The Best Under Seat Carry On Luggage

Take your seat as they scramble for overhead bottles.

 In summary: Samsonite Wheeled Underseater has won the best choice for carry-on baggage. It is not  much smaller than  regular carry-on baggage and  fits perfectly into the dimensions of most airline carry-on baggage.


The knockout punches were:


  • This is all that most people need for carry-on baggage.
  • Two sizes to choose from

The secret to using the space under the seat  for  luggage is to know the size of the space under the seat. Doh!


We’ll talk more about this  in this post. It also helps you learn how to move the light.

If you can do that, you can switch from a  rolling wheel underseat bag to such a small backpack, especially on weekend trips and overnight trips.

 Why do you use your baggage under your seat?

I flew from Malta to Budapest last week by Wizz Air. The flight was delayed by an hour, but they didn’t announce the delay … They just told everyone to go to the gate.

Some people waited in line for nearly two hours before boarding because the flight was delayed.


I never jump  when the gate is announced and I never pay for priority boarding. You just sit in a place where you can track the size of the line. Reaching the gate is very easy when the queue is near zero. trust me. I will reach my goal at the same time as everyone else!


At the risk of stating the obvious … the plane doesn’t take off faster just because you got to your seat faster. The only argument for rushing in front of the boarding line is to secure a good place in the overhead trash can to store carry-on baggage.


Store your carry-on baggage under the seat so you don’t have to worry about overhead compartment space. The area under the seat is always free! You just need to make sure you have a matching bag!


Flying doesn’t have to be stressful, and  luggage under the seat is a way to make the flight smoother.

It was an accident for the first time to store carry-on baggage under the seat. It just happened because all the overhead seats were taken. At that time, I  had a carry-on backpack, but there was no problem at all. It was my day of  enlightenment and I never looked back.

 How do you board an airplane like A Pro:


  • Will be the last
  • Store carry-on baggage under your seat
  • Please select a seat near the front exit
  • It will be the first one. Easy.

Now I know this tactic is not for everyone. Many travelers are still anxious to fly in the maximum size of carry-on baggage. And the  area under the seat is smaller than the limit of the overhead bin.

However, if you can make your baggage a little smaller, you can take advantage of the above benefits. No more competing for overhead compartment space!


Alternatively, if the airline has a generous baggage policy, you can use the lower seat as a second personal item. For short trips that don’t need much, you can also use the underseater alone. You can also use a full-sized underseater with carry-on baggage for long-haul travel.


Luggage under the seat  helps small individuals who may not  easily reach  overhead. It is also suitable for people who do not have the power or tendency to lift  heavy bags into  overhead compartments.

The general consensus is that these under-seat bags can hold about three days’ worth of clothing. This is a great option for short trips, weekend vacations, and  people who only have three days  of clothes anyway!



 What are the dimensions of the luggage under the seat?

The airline doesn’t really tell you the size of the seat. This depends on the type of aircraft.

However, there are good tricks you can use to find out.

If you are traveling with your pet on board, you may not be traveling with your pet in the overhead compartment. That would be cruel!


You must keep your pet in the space under the seat in front of you. bingo!


Therefore, you can use the published pet carrier size information  to get a good idea of ​​the dimensions under your seat.

The following airlines  are some of the most common sizes. Do your own research and  contact the airline for confirmation.

The area under the middle seat is usually the largest, giving you extra space. But hey … it’s the middle seat …


Check out these seats from the vintage Boeing 737:

Check with SeatGuru to let them know if there is any  electrical equipment or anything else under the seat that could cause problems.

How to choose carry-on baggage under your seat

All kinds of bags can be stored under the seat. Backpacks and holdalls work well. We also have a large selection of bags specially designed for storage under the seat.

It is best to avoid  hard cases that are placed under the seat. You  will actually work much better with a bag that has some degree of squeeze. Even when packing antique tableware, you still need to choose an overhead compartment.


Place your backpack under  the seat, pack as much as you can, and then continue kicking with your feet. The lower seats can occupy space under  your feet, so if you can fit them under a vacant seat (again, the last boarding will help you  see which vacant seats are available).

Our top pickup bag is 16.5x13x8 inches. That means it holds about 28 liters.

Lipault Paris CarryOn is highly recommended as it is 21 x 14 x 8 inches and  works with many airlines (for overhead bins). Carry-on baggage is 38.5 liters.

