Top 13 Winter Getaways in New York

Time Square, New York during daytime

Full of life, colours and enthusiasm, New York has got infinite shenanigans to offer to you. If you are eager to explore winter getaways in New York, we can help you find the top-level places to visit!

Here are the top thirteen places  for winter getaways  in New York:

  • The Inn at Cooperstown
  • Red Coach Inn
  • Beacon/ NoBro/ North Brooklyn
  • Lake Placid (The Adirondacks)
  • Glenmere Mansion
  • Hudson Town
  • The Catskills
  • Cape May
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Hunter
  • Mohonk Mountain House
  • Harriman State Park
  • Woodstock

 New York City’s Best Picks for Winter

New York is a city where everybody wants to visit and have fun. Formerly known as the New Amsterdam, the place is one crazy stop.

Every time I came here, I captured magical moments that made themselves home in my heart forever. No lies, the energy of this magical city never deteriorates.

Do you know why people call New York a magical city?

It is because of the energy and the vibe. There is no other municipality on the earth that corresponds to New York in terms of energy.

NYC is one of the most dynamic cities globally because of its fast speed, frenetic traffic, people’s hustle-bustle, twenty-four-hour life, energy and creativity.

Whether you want to snuggle down in a cabin, enjoy the absolute serenity of a beach resort or slide down a slope through the refreshing cold air, we have got you covered. This guide of ours contains one of the best fun and most romantic getaways in upstate NY and much more!

Want to surprise your significant other with a short weekend in NYC? This guide alone and I will be able to astonish you with some fantastic options!

So, stop searching for ‘weekend getaways near me’ and read these posts for the best options.

Following are the top 13 places that I recommend to you. Read on I learn about them:

The Inn at Cooperstown

Do you believe in love at first sight?

If not, you’ll start thinking about it once you visit The Inn at Cooperstown. This’s one of the best romantic getaways in Upstate, NY. If you’ve already shortlisted the place for you and your loved one to stay, I can’t be more proud, buddy!

If you haven’t yet, this’s the place you need to choose, if you are looking for a perfect winter getaway.

The property invites you into luxurious suites and rooms that are full of love and an ambience you can’t forget. It’s a stroll to Main Street, which is lined with great shops and restaurants, and a fast trolley trip to the Fenimore Art Museum.

Take your significant other to see Cooperstown’s essential attractions. The Inn at Cooperstown also offers delicious breakfasts and gifts that are included in the hot winter packages.

Red Coach Inn

Nearby Niagara Falls, this state park beckons with frozen trees, and sparkling ice flows lighted in rainbow colours at twilight, making it even more spectacular in the winter.

The charming Tudor-style Red Coach Inn attracts a warm English rural ambience, overlooking the breathtaking upper rapids, 500 yards from Niagara Falls. Rose petals, champagne, chocolates, and a delicious menu for fireside dining at the award-winning restaurant are all included in the winter romance packages.

timelapse photography of park square at night

Beacon/ NoBro/ North Brooklyn

You’ve probably heard of Beacon if you reside in New York City. However, if you aren’t a resident and are looking for romantic winter getaways in Upstate NY, Beacon shouldn’t skip your list at all! Beacon, situated on the Hudson River’s eastern coast, is known for its closeness to various historic landmarks and urban centres.

The Roundhouse is the place to go if you enjoy good meals. The Roundhouse Restaurant, located within the boutique, landmarks, and hotel, features a unique menu that you should give a try with your loved one!

landscape photography of mountains and lake

Lake Placid (The Adirondacks)

Were you thinking about surprising your significant other with the most romantic winter getaway in upstate NY? Because Lake Placid is the place, you need to visit with your soulmate. A beautiful view with everything available at a short distance.

Situated in the middle of the Adirondacks, it is a unique geographical area with loads of snow. What is a better place to be with your loved one than a snowy dream piece of land? This place has also hosted the Winter Olympic Games twice because of its geographical features.

Go out snowboarding with your soul mate or hike to the top of Whiteface Mountain situated in Lake Placid with your partner. I recommend you try out the Lake Placid Lodge if you want to go for something fancy yet comfortable and light on the pocket.

You can also stay here for a day, two or as many as you like due to the availability of multiple lodges.

Glenmere Mansion

Glenmere Mansion is a grandeur embodied. The gardens, marble columns, private art collections, and rolling hills combine to give the impression of being transported to Tuscany.

When you go inside the Relais & Chateaux property, you will see that it used to be a royal residence, albeit it’s now an 18-room luxury Gilded Age hotel set on 150 beautiful acres with a view of Glenmere Lake. The spa and hammam on site have a duet suite with two parallel soaking tubs and treatment tables.

Also, please make an appointment for dining at one of their onsite restaurants, whether it’s a candlelight dinner in the Supper Room or food and beverages at the tiny Frogs End pub.

Hudson Town

The Hudson town is situated on the Hudson River and is considered among the cosy yet cheap winter getaway in New York. It has been popular amongst New Yorkers who are looking for a winter getaway immediately.

The Hudson town offers a fantastic sight to watch with a comfortable living style. It also comes within one of the most affordable places to live in New York.

The Catskills

No, they do not kill cats here. Did you know the famous American author Rip Van Winkle used to nap on the Hudson River Skywalk? I see the name suggests otherwise but trust me, this is not what the case is.

Known as the artist’s paradise, it is located on one of the Hudson River banks. If you happen to visit Catskills, don’t forget to find the exact spot on the Hudson River Skywalk where Van Winkle used to sleep.

Cape May

One of the gorgeous beach towns on the Jersey Shore in Cape May. Because this is the country’s oldest coastal resort, the beach is a big draw.

Visit one of Cape May’s many attractions, such as the Cape May County Park and Zoo, the Fireman’s Museum, or the historic Cape May Lighthouse, to beat the heat or spend a rainy day indoors.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is most known for the legend of the decapitated horseman, yet it is still a favourite weekend getaway for New Yorkers. Hiking, art, and historical panoramas abound in this Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.


Tannersville and Hunter are the two villages that make up this sleepy town in New York. Its Catskill location makes it ideal for outdoor and adventure lovers looking for a winter getaway from New York City.

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House, situated high above the Hudson Valley, you may live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Wood-burning fireplaces and soul-stirring vistas may be found in the rooms of this large Victorian castle.

Harriman State Park

A visit to Harriman State Park is a necessity for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the splendour of Mother Nature. The park, which is more than a day’s journey from New York City, has 200 miles of hiking trails, beaches, camping areas, lakes, and an almost endless variety of species, making it the ideal vacation from the city.  Truly, one of my favourite winter getaways in New York City.


Many people question if Woodstock is worth visiting if you go to New York, and the answer is Yes, it is a place definitely worth visiting! After the Woodstock incident of 1999, where around eight fans died in a concert, people thought Woodstock became unsafe to visit. Woodstock is a potentially competent place for a winter getaway in NYC.

The Bottom Line

New York is and always will be a fantasy. New York’s inexhaustible vitality and ever-vibrant spirit have never changed and will never change. If cheap getaways are your thing, and you are looking for the best winter getaways in New York, have a look at this list.

We have put up this list, so you don’t have to go searching for “weekend getaways near me” on Google. It’s tempting to stay inside the city limits and your borough when there is so much to do in New York City, including world-class restaurants, unique bars, and a richness of culture.

This blog will come in handy if you’re planning a romantic journey with your partner, a luxury trip with your friends to New York, or want to spend some quality time with yourself.

Take the necessary measures, get vaccinated, and wear a mask at all times! Shortlist the ideal winter retreat for yourself in New York with the aid of our list, and enjoy this time alone.

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