What Is The Delta Overweight Or Oversize Baggage Fee?

What is the Delta Oversize Baggage Fee? Is it really worth paying $275 per item? Let’s figure out what this fee entails so that you know if you’ll be breaking your bank on this one or not!

Delta had been flying on relatively small planes until they decided they needed bigger planes with more room for their customers. So, without warning, Delta began flying on Jumbo Jets. When this was first announced, it was met with a lot of criticism and derision.

A lot of people did not think that this was a good move, so Delta had to have one major announcement to calm their customers down: the Delta Oversize Baggage Fee.

So what is this fee that everyone is talking about? The main purpose of Delta’s Oversize Baggage Fee is to pay for the cost of having larger planes fly with smaller seats in them. Delta makes large profits off of its Large Economy Class cabins and they know that making them bigger would mean more revenue.

Delta Overweight Baggage Fees?

They seem to be able to handle the extra weight caused by the additional seats being installed in their planes, but they want you to pay for any additional fees that are caused by this.
This means that if you are flying with more weight than they consider to be reasonable, you will have to pay a penalty of $100 per item over the limit.

The fee is $100 per item, so if your bag weighs 20lbs over the free weight limit, you’ll have to pay $300 for the extra weight!

What happens if your bag is overweight? Well, it is weighed and taxed accordingly.

If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, then you will be charged with an overweight baggage fee. If it is under 50 pounds, then your bag will be tagged as “oversize” and you will have to pay the oversize baggage fee for that as well. This really does not matter much, because if the weight of your bag is close enough to 50 lbs.

Delta Oversized Baggage Fees?

Delta’s Oversize Baggage Fee is a way for them to make money off of their customers’ mistakes. It’s a little unfair since when these fees were originally announced, Delta had claimed that these fees would be much smaller than what we’re seeing now.
You will likely be charged for both oversize and overweight baggage fees, so I do not think that you stand a chance of getting out of it.
Actually, you may even end up paying for more than one fee if the weight is close enough to 50 lbs. In the event that your bag weighs more than 70 lbs., then it may be considered overweight and oversized at the same time!

Does Delta have anything to help their customers?

Well, they have recently started outfitting their planes with better baggage compartments (at least they are larger) so that you can fit your bags in them without them being damaged from the pressure or really heavy. While this is nice and all, it doesn’t really change much for most passengers. In the event that you are not able to get your bag inside, Delta does have a policy of charging $150 for additional services. This means that if you have to check your luggage and it is too large, they may charge you $150 for services that will help you get your oversized bag on board.
This is mainly done because when Delta announced its new Jumbo Jets and started flying them, they were met with heavy criticism from their past customers. They wanted to make everything right with their customers, so they made this fee as a way of saying sorry.

So, The Delta Oversize Baggage Fee is supposed to be around $300 for any bags that are over 50 lbs. If your bag is under 50 lbs., then you are charged a fee of $100. This way, even if your personal belongings have been damaged from being checked loose in the Delta baggage hold, you don’t have to pay a huge amount for it.


If you have more than one bag and they’re overweight, this can really add up to make a huge difference in how much you pay.
I always recommend that people take two or three bags when traveling; if one is overweight and damaged, then the person will still be using the other bags.

How Much Do Delta Charge For Checked Baggage?

Some people may be offered the option to check one bag for a critical item, which will make your journey much easier.
However, for those that choose not to check a bag, Delta will charge you a $50 fee per bag in order to encourage you to check as many bags as possible.


Delta’s Overweight Baggage Fee is far too expensive. While I do not know why they have such high expectations of people’s suitcase weight, if you fly on Delta you should expect to pay a lot of money for this. It is quite frustrating when Delta won’t take your bag and you have to look through the other bags to find the one that has been compensated for. I’m glad some people are getting around the fee, but it was a ridiculous fee from the start and still remains so.
I would not fly with Delta unless it was my last resort, because their baggage policies are terrible.

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