Top 9 Best Food Cities in the USA

Food is the oxygen of the soul; it directly has a relation to your heart, health, emotions, and happiness. Do you live in the US and are a big foodie? This blog is all about the best food joints and best cities for food in the US. These cities also include my recommended restaurants and dishes for you to make the best out of your trip.

Here is the list of best food cities in the USA:

  • Los Angeles
  • Portland
  • Charleston
  • New Orleans
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • New York City

Best Food Cities In The US

Before starting, let me give you a warning. You won’t be able to resist the irresistible cuisines in the cities.

So, get ready to put on some weight and lose the dollars you have. Enjoy life to the fullest and take food trips all over these cities.

Following is the list of the best food cities in the US with their best food descriptions!

Los Angeles

A variety of food can fulfil your craving and keep you satisfied. Los Angeles is the city that defines “diversity” in food. It is one of the best cities for food in the US because it offers luxury and famous cuisines.

In addition, it is the home to various Michelin star chefs, and thus, you can experience their divine taste in the air.

Some tourists want to try this place’s fanciest food and want to sit right after a celebrity too. For that, you should try Palm restaurant or The Ivy.

If you want some raw fish and rice paired up with crab meat-yup- all-time favorite Sushi, then go for Sushi Gen or SugarFish.

A day without a taco is a day wasted, and you don’t want to do that. However, the people of Los Angeles are in love with Mexicans and their cuisine.

So you should eat from their food trucks and order a Taco de Lengua if you like.


The city is filled with food carts, trucks, and options from cheap to finest. The good thing is that you can never go out of budget because of its reasonable food options in Portland.

While exploring your options, you can literally see every road and street ends with a food stop. But for the Spanish and French cuisine, there are the best food places in town.

French is the language of affection, and their food shows it too. Its warmth will give you a trance; try the food in one of the best restaurants: Le Pigeon.

To experience some spices and cuisines filled with flavor, you should visit Asian restaurants, i.e., Bamboo Sushi, Departure, Nong’s Khao Man.

When talking about Portland, I can’t forget the beer and coffee it provides. To taste that heavenly liquid try Stumptown coffee roaster and Brewvana Brewery.


Sometimes, we crave classic and basic things in life, whether it is food, clothes, or TV shows. But, comfort is our ultimate goal and objective.

Charleston is a place to cure your craving for comfort food making it the one of the cities with the best food in the US. It can add its magic to the essential things and make them appealing.

For a joyful dining experience of the city’s best restaurants, you should definitely visit Husk and Magnolias.

Honestly, my personal favorite meal is brunch or breakfast, and I love to visit Poogan’s Porch for that. Their food and vibe are impeccable.

A food tour is not complete without seafood; avoid it if you are allergic, of course. But you will miss out on the delicious dishes of Gillie’s seafood and Nana’s seafood.

New Orleans

When you are in New Orleans, you should take cheat weeks instead of cheat meals. Its food is buttery, creamy, and velvety. Yup!

It will distort all your diet, but is it worth it? Hell yes. I am always excited to visit New Orleans because of their unique dishes and cuisine fusion of different cultures.

Nearly everybody knows about Café de Monde, and it is a tourist attraction in itself. However, it provides the basic living necessity, i.e., rich coffee with a sugary bagel to start your day.

Bayona and Galatoire’s is one of the best food places in town to dine in and take away. Tourists love them, I love them, and you should too.

Commanders Place is also one of the best restaurants to fulfill your French cultural cuisine craving.

San Diego

San Diego is a place that is filled with authentic Mexican food, seafood, and unlimited beer breweries. The Mexican food in San Diego is over the top and can get you hooked to their food places. The place offers diversity yet a top-notch standard in simplicity.

Go for Barrio Logan to get started with special food dishes of California. You can try their burrito roll that is filled with French fries, Casada cheese, pico de golla, and a lot of tasty sauces.

Chamangos and Panchita are the best restaurants to try unique dishes made with seafood. So mix and match a burrito with fish inside and tell us whether you like it or not.

Go for Breakfast Republic and Liberty Public market to their specialty all at the one place.

bread on white ceramic plate

San Francisco

 It is one of the cities with the best food in the US that delivers over-the-top cuisines from different cultures. Mexican, French, Spanish, Asian, or Indian every meal is served right with its authentic taste.

Most of the Michelin star chefs open their restaurants in San Francisco. So let’s dive into their best restaurants:

Philz coffee and Anchor Breweries are perfect for the love of divinity, coffee, and beer, respectively. It should be your go-to place for a weekend party.

Golden Gate Bakery and Bite Right satisfy the taste buds with their addicting and seducing sugary foods.

Chez Panisse is the food place to serve you the top-tier dining experience with food to take your breath away.


This city offers the best food in town with European bistros and street barbecues. Both of them define its taste in food and dishes, but Austin is also growing day by day by adding more diversity to its cuisine and food culture.

So if you want some food on a budget, then visit food street, and the truck of the city- its quality will remain the same.

Churro Co, Thai Kun, and Luke’s inside out are some of the top food vendors for a budget and rich taste.

La Condesa and Veracruz are the bakeries that present beautiful cakes and fluffy cream over the top.

Lamberts and Stiles Switch Bar BQ helps you get the idea of Austin’s special barbecue flavors and the hype of it.


The city not only provides food but unlimited places to tour too. Thus, it’s best to take a food tour with a trip to the Zoo and Museum.

The city is jam-packed with places to eat French, Spanish and Mexican food. Start your day with a good breakfast, and then dine in and choose their best restaurants.

Ray’s BBQ Shack and Killeen Texas highlight the best restaurants; they provide the original taste to barbecue and its spices.

Brennan’s of Houston can deliver you their creole cuisine that is rich in flavor and delicious.

Picos and MM restaurant are right after the zoo, and it provides the dine-in experience in competition to Michelin stars.

New York City

From high chef’s special to street food and basic eateries, New York is the place to go. Every food enthusiast knows about the city and its fame for the best food in town.

Many Michelin star chefs and their restaurants first originated from New York. This is the place for fame, Hollywood, and competitive cuisines.

Pizza is the must-have dish for every other day; its rich flavor and diversity don’t let you get bored. Try Joe’s Pizza and Grimaldi Pizza to taste heaven.

Ess-a-bagel or Tompkins square are perfect to start your day and bring an adrenaline rush to the blood.

Butter, Scarpetta, and Marc Forgione are the eateries that give you the taste of a top-tier restaurant but are still affordable.

The Bottom Line

Relationship to food can be a little complicated, as it can provide you with dopamine and adrenaline rush with a shot of energy. But it can also give you heartburn, stomach ache, or the worst weight.

So, while you are in the US, try to experience as much food as you want to sink in and absorb their food culture but be mindful of the places and portions.

All of my recommended places are neat, clean, and tourist-friendly, but decide according to your desires, food allergies, and budget. So have fun eating, drinking, and partying in the best cities for food in the US.

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