


If you are thinking of getting a folding travel toothbrush‚Ķ don`t. Or at least be careful. Most of the designs we’ve seen aren’t very good.

The best manual travel toothbrush for anyone who brushes properly for at least 2 minutes is¬† a regular toothbrush. But pack it in a toothbrush case so your drool doesn’t go anywhere.

 At a glance: our selection of travel toothbrushes


The best electric travel toothbrush:


  • Philips Diamond Clean
  • Oral B3D White Action Toothbrush
  • Oral-B Genius Pro 8000
  • Philips Sonicare 3 series


The best manual travel toothbrush:


  • Chewing gum on the go
  • Colgate Value Travel Toothbrush
  • Colgate Wisp
  • AIM Travel Toothbrush
  • A regular toothbrush in a travel case


 The best electric travel toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are  better than manual toothbrushes if they are used correctly.

It’s a big IF. It’s easy to be lazy, use the right technique, or don’t brush¬† as much as you need.

If, like me, you are suffering from this lazy caries inflammation, an electric toothbrush can help you.

When it comes to travel, this is  a bit more complicated. You need to think about weight, charging, and storage.

When traveling abroad, you may need to bring a plug adapter  to charge your electric toothbrush.

For most people who don’t travel often, dedicated portable electrical equipment may be overkill. Keep a good electric toothbrush at home and use the instruction manual when traveling.

However, if you travel frequently, you may want to find an electric toothbrush that works well on the go.

However, if you travel frequently, you may want to find an electric toothbrush that works well on the go.

Please note that devices with batteries should not be placed in checked baggage. TSA rules require that these batteries be brought into the cabin. This includes the battery of a portable electric toothbrush.

 Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush Review


The Philips DiamondClean is the first electric toothbrush I have reviewed from one of America’s most popular toothbrush brands. It uses powerful techniques to clean the teeth.


 What I like:


You will get better results with this brush. In just one week, you will have whiter teeth, your gums  will be twice as healthy, and you will be able to remove plaque seven times more than  a regular toothbrush. Gently cleans coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes.

¬†What I didn’t like:


For such a¬† good statement and¬† such a high priced toothbrush, this electric toothbrush has quality issues. It has stopped working due to a sealing problem. The charger seems to be made to turn on the toothbrush from time to time while you’re away. I also heard some terrible things about their customer service.


  • White teeth in a week
  • Gingival health improved in 2 weeks
  • 7x better plaque removal
  • Gently removes stubborn stains


  • Over time, seal leaks will make them fail
  • Complaints about poor customer service
  • Low quality structures and materials for such¬† high prices
  • The charger can turn on the toothbrush¬† when you are not


 Oral-B 3D White Action Toothbrush Review


The Oral-B 3D White Action Toothbrush is designed for on-the-go use and has a long battery life. Easy to use, gentle on  teeth and gums,  cleans the entire mouth.

 Favorite things


Cleans the surface and naturally whitens teeth. The bristles are rubberized to help hug each tooth and keep the toothpaste where it actually needs to be cleaned. It is designed to penetrate between teeth and break  plaque.


¬†What I didn’t like


The motor that rotates the head is very noisy. Oral-B’s aggressive onslaught can irritate previous dental treatments. The battery doesn’t last¬† as long as other electric toothbrushes, and it’s difficult to replace both the battery and the head. For some people, the toothbrush’s head is too big¬† to¬† fit in the mouth.


  • Cleans the surface and naturally white smiles
  • Bristle made of some kind of rubber
  • Keep toothpaste in place and remove dirt
  • Reach between teeth
  • Break the plaque


  • The engine is very big
  • Battery does not last long
  • Battery and head replacement is difficult
  • May cause irritation in previous locations
  • Toothbrush head is too big


 Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review


The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is my favorite travel toothbrush. It has the technology that other companies dream of, and has so many features and additional features to improve your oral health.


 Favorite things


This toothbrush can be combined with a smartphone that enables position recognition. It uses facial recognition to indicate where you have brushed and  spots you may have missed. You can customize your Smart Ring to visually see when to brush and the recommended pressure. Six different cleaning modes focus on daily brushing, gum health, whitening, sensitivity, tongue cleaning and professional cleaning. With a great travel case, you can charge your phone and  toothbrush at the same time. They are really striving to create the best portable electric toothbrushes.

¬†What I didn’t like


The Smart Ring is dazzling. It’s too bright. With a Bluetooth connection, you have to unplug the phone every time you brush your teeth, which can be annoying. Software doesn’t work¬† as well as they say.


  • Pairing your smartphone with a toothbrush
  • Position detection uses facial recognition to indicate where something was missed.
  • Pressure technology warns you if you push too hard
  • 6 different special cleaning modes
  • The smart travel case is great


  • With Bluetooth skills, you have to take out your smartphone every time you clean
  • The software doesn’t seem to be as cool as it is advertised
  • Smart Ring is very bright
  • Customer service hotline is an automated system


 Philips Sonicare 3 Series Review


The Sonicare 3 series is a popular electric toothbrush that’s perfect for on-the-go use.


