Living in an RV | 5 Easy Ways to Get Mail

With over 11% of US households owning an RV, and 40 million people RVing regularly, it’s safe to say that its trend is growing at an exponential rate. However, the main thing that sounds like real trouble is getting all your essential mail on time.

Living in an RV

If you are moving places now and then, it’s tough to keep up with essential documents and things. There is a high chance of losing mail, paying extra bucks, or receiving broken things. But, there’s a solution to your troubles. In this article, I will discuss five ways to receive mail while living in an RV.

5 ways to get mail while living full-time in an RV

The five ways below contain everything you need to know, including the challenges, cost, or process of receiving them. Best of luck in finding the most suitable and perfect way according to your convenience while living in an RV.

1. Using a friend for delivery

If you are living in an RV on a temporary basis and still got a permanent apartment, your friends and family can help you. All they have to do is pick up your mail and send them to your local station.

However, for full-time RVers, getting a residential address is quite hectic. In that case, consult your friends and ask them if they want to state their address as yours. This is by far the easiest and hassle-free option for people living in an RV. However, it still comes with a few disadvantages.

Challenges in using a friend

Keep in mind that your friends and family also have their own lives. So, you should expect quite a wait in receiving your mail.

In addition to this, your mail can also get damaged, broken, or go bad due to the weather conditions, delay, or abrasive handling.

Sometimes, your friend can get a bit rusty or overwhelmed by managing their and your mail services. So, you should definitely consult in-depth with them before stating their address.

Tip: You can tell them to ship mail, letters, and packages in bulk so it can be easy for them and you too. Although this is unsuitable for urgent documents, the rest can be doable.

2. General Mail delivery

Ever wondered what travelers use all around the world? People who are constantly on the move want essential things for their needs, and General Mail Delivery comes in hand. Postal offices around the world use this for the ease and comfort of RVs or travelers.

All you have to do is make up the list of places that accept general delivery, and you are good to go. Make sure to use a small town for this delivery as you can easily lose packages in larger towns.

How does it work?

Here are some things to do while using this service:

You can call this number 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to get all the information about the offices that accept general delivery.

Give the internet a chance to tell you about the routes, towns, and offices you will be moving from.

Plan your choices according to the stay and hit the ship button for the nearest delivery option.

Make sure to use the correct address while getting general delivery.


James Bond

General Delivery

YOURTOWN, ST 54321-9999

  • The code of “9999” zip-4 will let the office know that it is general delivery.
  • General delivery takes more time than normal delivery.
  • Receive your mail within ten days as the office can’t keep it longer
  • Make sure to visit during the restrictive timing for receiving general mail delivery

The downside is you cannot get your official documents, number plates, and essential government stuff through the general delivery. So, you have to be a bit creative with those things. Otherwise, it’s safe, easy, and comfortable to use for every other thing.

3. Using a PO box

Using a PO box number is actually the most practical and functional thing for living in an RV; you won’t need a friend, and you can deliver anything to yourself, even the official documents too. Here are two ways to own and use a PO box.

  • Method 1: You can own a small PO box number from the nearest town. There is also a chance of receiving this mail sooner than your residential address. Just get down to the office and rent a box number and apply for “Post office box forwarding” service from your residential address. You will receive all the mails to this box office.

Note: Mail forwarding services are mostly free, but you have to fill out an online or in-person form, and that can cost you $1.00 for identification purpose

  • Method 2: This option is suitable if you don’t have a residential address and live in an RV full-time. Go to the nearest UPS office or another PO office and rent a private mailbox. This can cost a bit higher than the usual PO box, but it is safer and more practical for receiving

mail permanently.

Now that you have a general idea of how to use the PO box office to your advantage, Here is an average estimation of what they will cost in your pocket. Again, decide according to your budgeting and priorities.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a PO box varies on size, location, and office of the town. But, an average estimate is that it will be less than $75 every six months. Private mailboxes are higher, and most depend on the size you want. But, the small private mailbox can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per month.

4. RV club mail service

Isn’t it more convenient to get professional service for your full-time journey and connect with a company that understands the struggle and needs of every RV user. Well, there are some companies that provide special packages and things for delivering mail to persons living in an RV. But, let’s get down to the things you should take care of first.

What to look for in this service

Before opting out of service, make a checklist and compare the things below to get the perfect comfortable partner for your journey:

  • Additional and permanent cost of the service
  • Behavior and accommodation of customer service
  • Any restrictions on delivering medicines and technology things
  • Do they fulfill requests for keeping your things
  • Time for their average delivery
  • Can the service entertain your requests

Talk about these things to the customer operator of the service, and you will be more explicit about the things you want and needs. Then, make a wise decision as your mail and communication depend on it.


For your comfort I have listed down below the most commonly used mail services to use while living in an RV:

  1. Escapees: This service especially focuses on RV users and their experience. Their package starts from $10 monthly up to $135.00 annually. There are also some initial costs for one time.
  2. USPS: It can provide you with RV special service, forwarding mail service, and private PO box numbers too.

UPS can help you manage mail and bills and pay them on time. UPS is present internationally too.

5. Resorts with mail center

Living in an RV doesn’t have to be all about living alone or not taking any help. You can also receive mail with some help from your resort. You can choose a resort that especially has a mail center for full or part-time RV users.

Talk to their service provider or manager and set up your mail address for their provided location. Some resorts also don’t have the option of receiving RV mail, but they can let you use their address on a temporary basis as well.

It does not hurt to ask, though. These services are pretty easy and smooth but not very practical for full-time RVers as they are always on the run. But, for seasonal birds that like to take the experience of an RV and permanent residence-it can yield good results. Below are some resort choices with the presence of an RV mail center.

Choices in the USA

  • La Hacienda RV Resort (Austin, TX)
  • Big Tree RV Park
  • Siesta Bay RV Resort (Fort Myers, FL)

Quick Takeaway

People living in an RV strive for adventure, risk, and a variety of things around them, but make sure that your mail, food, and water are the comforts to get from life. They act like things that ground them and make them feel connected to the world. I hope this article will help you in receiving some essential mail and making the process hassle-free. Happy living!

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