In addition, the underseater space is about 30% smaller than  regular baggage.

It is recommended to store the bag under the seat  with the upper handle facing the aisle and the lower handle facing the window. This gives you the most  room.



Warning words


Do not assume that the bag will fit under the seat as the manufacturer labels the bag as an “undersheet”. That would be too easy!



Under-seat luggage is a very unwieldy theme, as slot limits vary by airline, plane, and seat.

Unless you buy a very small bag, you can always have a hard time putting it under your seat.

What hints can you give …


Do as much research as  you can … but don’t be surprised if you run into any problems at the end of the day.

Calm down 🙂 It’s just part of the undersheet transaction. You`ve been warned. Remember using the underseat space is still a good option 99% of the time.

And remember that international carry on size limits are different from domestic US limits. ​

 At A Glance: Our Choices For Under Seat Luggage

Rolling Under Seat Luggage With Wheels: 


  • Samsonite Wheeled Underseater
  • Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote
  • LUCAS Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag
  • Rockland Melrose Wheeled Underseater
  • Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On
  • Lily Bloom Under The Seat
  • Verdi Under the Seat Bag
  • Travelpro Maxlite 4 Rolling Tote
  • Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Bag
  • Travelon Wheeled Underseat 15 Inch
  • Tumi Voyageur Oslo 4 Wheel Compact Carry On

Under Seat Luggage With No Wheels: 


  • Briggs & Riley Expandable Cabin Bag
  • Timbuk2 Uptown Travel Backpack
  • Polare Real Leather Carry On Overnight Bag
  • Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Briefcase Large



 Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Review


The Samsonite Wheeled Underseater comes in 2 different sizes both of which can work well as wheeled underseater.


If you are using this bag as your main carry on and not trying to get away with it as a second item i`d recommend getting the larger bag to allow you to take more stuff.

Samsonite is designed like a regular  rolling luggage, but a little smaller. This is great if you’re on a business trip and want to carry carry-on baggage, or if your backpack or holdall doesn’t look professional enough.

The big bag is 16.5x13x9 inches. From the size under the seat above, you can see  that this bag fits under the seats of some, but not all, airlines.

You  need to pay special attention to the depth of your pocket. Floor-to-seat dimensions vary from 8 to  9.5 inches. If you’re on an airline with little space, don’t overpack.

The styling is sleek black, perfect for fleetfoot business travelers.




  • You can choose from 2 sizes
  • Front pocket is perfect for tidying up



1 inch wide is too wide for some  airlines

Briggs & Riley expandable carry-on baggage


Briggs & Riley makes several bags that fit under the seat of an airplane, and the expandable cabin bag is one of my favorites.


If you don’t expand it’s 16.5×11 x 4 inches … It’s small, isn’t it?

But when expanded, it’s 16.5 x 11×8 inches. Not shabby!


This brings the capacity to  about 22 liters. This is about half the size of the maximum allowable baggage. This means it’s perfect for short overnight trips or long trips for minimalist packers.

The black styling provides a professional look on the road. More professional than travel bags and backpacks. If you have a strong stomach for a terrifying color, it also comes in olive green.

Laptops up to 15 inches fit in the central compartment, but you may need a padded sleeve to protect your laptop.

I love how this bag stretches. This means that you can use it as a second personal item on long-distance trips. On short trips, it expands and you can easily use it as your main baggage.

Briggs & Riley always manufactures high quality products. This bag is no exception. It’s not cheap, but if you have problems with your bag, the Briggs & Riley warranty applies.


The only reason this wasn’t the number one choice is that there are no wheels and I think most people are looking for a rollerboard.


If you like this model without wheels, check out the duffel bag as well. The small duffel bag is perfect for carry-on baggage under your seat.




  • Extends from 4 “to 8” so it fits easily under the seat



  • Do not use all the space under a typical airplane seat
  • Without wheels

Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote Review


The Delsey Rollup Tote is aimed at women in terms of color schemes and styling.


People put this bag under their seat and traveled to the next airline:



  • Alaska (Boeing 737-800)
  • American Airlines (Avoid Aisle Seats)
  • Delta International
  • Delta Regional
  • Southwest (Avoid aisle seats)
  • Spirit (The wheels make it too tall)
  • United Airlines (Avoid aisle seats)
  • US Airlines

You can attach it to a large suitcase with a horizontal strap on the back and use it as a personal item. Before trying this, make sure your airline has enough second bag capacity.