 Favorite things


The battery of this toothbrush lasts for 3 weeks without charging. This is ideal for takeaway. Three adjustable strength levels ensure a comfortable tooth cleaning experience. The brush vibrates every 30 seconds to warn you that it’s time to move to another part of your mouth. If you brush for 2 minutes, you should have hit all four corners of your mouth.

¬†What I didn’t like


Brushing strength may be an issue for you if you have sensitive teeth. Even at the lowest settings, the motor is very noisy. The on / off button  is also a button for changing the strength of vibration. This can cause problems and annoyance when you want to do one or the other.


  • Improves gum health¬† than¬† manual
  • Removes up to 6 times more plaque¬† along the gum line
  • 3 adjustable intensity settings
  • 3 weeks battery life
  • Vibrate loudly
  • The on / off button¬† also adjusts the vibration, which can be annoying
  • Vibration intensity can cause problems with sensitive teeth

The best manual travel toothbrush


This is a transaction. Most foldable manual travel toothbrushes suck. I’m not¬† against innovation, they’re just so.

So … the toothbrush is¬† pretty light and small. You don’t have to fold it in half … it’s just a gimmick


It’s much better to think about how¬† to store it in your carry-on baggage using a regular toothbrush. Regular toothbrushes are already portable toothbrushes!


Just put a regular toothbrush in the vanity case.

And if you’re worried that your toxic drool will contaminate everything, you can use one of these


If you have good cleaning techniques and are not lazy, a manual toothbrush can give you an A + cleaning


If it sounds like you, your regular manual toothbrush can make a good travel toothbrush


Electric toothbrushes are great for home, but do you really need them when traveling? If you  only have one or two nights, you can use one of the following manual travel toothbrushes:

 Tested GUM foldable travel toothbrush on the go


GUM On-the-Go¬† is perfect for¬† portable toothbrushes. It weighs only one and a half ounces and is the size of a standard toothbrush. The ability to fold¬† and put it in your pocket is perfect for traveling. When it comes to choosing a travel toothbrush for your trip, it’s an easy option.

 Favorite things


This toothbrush tri-fold design allows the brush head  to fold  into a handle for hygienic and convenient storage anywhere. Multi-level hair completely cleans the space between  the teeth, and a tongue cleaner helps get rid of bacteria. Patented antibacterial agents maintain hair hygiene. A  compact travel toothbrush.

¬†What I didn’t like


With a toothbrush, you may try to close it, or it may be a little difficult to keep it open. After a long period of use, as the bristles begin to wear, they will try to fold and pop out of the side of the toothbrush. Considering everywhere it comes in contact, it’s pretty unsanitary. Made with¬† little emphasis on¬† quality and durability. The hair is also very soft.


  • Comes in 2 packs
  • Front pocket is perfect for tidying up
  • Fold with a cap to protect the brush
  • Hair coated with¬† patented antibacterial material
  • Including tongue cleaner
  • After a while, the hair will come out when folded.
  • I hate being together and it’s difficult to brush my teeth
  • Low quality and durability
  • The hair is very soft


 Colgate Value Travel Toothbrush

The Colgate Value Travel Toothbrush is designed to clean your teeth when traveling, exercising or commuting. It weighs 1/5 ounces and folds to a size that’s convenient to carry, minimizing¬† space it occupies.

 Favorite things


The small space  this toothbrush occupies when folded  is completely portable. Folding the cover keeps the hair clean even when folded. The two hair levels adapt to the contours of your teeth, providing  the possibility to  clean the surface as well as the space between the teeth. This single purchase comes with 6 brushes

¬†What I didn’t like


This brush is of a more affordable quality¬† compared to other brushes in its range. Its head is also very inflexible, making it difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas. It’s great to be able to fold these brushes, but it’s difficult to pry open and can cause you to lose¬† patience.


  • 6 toothbrushes at a very reasonable price
  • Easy to carry and travel
  • Cover to keep hair clean
  • Made to clean¬† between the teeth and the surface
  • Soft hair is not soft
  • Difficult to open when folded
  • Not very flexible
  • Built cheaply


 Colgate Wisp Portable Mini Brush Review


This corrugated whisp pack contains 24 travel mini brushes that you can use to clean your teeth almost anytime, anywhere. Ideal for traveling and taking you anywhere.

 Favorite things


These mini brushes use sugar-free toothpaste pearls, which are easy to dissolve and have a hint of mint. You can then use bristles to remove  food debris from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The brush is effective in removing plaque and  gently moves around the gums. No water is needed and you cannot rinse your mouth  after use. At the base of the handle is a spike that  can be used as a toothpick to remove food debris. These are great to use after  coffee, before  a date,  in the traffic, or whenever you want to make a good impression on someone.

