Best 10 Airline Travel tips| Expert Advice

The average number of passengers for airline travel per day is 1.73 million in the US. Believe me; this number is not going down anytime sooner. Of course, some people travel for work and others for pleasure, but all of them need advice, checklists, and suggestions to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Thus, to make the experience better, happier, and easier, I have cultivated these tips. Read till the end to also find some bonus points to make the pathway more comfortable than it already is.

The Best 10 Tips for Airline Travel

Long-haul international flights can make you tiresome and will surely introduce jet lag. But, with these tips below, you can take care of your health, leisure, and belongings on international flights and domestic as well.

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10. Carry-on Bag

Imagine checking in with security while everything is going great and you are minutes away from boarding- but security takes your carry-on bag because it is a bit large. The last-minute hassle can destroy your mood and destination.

Thus, always check the required measurements for your carry-on and other luggage as well. Then, measure the bags, weigh them a day before your flight, and hop on your flight without a worry.

Tip: It would be best to keep your measurements and weights under the requirement.

9. Snacks

When you are stressed about time, vacation, or airline travel, a dopamine rush is needed with your favorite snacks. Although every airport does have a lot of options for your snacks but packing up some healthy options will save you some money and keeps you fresh too.

Pack these to munch them while waiting for the flight or as a snack with your movie.

  • Granola bars
  • Protein bars
  • Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Candies

These snacks are better alternatives for junk and will keep your cravings balanced.

8. Hands-free

Most flight attendants give free, hands-free, or cheap options to buy on the flight- but they are not as good in quality or sometimes not even cleaned properly. Thus, taking your hands-free on the flight is always preferable.

This tip can save you from noisy, distorted sounds or an ear infection too.

7. Lounge

Punctuality is not only necessary for the airport, it is beneficial for your entire life. Making your way on time will give you room for lounging and relaxing at the airport. You should always opt for a lounge pass to have the full experience of your flight and the airline travel as well.

Airline travel tips

Relax, sit back, hydrate yourself in the lounge, and charge back the much-needed energy for the flight.

6. Dress

An oversized T and some trousers are the most common airline travel attire but you know what is more common? Yup, the loss of luggage.

Can you even survive 48 hours in sweatshirts and trousers? If not, then choose a flowy, flowery dress that keeps you comfortable and yet you look chic too. (it can also increase your chances of an upgraded seat)

With a beautiful dress, add some layers on top. It can make the attire more practical. Also, most of the flights are chilled. So you will get covered, and with different layering, you can use the clothes for a day or two with ease.

5. Hydration

Jet lag is one thing, but I don’t want to start my vacation looking like a zombie that needs hydration for plump skin. So, moisturizing is the perfect way to make the skin fresh, healthy, and hydrated.

Order some drinks on the plane and hydrate well from home too! Dehydration at the start of vacation will make you lazy, demotivated, and weak too.

Tip: You can also pack a sheet or mud mask for relaxing on your seat.

4. Charge and Pack

All your electronic devices should be in the carry-on bag with 100% fully charged. Yes! I know there are ports on the seat, too, but what if they are not working?

Or they are as slow as a turtle? The risk is not worth taking.Pack up the batteries, laptop, and charger in the carry-on to keep them safe and with you all the time.

3. Essentials

Every person who travels by airline should have a bag of the most necessary items. These should include everything from a handwash to shampoo. These items will help you take care of any emergency and hygiene issues on the flight.
Some of the essentials are:

  • Sanitizer
  • Face mask and sheet masks
  • Cleaning wipes (for the seat and armrest)
  • Everyday makeup
  • Medication
  • Perfume
  • Some bucks (for tipping and emergency)

These things should be in your bag at all times to avoid any problematic situation.

2. Make photos

Take photos of your luggage at the airport just in case anything wrong happens. In the case of losing the luggage, it will help them to identify the things.

Those photos will also be helpful if your bags and goods are damaged on the flight. In the latter case, you can also claim damaged charges to restore the destroyed things.

Tip: Make sure to check the terms for every airline regarding the safety of luggage

1. Entertainment

Now that you are all set with practical stuff, this is the most important. Long-haul flights can get boring and consume energy if you have nothing to do. So, pack the book you have wanted to read for so long- and fill in the storage of your Ipad with movies, seasons, and songs. Here are some of my suggestions.

Take out the hands-free and relax on your chair. Breathe in, breathe out, and get excited for all the adventures you are going to get at your destination.

Bonus Tip:

To get your seat upgraded to business class or have some free goodies/ complimentary snacks:

  • Be kind to the flight attendants
  • Acknowledge them with a smile and greeting
  • Share snacks
  • Offer words of affirmation.

There is a high chance it will make them more responsive and polite toward you.

Airline travel tips

Quick Takeaway:

The number of times I am on a flight doesn’t matter as it still gives me anxiety over every little thing. Thus, these tips always help me calm down. They are like this essential checklist before boarding a plane. Just breathe for a moment and count to ten if you also feel anxious, and keep these things in mind. Happy airline travel lads!

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