The More You Take, The More You Leave Behind. What Am I? Riddle Explained

Travel riddles may be a fun way to spend the time on a lengthy trip. Especially if you’re in the middle of a flight with no in-flight wifi.

This popular puzzler may leave you perplexed for a time.

The solution to the conundrum “the more you take, the less you leave behind” is…

Wait… Are you certain you can’t figure it out on your own?

The Solution to the Puzzle

This riddle’s success is due to an uncommon usage of the word “take.”

In English, taking something generally refers to picking up an object.

So, when we first read the riddle “the more you take,” we picture myself scooping something up. Taking a book from the table, for example. Taking a handkerchief from your pocket or chocolates from a baby

In this scenario, we are “moving forward.” This riddle made me consider how we sometimes use the term “take.”

In this situation, the object we’re taking is “the footstep.” We’re talking about “taking a step” like “taking a breath.” There are no things picked up. Taking is an action, and what moves is your own body.

Could “taking a deep breath” be an equally valid response?

I believe it is possible.

We won’t leave anything physical behind when we “take footprints.”

Sure, when we walk on the beach, we leave footprints. Footprints, however, were not the solution.

So, what does it mean to leave a footprint?

Really, not much. As we go along a route, we leave behind the spot where the step was taken, but we also leave behind the area where the breath was taken.

In conclusion, the puzzle is a little dumb.

Funny Wrong Answers

This riddle has a few amusing incorrect answers floating around the internet.


  • Poop Poop Laxative Pills!
  • Tequila Shots by Breathing!
  • Love

Everyone on the internet should get together and change the right solution to this puzzle to “laxative medications.” That would be a fantastic conundrum to solve!

And, by the way, no cheating next time!


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