What I didn’t like


These corrugated whisps are so small that they are difficult to use for people with large hands. Even small people are a little too small to use effectively. The package says that it should not¬† be used in¬† place of a regular toothbrush. The flavor of peppermint¬† is glossy and will dry completely if left in the air for extended periods of time. If it’s not dry, it’s barely enough for a thorough¬† brushing. Disposable travel toothbrush


  • Uses sugar-free toothpaste
  • Pocket-sized and portable
  • No need for water
  • Soft pick without handle for cleaning between teeth
  • Do not replace¬† full size toothbrush
  • It’s too small to easily put anywhere in your mouth
  • The toothpaste contained is terrible
  • Known to dry¬† in the package
  • I can’t clean it because I don’t have enough toothpaste


 AIM Travel Toothbrush Review


The AIM Travel Toothbrush is another manual toothbrush on the go. These two toothbrush packs contain one bristle toothbrush and one soft  toothbrush.


 Favorite things


I liked that this toothbrush was clinically recommended for effective plaque cleaning, plaque removal and gum protection. Another brush that can be folded to a smaller size while protecting the hair from bacteria.

¬†What I didn’t like


The hair quality of  this toothbrush is very poor and is not good at removing particles  between  teeth. Tends to fold during use. When folded, there is no space for hair to easily enter.


  • Two brushes, one hard and one soft
  • Recommended by the dentist
  • Fold to a small size for travel
  • Poor quality bristles
  • I’m having trouble between my teeth
  • Tends to¬† fold during cleaning
  • Hair does not fit¬† well when folded


 The Best Travel Toothbrush Buying Guide


As electric toothbrushes grow in popularity, more products are available to clean your teeth than ever before.

Here are some important things to consider when looking for a toothbrush to bring with you while traveling:

 Shape and size


Electric toothbrushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as they are designed for other options.

Find the one that is the right size for you. It should be large enough to fit comfortably in your hand  while saving  as much luggage space as possible. The more compact the brush, the better  it is for traveling.



A good travel bag makes all the difference and provides a place to organize and store all¬† your tooth cleaning tools. Toothbrushes should be kept dry so that you don’t have to walk around with a wet, messy toothbrush¬† in your bag.

You don’t need a travel case with an airtight seal. You want something to breathe so your drool can evaporate


Some toothbrushes have a luxurious travel case made of a very smooth special material. If you don’t have a toothbrush, you can purchase it separately.

 Long battery life


It’s very convenient to have a toothbrush that only needs to be recharged every few weeks. Make sure it is charged before you go so you don’t have to bring a charger. If your visit lasts for more than a few weeks, look for a brush that can be charged with a standard USB cable.

USB charger


These allow you to easily charge your toothbrush. Instead of using another charger that takes up more space, you can charge it with your computer.

Voltage function


The standard  voltage in the United States is 110 volts, but most outlets in other countries use 240 volts. When traveling abroad, be sure to purchase a toothbrush that can be charged with both voltages. This eliminates the need to purchase a power converter later.

The standard  voltage in the United States is 110 volts, but most outlets in other countries use 240 volts. When traveling abroad, be sure to purchase a toothbrush that can be charged with both voltages. This eliminates the need to purchase a power converter later.

 Advantages of electric toothbrush over instruction manual


There are more and more reasons to use electric toothbrushes, and as technology advances, electric toothbrushes get better and better.


  • Your teeth feel very clean
  • They are an investment and¬† commitment to the health of your teeth and gums


 The drawbacks are:


  • Must be charged or connected
  • There is more to break
  • They are more expensive
  • They are heavy to pack


If the electric brush has a more powerful one, a dentist-inspired brush head, a two-minute timer  that guarantees long enough brushing, or  different cleaning modes for different results.

All this technology is impossible with manual brushes and is always inadequate.

Finally, I think there are psychological benefits to  investing in a good electric toothbrush.

Great power comes with great responsibility!


If you invest money in a powerful electric toothbrush, you are the one who appreciates their choppers and takes care of their teeth for a long time


The advantages of a manual toothbrush are simple:


  • Lightweight and convenient to carry
  • Cheap and easy to find


But on the contrary …


  • Do they say you don’t care too much about your oral hygiene?
  • They must be driven by willpower


¬†Don’t forget your toothbrush


Well, it should have completely covered the toothbrush for travel.

There are toothbrushes with a jackknife design  that can  be folded  and carried easily, and electric toothbrushes with excellent cleaning performance.

When buying a new toothbrush, keep in mind all the advantages of  a travel toothbrush mentioned earlier.

If you only have one or two nights, a simple foldable travel toothbrush may work.

Once a year, if you are away for a week or two, you can use a regular toothbrush with a hygienic travel cap.

If you travel frequently or for long periods of time, you will not want that trip to interfere with your dental treatment. So consider investing in an electric toothbrush


thank you for reading. If you have any advice for your readers, let us know in the comments!


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