What Can Travel Around The World While Staying In a Corner? Riddle Explained

I like a decent travel question. They can assist with relaxing while sitting on transports or planes.

This normal travel enigma arrives in at least a couple structures:

  • I generally stay in my corner, however I travel all over the planet. who am I?
  • What stays in the corner and ventures to the far corners of the planet?
  • I sit in the corner while going all over the planet
  • I can venture to the far corners of the planet without departing my corner, what am I?
  • What ventures to the far corners of the planet however remains in one spot?
  • It circumvents the world yet remains in a corner
  • What can go all over the planet while remaining in a corner?
  • I stay in the corner yet travel all over the planet

Also, the right response is:

A postage stamp!

Be that as it may, how might something remain in the corner and travel all over the planet simultaneously?

Fixed Stationery – The Postage Stamp Riddle Explained

This puzzle makes an intriguing point about movement.

You can never say something is moving without getting out whatever it is moving contrasted with.

Everything is continuously moving contrasted with something different on the grounds that movement is relative.

A thing can fixed and move simultaneously. It depends comparative with what? Moving contrasted with what?

You could think you are simply sitting toward the side of your room and not voyaging anyplace.

And yet, the earth is turning. On the off chance that you were sat at the equator you and the whole room would really be moving at 460 meters each second.

Additionally, the earth is circumventing the sun. So you, and your seat toward the edge of the room are moving at 67,000 mph around the sun.

Your whole life you’ve never gone any more slow than 67,000 mph… comparative with the sun. Recollect that next time somebody advises you to pick up the pace!

The postage stamp isn’t moving contrasted with the corner. That is the reason it “sits in the corner”. The postage stamp and the corner never move contrasted with one another in light of the fact that the stamp is stuck down.

Yet, the envelope, the corner, and the stamp are moving all over the planet together. Apparently, on the grounds that the envelope is in the mailman’s sack or van or even a worldwide mail plane.

So that is the response to the puzzle about the postage stamp. It’s circumventing the world yet it never leaves the edge of the envelope!

As a matter of fact, to be really savvy I figure we can certainly say this is a worldwide postage stamp! In any case, that letter isn’t circumventing the world it’s simply heading off to some place locally.

What’s in store has shown up, in the event that you’ve never seen a genuine envelope or a postage stamp, look at this supportive video:

What is your take? Is “a postage stamp” the right response? Does this conundrum check out or is it a piece idiotic?

What on the off chance that I said…

I travel around the universe while never leaving the rest-room. What am I?

Reply: A latrine!

It’s a piece imbecilic no? Tell me your thought process in the remarks underneath!


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