The first wheel roll gives you access to  the main content even when it’s under the seat. There is also  a pocket on the top to store what you want to keep at hand.

It weighs about 5 pounds and 9 ounces on average.

It’s good to have a laptop up to 13 inches, but be careful if your computer is large. A 15-inch laptop  probably won’t fit  here.

I wish Delsey had  a shoulder strap for carrying around. You may not be able to roll the stairs or cobblestones, and  the handle may get stuck.

There is no lock. If you want to secure it, you need to purchase a luggage lock. But it sits at your feet, so you may not need them!


The front pocket doesn’t fit a laptop, but it may fit a tablet or Kindle.

The size of the bag is 14.5 x 14 x 9 inches and the handle is 28 inches (40 inches from the bottom to the handle including the bag). They are pretty good size or under-seat luggage, but  9 inches worries me. The depth of the bag (or the height under the seat) is often the place where people get caught.

Regarding the finish, there are many reports that cracks have occurred inside. Therefore, pay attention to the lining when buying this bag. The good news is the 5 year warranty, but replacing or fixing things is always a hassle. I wish I could avoid it in the first place.

Please be careful if you are looking for a bag for use by airlines. Spirit also reduces the size of  personal belongings allowed to 18 x 14 x 8 inches.



  • 5 year warranty
  • Pink interior makes things easier to find
  • Double telescopic handle so you can balance it with your handbag




  • No shoulder strap
  • Some reports of  lining tears
  • Not the most waterproof

Rockland Melrose Wheeled Underseater Review


Rockland Melrose comes in seven flavors, from plain old black to funky owls.



People put this bag under their seat and traveled to the next airline.


  • Allegiant Air
  • delta
  • United

If you want to test your luck with your belongings, it comes with a strap to attach to your large carry-on baggage.

And if you want to put a small purse or purse on it, it has a double bar handle. It helps when  trying to balance your second personal item when you take one.

It measures 15 x 14.5 x 9 inches, and like many underseaters, you might want to reserve a window or a central seat.



  • Strap for attaching to a large bag
  • Double telescopic handle



  • Some people have problems with the telescopic handle

 Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Review


Travelon ohms are red, khaki, black and eggplant. It’s another quilting design, they’re like all the wrath for underseaters!



People put this bag under their seat and traveled to the next airline.


  • American Airlines
  • Southwest
  • United

At some point, this bag was available in two versions, large  and small. So if you need an underseater, be sure to get the smaller one … officially 14 x 13.5 x 8.5 inches. But if you count the wheels and pack the side pockets, it’s close to 15 x 15×8.5 inches.

With this size, you can use it as baggage without any problems. And it fits securely under the window or the central seat.

You’ll also get closer to the Holy Grail of carry-on baggage, comparable to Spirit Airlines. Spirit will change the limit from 16x14x12 inches to 18x14x8 inches on April 3, 2017.

It fits a 13 inch laptop in the main compartment, but has a hard time if you have a 15 inch laptop.

It weighs 7 pounds, a bit heavier than  its competitors, but probably not that much of a difference. But keep that in mind if you switch to a smaller underseater bag because you want something lighter.

If you want to make sure it fits under the seat, reserve a middle seat or  window seat.



  • Many lessons
  • Double telescopic handle



  • No shoulder strap

 Lily Bloom Under the Seat Pattern Review

The Lily Bloom Underseaters come in a range of colorful and stylish designs.


It’s a canvas bag, but many of the other options are made of polyester.


In terms of size, it is sold as 15 x 13 x 8.5 inches. In other words, it’s a good size to try under the seat. Oddly enough, it measures 15 x 15×8.5 inches on a tape measure. There is a maker’s magic tape measure  again!


At 15 inches wide, it’s actually  too wide to be carry-on baggage. There’s a  99% chance it’s okay, but the rules are the rules …


If you want to buy this bag, buy it for style, as there is a better underseater out there for a similar price. If you don’t like the style, look elsewhere.


If you like this style, check out Nicole Miller NY Underseater




  • Only £ 4
  • Colorful design



  • There is no strap to attach to a large bag
  • Single telescopic handle

 TravelproMaxlite 4 roller bag test

The first thing I thought about when I saw  Travelpro Maxlite was amazing. You will need to carry this bag to the aisle, so keep this in mind if you want to minimize the strain on your body.


