What Does 100 ml Look Like? 100 ml to oz – 3.4 oz to ml

You may have heard that the TSA restriction for aircraft travel size bottles is 100 ml (3.4 oz).

You may have also heard of the TSA 3-1-1 Rule. The number three in the regulation alludes to the fact that you are only permitted to bring three 3 oz travel size bottles in your carry on luggage.

In reality, 3 oz is actually 89 ml. You are only permitted 3.4 oz (100 ml).

Most individuals have no idea how large a 100 ml bottle or 3.4 oz container is.

So, how much is one hundred millilitres? What size is a 100 ml bottle? What exactly does 100 mL (3.4 oz) look like?

This article will help you gain a sense of the true size of travel size bottles.

What is 100 mL in oz?

This is easy, but it may not help you unless you have a good feel for fluid ounces.

100 mL is equivalent to 3.4 oz. 100 mL of water is also equal to 100g.

What is 100 mL in Cups?

Do you like to bake or cook? Do you employ measuring cups?

A measuring cup in the United States is 8 oz.

So 100 mL (3.4 oz) is less than half a cup. It equals 42.5 percent of a cup.

Or, if you want, 100ml is equivalent to 64 US teaspoons.

Give it to me in plain English.

A standard size Coke can is 12 oz (355 ml).

So 3.4 oz is 28% of a regular can of coke.

A 100 ml travel bottle is not even a third of the size of a normal soda can.

Alternatively, a regular can of soda is equivalent to three and a half travel-sized toiletry bottles.

Toiletries in travel sizes are quite tiny!

Don’t Like Soda? What About the Difficult Stuff?

Miniatures or nips of alcohol are typically 50ml in size.

So 100 mL equals 2 nips.

Yes, you can drink on an aircraft, but you can’t pour them yourself.

What Size Travel Toiletries Bottles Or Containers Are Best?

The fact that the maximum capacity of TSA-approved bottles for air travel is 100 ml does not imply that this is the optimal amount to utilise.

Keep in mind that you can only bring one quart-size bag in your carry-on. As a result, you can only bring around 7 or 8 maximum-sized travel bottles.

It’s really a smart idea to use smaller-than-maximum-size toiletries on occasion to avoid running out of room in your quart-sized bag.


Full-size toothpaste tubes are typically 6 oz. That is, they are too big to fit in your toiletry bag.

Taking toothpaste on a plane is acceptable, and 3.4 oz should last you a month if you use pea-sized amounts.


A standard shampoo bottle holds 12 to 13 oz. It’s too large to fit in your toiletry bag.

A 3 oz travel-size shampoo bottle is around 1/4 the size of a standard shampoo bottle.

Per wash, women generally use around 10 ml (0.35 oz) of shampoo. So a travel-size shampoo bottle may provide 9 or 10 washes.

Short-haired people will use less and may receive up to 20 washes.

If you have long hair and are going on a lengthy trip, you may need to bring more than one travel size shampoo bottle.

Alternatively, you may purchase some when you get at your location!

Sunscreen lotion

Apparently, 6 tablespoons of sun lotion is required to cover your entire body. Because a teaspoon is 5 mL, 6 teaspoons equals 30 mL.

So you might be able to get three full body applications out of a travel size bottle of sun cream.

Consider using a stick of solid sunscreen instead of cream if you are going on a lengthy vacation in the sun. Because solid sunblock is not a liquid, it is not prohibited in carry-on luggage.

Shower Gel Or Bodywash

Bodywash is one of those items that is simple to overuse. Per shower, you might use 30 mL of body wash. So, that 3.4 oz bottle of shower gel won’t last long.

If your hotel does not supply body wash, try bringing a bar of soap with you. This will last the entire holiday and is not limited because soap is not a liquid.

Cream for the Eyes

Eye cream is a substance that is used in little amounts. A 100 ml bottle of eye cream may be far too large for your trip. A 3.4 oz tube of eye cream can last a year.

Use a pea-sized quantity of eye cream each application, which is around 1 ml.

Look for smaller eye cream bottles or pour a tiny amount of cream into an empty container. For most holidays, 30 mL of eye cream is sufficient.


We use about 20 mL of mouthwash for each cleansing.

A 3.4 oz bottle of mouthwash has just 5 uses.

Consider Listerine tabs, which are solid and will not fit in your quart size pouch.


You may not know it, but many cosmetics are considered liquids.

Cosmetics are sometimes required in much smaller quantities than 3.4 oz. So don’t overfill your quart bag with items you don’t need.

The Decision

You get the picture. While the maximum capacity for toiletries is 100 ml, this isn’t usually the most practical quantity to bring.

Some toiletries may need more than one 3.4 oz bottle.

Other toiletries do not require the entire 100 ml.

A quart-sized bag isn’t very large. So consider carefully what you truly require for your vacation.

It’s a good idea to buy some tiny empty travel bottles or containers of various sizes and fill them with the amount of product you’ll need for your trip.

The amazing thing about empty travel size bottles is that they pay for themselves rapidly.

Travel-size small bottles are typically highly expensive, and it is far more cost effective to purchase bigger bottles and then transfer what you require. The bottles may be cleaned and reused again and again.

You should now have a fair notion of what 100 ml looks like, how far 3.4 oz will carry you, and whether or not you should fill your own travel-size containers.










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