Vacation Homes are Absolutely Better | 5 Reasons Why

If you are reading this, chances are, you are travelling soon or at least, you are thinking about it. But, do you think vacation homes are absolutely better than a hotel room? Well, I do.

Chances are that after some time you might start to get homesick, but not when you are around the comfort of a home-vacation home.

You can travel anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your home or going broke. Vacation homes are becoming the new cool.

Not only do they provide comfort or luxury but they also provide one with plenty of choices like better budgeting, accommodation and much more.

Well… Vacations homes are like homes

A Vacation home is a dream come true. It is a perfect combination of the better part of your budget and your long-lost dreams of staying in a beach house, a perfect villa or a small cottage.

It can satisfy your personal aesthetic and won’t be much heavy on your wallet because you can look for your home of dreams depending on your budget easily.

Vacation homes are absolutely better than a hotel because of the coziness and comfort they provide.

vacation homes are absolutely better

You can fit a lot of people

If you are travelling with family or your batch is finally taking that one trip you guys planned for a long time, then booking multiple hotel rooms to accommodate plenty of people can be costly and inconvenient.

Depending on the number of people, you can book a vacation home to your liking that can easily fit everyone to enjoy various activities in one place.

It will also give a feeling of more sense of security and comfort if everyone stays under the same roof. A vacation home can truly bring everyone closer.

vacation homes are absolutely better


Most people travel for peace, and if you are like most people, chances are, you want the utmost peace out of your stay too. Usually, hotels can have chatty guests in the hallways or loud or dramatic neighbours.

Or if you are an introvert, you may not like interacting with hotel managers or staff much so a vacation home is a better choice for you than a hotel room. It provides you with that extra sense of privacy.

You can easily schedule your day without worrying about the hotel timings or without the judgy looks of staff on making an insane mess after partying.

You also don’t have to worry about sharing the pool or tub with anyone else so your hygiene is also not compromised while staying in the vacation house of your dreams.

And if you are on a writers’ retreat to get some inspiration and work done then a vacation is absolutely better choice because of the security, inspiration and energy it gives you.


If you are a traveller with money being your concern then  vacation homes are absolutely better choice for you than a hotel room.

Vacation homes might sound expensive, but, if you are staying in a place for a longer period of time then a vacation home is a better choice than a hotel room.

Your stay gets costlier with time if you pay for every day while the average cost of your nights can cut off at a better price if you stay in a vacation home.

Besides, vacation homes have kitchens where you can cook yourself all kinds of meals, whenever you want and those meals are cheaper than hotel food.

Healthier meals and dinner in your pj’s with your favourite music or your favourite movie definitely makes vacation homes better than a hotel room in terms of your budget and comfort too.

Your parking cost, room service costs, and all sorts of extra costs can be cut down and you can utilize that money however you want.

You can opt for cheaper services from whatever places you like in that area than all the overpriced services a hotel often charges you for.

Better for everyone

Vacation homes are absolutely better choice than hotel rooms when it comes to catering to everyone’s needs in your family.

Whether it’s your baby or a pet or any disabled member of your family, vacation homes are much more convenient.

Kids are rarely comfortable somewhere new, in a vacation home, they will barely be able to differentiate between your home and a vacation home because they wouldn’t have to survive all the interactions.

It can also be comfortable for the disabled members of your family too. Your fur babies wouldn’t to be separated from you and you can enjoy their company while discovering the world with them.

Creating memories can be comfortable too rather than luxurious. Nevertheless, it’s the moments that count rather than how much you spend it

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