According to the manufacturer’s dangerous tape measure, it is 13 x 15.5 x 8.5 inches. However, when measured correctly, it is 16.5 x 15.5 x 8.5 inches.

The width of this bag may mean that you need to slide it sideways under the seat. This means it is difficult to access  during  flight and can stick out a bit.

Good news if you need to protect a large laptop. It should  fit a 17-inch device.

Available in 4 colors, from smooth black to bold and bold red.



  • Stack the tape on the back
  • Double telescopic handle




  • Very far
  • Probably only fits under the center seat
  • You may need to go down and stick out to the side



 Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Baseline Rolling Cab Bag Review

Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Bags are different. Made of ballistic nylon, it has a guaranteed life.



Ballistic nylon is much more durable than polyester, so you can expect this bag to last much longer.

The front of the bag has a pocket for storing an iPad and  a small pocket for travel documents.

Unfortunately, there is no padded laptop compartment.

Packing is very easy as it is fully open and easy to access. If you want to carry it in a briefcase style, there is a pretty decent handle.

The dimensions are 16.5×12.5×9 inches. That’s what I call a landscape bag, not a portrait.

As an underseater it is 16.5 inches wide. This means that it’s not always easy to get under the seat of the backrest with the handle in front. The advantage of this is that  you can  access the zipper even when you are under the seat.

Briggs & Riley also has a highly acclaimed spinner model, so be sure to check it out.



  • Did very well



  • Not an aisle seat

 Travelon Wheeled Underseat 15inch Tested


This Travelon weighs about 5 pounds, so it feels comfortable and light.


People put this bag under their seat and traveled to the next airline:


  • American Airlines
  • Border
  • United
  • spirit
  • Southwest (no aisle seats)
  • Airbus 320
  • Boeing 737

It comes with a strap so you can attach it to your large carry-on baggage.

The actual dimensions are 16×13.25×9.5 inches.

Do not overtighten, as extra 0.5 inch depth can cause problems. A typical bag sizer depth limit  is 9 inches.

It is often this dimension of depth that surprises people, as the distance under the seat is not that great.

Ng your block. A description of this block. Use this field to describe the block. It can be any text. A description of this block. You can use this field to describe the block.



  • Roll smoothly
  • Durable handle




  • There is only one handle  length position
  • Zipper does not close when front pocket is full



 Tumi Voyageur Oslo4 Wheel Compact Carry-on Baggage Review


Is Tumi a Rolls-Royce of carry-on baggage? The Ortho 4 Wheel Compact  is certainly luxurious.


This bag is not for casual travelers. Suitable for those who travel frequently and  get the value of more advanced products


The dimensions are 15x14x8 inches.

For undersheets, I love it being only 8 inches deep. It should really help slide it under the seat without getting caught from above.

The only problem is that  it fits easily under the seat … the bag is small. This does not fit on a 15 inch laptop. They are just the laws of physicists! There’s not much we can do about it!


Made of lightweight and  durable nylon. Tumi doesn’t have a lifetime warranty like Briggs & Riley, but it does have a  longer than standard 5-year warranty.


I pack very lightly and fit it well, so I often travel with a backpack. But if it doesn’t put a strain on your back anymore, I would seriously consider making  Tumi Oslo a full-time carry-on baggage.


 Final notes


Welcome to my world! can not think of? The miracle I guess … but it still happens from time to time.



Isn’t this Jim Reeves song great and relaxing? The next time you fly, you may want to remember to listen!




This post was  about the use of carry-on baggage under the seat. The Jim Reeves classic  above has nothing to do with it … but maybe it will make you feel 🙂


The mood of this song best represents my enjoyment of traveling with a good underseat bag that can easily slide under the seat. But implementing it is not always easy  🙂


Knock to open the door. Search and  find 🙂


Air travel doesn’t have to be so stressful. Instead of standing at the entry line for two hours, you can sit down and drink cappuccino. You can start walking 10 minutes before the start and slide the bag under the seat.

You  need to reduce the size of your carry-on baggage by about 30%. Once you know how, it’s not that difficult.

And for people to peat! When the plane lands, you’ll be stuck for a  few minutes … so stay in your seat and calm down.

They can’t leave the plane until they park and open the door !!! So sit down, relax and listen to  Jim Reeves 🙂


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